Top 10 Up Movie Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones

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Do you have a little Disney fan at home? Is “Up” one of his favorite Disney movies? Are you looking for some “Up” coloring sheets to surprise him? Well, then you have stumbled into the right place.

“Up” is a 3D animated movie by Pixar and Disney. The story revolves around Carl, an elderly widower, and Russell, an earnest Wilderness Explorer. To avoid going to the old age home, Carl tries to fly his home to the Paradise Falls tying 10,000 helium balloons to it. Here are ten up movie coloring pages featuring all the major characters in the film. Have a look!

1. Carl Fredricksen:

Carl is the protagonist of the movie. He is a cranky 78-year-old retired balloon sales representative. In his teenage, Carl was a shy and quiet boy who idolized Charles F. Muntz, the renowned explorer. But the death of his beloved Ellie made him bitter and cranky. Show your child to cheer up Carl by giving him some colors.

2. Ellie:

Ellie is one of the few Disney characters who play a significant role in the film even after her death. She is the wife of Carl. Ellie is a high-spirited and adventurous girl who aims to travel to the Paradise Falls and make a Charles Muntz fan club over there. She even makes Carl promise her by saying “Cross your heart!

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3. Russell:

The cute, chubby boy you see here is Russell, the deuteragonist in the film ‘Up’. Russell is a Junior Wilderness Explorer, who accompanies Carl to the Paradise Falls. He is a loud, high-strung and hyperactive adventurer who always wears his merit badges and Wilderness Explorer uniform.

4. Dug:

Dug is one of the minions of Charles Muntz. He is a friendly and playful dog who is kind to people he loves. He is good at following rules, but can be an airhead at times. Dug is a very social dog and likes almost everyone he almost across. Dug speaks English through a unique collar that translates his thoughts into speech.

5. Kevin:

Kevin is the name of the giant bird in the film. She is the target of Charles Muntz’s hunt in South America. Kevin has a very strong personality. Just like most of the animals, Kevin is friendly to those who are friendly to her and hostile when someone threatens her. But she is gentle and affectionate to Russell.

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6. Carl And Ellie:

Carl and Ellie are one of the sweetest Disney couples. They are the epitome of love, friendship, and commitment. Carl met Ellie when he accidentally wandered into her clubhouse. Ellie confided in Carl her desire to move her clubhouse to a cliff overlooking the Paradise Fall. She also made him promise to help her in her endeavors. They eventually got married and stayed together in her restored clubhouse.

7. Alpha, Beta, Gama:

The ferocious dogs you see here are Alpha, Beta, and Gama. They are the tertiary antagonist in the film. Charles sent out the trio to find a giant bird. Alpha is a Doberman, Beta, a Rottweiler and Gamma, a bulldog. Alpha is the leader of the dog pack and looks down upon other dogs in the pack.

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8. The Club House:

Here is one of the interesting up colouring pages, featuring famous clubhouse. Carl had promised Ellie that he would help her take the clubhouse to the Paradise Falls. After a fight with the construction worker, the court orders Carl to move into a retirement home. Carl then has an idea to keep the promise he made to Ellie. Using his old professional supplies, Carl creates a makeshift airship using 10,000 helium balloons. The balloons lift the house off its foundation and land near the Paradise Falls.

9. Charles F. Muntz:

Charles Muntz is the primary antagonist of the film. He is the famous explorer whom Carl and Ellie admired as children. In the movie, he tries to find a tropical bird in South American with the help of his pet dogs. He is an old fellow who always wears a short-sleeved shirt, tan pants, and brown, winter jacket.

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10. Carl And Russell:

Russell’s loud and hyperactive behavior always annoys Carl. But that does not mean that he despises Russell. In fact, Russell’s curious nature always reminds Carl of Ellie. They bond as a grandfather and grandson throughout the film. Russell later becomes the Senior Explorer and starts hanging around with Carl.

Our collection of up movie coloring pages will surely get your child in the mood for some real adventure. He may even want to color all the up coloring pages at one go.

Who is your child’s most favorite character from the movie “Up”? Is it Russell or Carl? Tell us below!

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