Valentine Day Wishes – 40 Quotes That Keep It Real

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Let’s be real, Valentine’s Day is a lot of work. You need to plan out the day, get the perfect dress, shop for the world’s best gift and make sure that everything is perfect! And in all that bustle, you also need to send them amazing texts and messages. That can be a lot of work. Well, I can’t help you with setting up your perfect date, but I can help you with your valentine day wishes.

Now, before we get to business, let me tell you something. Valentine’s Day is just another day and should not be the only day you celebrate your love. Sure, go all out that day, be fancy and classy and over the top. But don’t stop at midnight. Love is felt best when expressed. So don’t be stuck at ‘I love you’ for 365 minus 1 days, instead reel them in, say something great (and real) about them and keep your love young.


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Okay, too much chit chat, let’s get to the topic. After all, you have 40 awesome-possum valentine day wishes to choose from.


Show them how much they mean to you, tell them that they are precious and essential in your life, with Valentine day wishes and lovey-dovey texts, with actions, with your very moments, that they matter a huge huge deal. If you don’t let them know, how will they know you love them?


Be a little cheeky, be a little bold. Send this seemingly narcissistic Valentine day wish to get a few eye rolls and a heady smile.

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A little attempted rhyme hasn’t hurt anyone. It might not rhyme perfectly but that’s the beauty of it, it looks like something you would have written yourself.


Funny is always the way to be. Add a little humour to spark up those boring Valentine day wishes. A good laugh is the way to their heart.


Sweet little texts to send to your S.O. (probably in the morning, if you know what I mean) to make their day. If they are into stuffed toys, send this Valentine day wish with a stuffed teddy bear and be showered in hugs and kisses.


Forever seems like a long time, but if you love someone then ‘forever’ seems like a good-enough length of time to stay together. Make sure you mean it when you promise them that.


You love and you hurt, you make-up and you fight, you laugh and you cry, all for them or because of them. But no matter what, you can’t think of a day without them being a part of your life. It’s best to tell them that.


Men, like women, love to get compliments. So don’t shy away, dote on him, go all out. Tell him he’s the best, coz he probably is. Tell him how much you love him and how highly you think of him. Or simply send this Valentine day wish.


Love is a mystery. It makes you the most comfortable with the person you love. You can be open with them, you can be vulnerable with them. You can be yourself. You don’t have to worry about being judged. Because you know they’ll understand you, no matter what.


You cannot imagine a life where you aren’t with them. You don’t wish to spend even a single day without them in your life. The thought itself is frightening, let alone reality. You are meant to be together for eternity, nothing less.

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Being in love means being yourself. Open and unabashed, caring and honest. Love is really just love. Unconditional, unintentional, non-judgemental and free of all of all expectations. And it comes naturally.


Love is a luxury that not all can afford. It is a gift to be be loved. It take a lot to love someone. But only and only if you’re lucky, will you be loved by the one you love. If you’ve found your lucky one, let them know with this Valentine day wish.


Love is immaterial, it cannot be sent in gifts or said in words or spent in money. It exists and can only be felt. But we humans have the basic necessity to communicate, to let others and ourselves know how we feel. And so, when sometimes words fall short, let your eyes do the talking.


Not everybody is good at romance. Not everybody is into red roses and white gowns. Sometimes ugly humour does the job.


Life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced that we are loved. Nothing feels better than knowing that there’s someone out there who loves you. It feels like a whole universe smiling down on you when you get to hear that you are loved.


There is no time limit or expiry date for love. It stays forever and beyond. Love goes on, it transcends over time. Every time you see them, you fall in love with them all over again. And you need to tell them so too sometimes, so this Valentine day wish will come in handy.


When you’re in love, you want to be better and better so that you feel better about being with them. Love makes you want to fare better in life, it helps you grow and build a better life for yourself and them. They change you by loving you.


Those who aren’t in love cannot understand it. To them, love is a virus, an illness without cure. But those in love would rather be ill in love than be fine without it.


A single smile they send your way can de-stress you. A single text, Valentine day wish or not, can make your day. Their hugs make all your problems go away. You cannot understand how but they have such a calming effect on you.


When you find ‘The One’ your world suddenly seems like it has been upside down the whole time. You love them with all you have and more. You bet on the fact that there isn’t anyone else that can provide them with love like yours.


When you’re stuck far far away from the one you love, and you miss them, tell them so. Chances are, they miss you too. If you’re unlucky enough to have to spent Valentine’s Day without them, send them this Valentine day wish.


One cannot measure love in kgs or miles or litres, not even in minutes or years. It isn’t particulate. It isn’t quantifiable. It lasts forever. And then it goes on for forever more.

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Nobody is perfect, every human is flawed to a fault. Imperfection is an irreparable habit. But you don’t have to be perfect to love fully. Perfection is a myth but love is real and it doesn’t have to be infallible.


Valentine’s Day is one day in a year of 365 days. It’s only a designation to a common day to make it special. But love is perpetual, perennial.


You wonder why you hadn’t met earlier. Being in love is amazing but being loved feels heavenly. The care and affection that accompanies love makes you feel like you’ve been missing out on it for the whole of your life; a Valentine day wish is a nice way to say something so intense.


Sometimes, a one liner that talks about money (or the lack of) is all that’s required. On a more serious note, it is sort of cheeky and sweet in its own way.


Some people have the ability to walk in to your life and shine so bright that you realise you’ve been living in darkness all your life. They give you the ultimate reason to not just survive but to live and love your life.


Simple, direct, short and bold. This Valentine day wish tells them everything. If you have found the one who you can love effortlessly, you shouldn’t let go so easily. Hang on to them because you can’t find a reciprocated love easily in this world.


Unlike the myth, wolves don’t howl at the moon but rather for their mate. They howl to communicate to their mate. Lone wolves howl to find mates while those who have imprinted, howl to communicate with their mate. A wolf’s howl is in fact a rather romantic gesture. Never thought of it that way? Time you do.


Be cheeky, be flirtatious, raise the bar and the temperature. After all it is love that you’re celebrating.


Have a sad friend who just got dumped? Have a friend who is single and sad coz he/she hasn’t found anyone to mingle with? Send this Valentine day wish to all those heartbroken single friends.


He means the world to you, but did you ever tell him that? Does he know how much he means to you? We often forget to use our words and leave things unspoken. Take this opportunity to let him know how much you value him.


Love is something that cannot be learnt or taught. Yeah, there are rules and regulations, dos and don’ts but it does not dictate just how to love. Love comes from within.


When you love someone, they become your world. Nothing in this world is more interesting than them. Nothing excels over them. They are your everything and nothing can change that.


A poetic Valentine day wish for them when you don’t think words are enough. Everyone has a different way of expressing love, some use words, some give gifts, etc.

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Love is blind. It doesn’t see age, question beauty, or follow social restrains. It only loves. No bars, no exceptions, no expectations.


Hearts sync, they say, when you’re in love. They beat furiously for each other. Love loves to love unconditionally, yet selfishly. So send them this corny Valentine day wish and lock your hearts together and throw away the key.


Words mean a lot. Even if they aren’t poetic or transcendent, love expressed in any way has the same worth.


Often times, work takes over our lives. We get so busy with it that we cannot seem to find the time to appreciate the little things in life. But never get so busy that you don’t have time for the ones you love.


Love is an asset that you shouldn’t take lightly. It binds you into a sweet gel of affection and care. When you love someone, you do much more than just love. You care a lot and cannot stop loving them.

Hope you liked our collection of Valentine day wishes. So which one are you gonna send?

Till then, happy lovin’ !!

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