10 Useful Tips For Air Travel With Your Toddler

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Summer is finally here! It’s time for you to pack your bags and head for  a vacation to spend some quality time with your family!

Are you planning to air travel with a toddler? Then it might be difficult planning a trip. Toddlers normally are naughty and cannot be confined to one place. Your kid can throw tantrums when he is bored or may want to jump from one seat to the other inside the aircraft. But hey, you don’t need to worry thinking about how to deal with your baby or toddler while on a flight. Always remember where is a will there is always a way!

10 Tips for Air Travel with Toddler:

We have compiled a set of helpful tips for traveling with a baby in a plane!

1. Choose a Nonstop Flight:

Make sure that you book your tickets on a nonstop flight than the one with stops in between. Taking your child from one flight to another can be troublesome for you, and can also confuse your kid, making him cranky.

2. Choose a Convenient Flight Time:

When you are travelling with a baby or toddler, it is important for you to choose a flight based on your time of convenience. Choosing an early morning flight can make your infant or toddler stay fussy the whole day as their sleeping pattern is disturbed and can make your travel time a bit harder. Check what suits your baby’s routine the most while zeroing down on the time of travel.

3. Choose Convenient and Comfortable Seats:

When travelling with your baby opt for the aisle seat as it helps to make frequent visits to the toilet easier in order to frequently change your baby’s diapers. If you have a toddler who is potty trained, then the convenient seating would allow you to take him to the toilet without any hassles during the flight.

4. Breast Feed or Bottle Feed Your Baby While the Flight is taking off or Landing:

This is an important measure recommended even by the cabin crew. When the flight takes off or lands, there is a change in the air pressure which can trigger some discomfort to your baby. To relieve this discomfort by nursing or bottle feeding your baby as the swallowing motion during the feed would eliminate the discomfort and alleviates the air pressure from causing a pain in the ear’s middle chamber.

5. Do Not Give All the Toys At Once:

If you wish to capture the attention of your baby or toddler with some toys that you have carried along, never make the mistake of taking out all the toys at once and offer it to your toddler. Give him one at a time, let him derive maximum use from that and later change it when he gets bored. Make sure you pack a few new toys to surprise your child during the flight. This can engage him longer.

6. Stock Up On Lots of Snacks:

Babies and toddlers have to be fed frequently. Pack some crackers, biscuits, cookies, dry fruits, pretzels, fresh fruit, nuts, boxed cereals etc. along with their favorite juices.

7. Have the Inevitable Things Handy:

When you are flying with a baby or a toddler, you must have pacifiers, sipping cups, feeding bottles, baby formula, nappy sack for dirty diapers, change of clothes, diapers and other things handy as these are vital for your baby’s comfort during the flight journey.

8. Plan Your Baby’s Nap Time:

If you wish to have a good flight experience you should plan the nap time of your child based on the flight time prior to two days of your journey. This way, your kid would be asleep during most of the traveling time.

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9. Loosen Your Strict Screen Time Policy:

You have to be a little lenient while in flight, allowing the screen time for your toddler. Let him enjoy his favorite videos, songs, rhymes or games as these can keep him engaged and you relaxed!

10. Don’t Get Stressed:

You have to expect a few things in advance to avoid stress during a flight. Do not anticipate a smooth travel at first place and this reduces the burden later on. Expect your child to cry or your toddler to become naughty at least twice or thrice. You can just apologize to your fellow travelers to calm them down if the situation is not under control.

When you are flying with a toddler or a baby, make sure that you plan well in advance to arrive early, as it would make your kid to settle in easily. Happy flying!

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