5 Usual Causes Of Depression In Adolescents

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Did you know that one out of every four people around you suffers from some kind of mental issue? It is true that most teenagers experience a high imbalance in their psychological state, and depression spreads like an epidemic during these years.

Even for the well-adjusted teens, adolescence can be a very disruptive time. Adolescence is the age when your child transits from childhood to being a grown-up. The way your child’s life shapes as an adult is the outcome of the teenage years. Read to know what causes depression in adolescence along with its common symptoms.

Depression In Adolescence:

Depressive Disorder can have far-reaching implications in teens.

  • This happens because of their inability to cope with emotional, mental and physical distress and this is where correct guidance becomes crucial.
  • If your growing kid shows signs of depression, it is utterly important to seek treatment and understand the root of the disorder.
  • This will help in analysing the problem of your child better and it will make it more manageable for everyone around.

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Common Symptoms Of Depression:

Adolescents express their distress differently compared to adults. Here are some common symptoms that adolescents show if they are going through depression.

If you happen to observe one or more of these symptoms, you should immediately seek professional assistance:

  • Problems in personal relationships
  • Highly sensitive to failure or rejection
  • Sudden increase in hostility, anger or irritability
  • Extremely low self-esteem and confidence
  • Inability of verbal communication and social isolation
  • Hopelessness
  • Low energy and persistently bored
  • Diminishing interest in activities or reduced enjoyment in previous favourite activities
  • Frequent lowering of concentration
  • Tearfulness and sadness
  • Efforts to run away from home or expression of such desires
  • Drastic change in eating and sleeping patterns
  • Poor performance in school
  • Self-destructive behaviour, suicidal tendencies or expression of similar thoughts
  • Involving in addictive activities like alcohol, smoke, drugs etc.

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Keeping An Eye:

At times, you may take a little too long to realize what your kids are going through and the situation worsens.

  • You as a parent need to be a little conscious about your kids.
  • At the same time you should avoid being imposing.
  • It shouldn’t appear to your kids as if you are prying on them. This will only widen the gap heor she has been experiencing with you.

5 Usual Causes Of Depression In Adolescence:

Usually, very common and often petty situations contribute the most in causing depression. While the following cited situations are by no means the only causes of teen depression, but these are definitely the most contributing ones:

1. Academic Stress:

There is an enormous amount of pressure on every kid to succeed academically.

  • This constant pressure and sense of competition brings in lot of stress.
  • If your child is not able to excel as it is expected from him or her, the struggle begins.

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2. Pressure Of Social Standing:

During teenage, your teen starts to discover this complex world of social interaction.

  • Social skills and standing is important for every adolescent.
  • Lack of it can create a sheer setback in their confidence.
  • Because of this pressure, kids often indulge in illicit activities and experiments like drugs, alcohol, sexual activities, etc.

3. Inclinations, Infatuations And Other Romantic Problems:

Romantic indulgence becomes much more prominent with inception of teenage.

There are plenty of ways in which romantic involvements, breakups, unrequited affection, heartbreak and other situations invite depression.

4. Traumatic Events:

Sometimes life can unfold a very cruel side to some.

  • This is just unfortunate for a kid to go through any such trauma (mental, physical or emotional).
  • Physical abuse, bullying, separation of parents, rancid home environment, death of loved ones etc. are some serious causes of depression in teens.

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5. Physical Or Emotional Neglect:

At times, parental neglect is the sole cause of major depression in adolescence.

Raising a child with least botheration, physical torture and carelessness can gravely damage your kid’s internal growth and psyche.

You may be doing the best you could for your kids, but if your approach isn’t right, even your best efforts will only bring in more disappointment. Reach for therapeutic assistance and make your kid’s life better and sustainable.

We hope this article helped bring awareness about the emotional distress and tension you’re your teens may go through.

Share your thoughts and experiences with other parents in the comment section below.

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