7 Useful Tips To Help You Buy The Best “Artificial Eyebrows”

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There are many options to improve your look. There are hair, eyelashes and nail extensions, and plastic surgery for the extremes. Yet, it is a wonder that artificial eyebrows exist too. Few of you may use it by choice, but for others it may be due to medical conditions.

Causes Of Eyebrow Loss:

Artificial eyebrows are opted in case of eyebrow loss, or sparse eyebrows. These losses can be due to:

  • Medical conditions
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Infections
  • Excessive plucking
  • Naturally thin or sparse eyebrows

The loss of eyebrows has a profound impact on one’s self esteem as eyebrow is one of the very important features of the face. This is because they make or break the way one looks. The length, shape and even other features can be enhanced by properly shaping the eyebrows.

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Need For Artificial Eyebrows For Women:

Eyebrow pencils or eye shadow can be used to fill in eyebrows. These are temporary fixes that can be adopted in case of over plucking of the eyebrows or until the hair grows out. This lasts until the makeup is removed. If the makeup isn’t water resistant, it can lead to makeup melt down, which might be embarrassing. The process itself can be time consuming, and if not done correctly, it might lead to a disaster.

This is where artificial eyebrows come into the picture.

Key Point To Remember While Buying Artificial Eyebrow:

It is important to note some key points before you plunge into buying them.

1. Brow Shape:

This is an extremely important step as the shape determines how you’ll look. Too much of an arch or too less of it will make the brows look fake and ruin the purpose altogether. It shouldn’t be too sharp or too curvy either.

2. Color:

Eyebrows should 1-2 shades lesser than one’s hair color. So talk to your stylist and decide on the color of the brows.

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3. Flexibility:

This is yet another important factor. You don’t want eyebrows stuck super hard on your forehead, do you? Stiff eyebrows make it look fake and plastic, and we are sure that’s not the look you are going for. So, check for the flexibility of the artificial eyebrow before you buy a pair.

4. Color Of The Skin:

It’s important to see how the color will complement your skin color along with your hair color. Experts can help you in this aspect.

5. Attachment:

Peeling backs, glue, etc., are some of the methods in which attachment can be made. Glues can cause breakouts, so keep in mind to check the ingredients. Rashes and boils are common too, so if you have sensitive skin, double check the application method.

6. Brow Placement:

The hair fibers in the brow should be spaced in such a way that they look natural. The brows should give a natural look and not add extra hair above your eyes.

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How To Take Care Of Eyebrows?

Utmost care should be taken during the application. You don’t want to mess with this as the spacing, position and alignment matter a lot. If the glue is one use only, alterations mess up the whole application. Also, you should not attempt plucking, tweezing, waxing, etc., on artificial eyebrows. Keep in mind that if you damage your fake eyebrows, replacement is the only for it. With proper care the brows can last for weeks together.

Where To Buy?

Sourcing fake eyebrows is a little difficult as not many retailers stock these. Wig and hairpiece retailers, also eyelash retailers can get them on request. You can also try online portals.

Did you find this article informative? Would you ever try a pair of artificial eyebrows? Shoot a comment and let us know.

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