11 Of The Best Unrequited Love Quotes. Time To Heal.

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At some point in our lives, we have all been in a situation where we couldn’t have the person we loved, isn’t it? A love so strong that it felt like our love was breaking down, everything tumbled and tore apart. Our world felt devastated after knowing that they don’t love us back or the fact that the person we have eyes for, has made someone else their world. Such a love crushes every single hope we have (or used to have). Such a love kills you, quietly. A silent killer, indeed.

Here are best unrequited love quotes, for those who were brave enough to fall in love, even though it was something that was delusional:

1. Cursed

Unrequited Love Quotes - Cursed
What’s worse than having the one you love around you all the time, yet not being loved back? Despite being surrounded by a thousand people, you are still lonely at heart. The worse torture to a heart.

2. Once Bitten, Twice Shy.

Unrequited Love Quotes - Once Bitten Twice Shy
Unrequited love fades away, though, not completely. It fades away enough to let you get into a relationship with another person, just to feel loved. But, the person whom you date just doesn’t get the attention and love they deserve because you’re too shy to open up any more.

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3. The Illusion

Unrequited Love Quotes - The Illusion
Perfection is an illusion. Unrequited love is perfection. Such a love is an illusion indeed. Instead of looking at the negative points, such as, not receiving back the love, not being able to confess, not having them in your life forever; you focus on the things that are positive, like, a relationship that has never started will never end, since there is no future, it can never hurt you more than it is hurting you now.

4. Yin Yang

Unrequited Love Quotes - Yin Yang
A person walks into your life, does everything good a person ever could, is extra sweet to you and touches your soul with their kindness. All these aspects make you feel happy around them, it makes you feel loved and special. But the moment you confess and they say that they don’t feel the same way, you feel hurt. It’s like someone hit your heart with a ton of bricks. Yet, even after that, you don’t change the way you are and they still treat you the same way, which makes you wonder: was this person a blessing or was this person a curse?

5. Hold On To Yourself

Unrequited Love Quotes - Hold On To Yourself
You may be truthful, honest and loyal. You may be perfect for someone, just not ‘your’ someone. In such cases, some people desperately try to mould themselves into being the person their special someone likes, and in this process, they lose themselves. Be loved for who you are, not for someone who you are faking to be; it’s one of those hardcore unrequited love quotes that’s the plain truth.

6. The Worst Feeling?

Unrequited Love Quotes - The Worst Feeling

That person you love is right there in front of you. You look at them, talk to them and hang around with them on a daily basis. But, then you know that he/she belongs to someone else. The very thought of ruining something that keeps them happy is simply absurd for you.

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7. Ultimate Suffering

Unrequited Love Quotes - Ultimate Suffering

On a pain scale of one to ten (where ‘one’ is the least painful and ‘ten’ is the most painful rating), the pain and suffering felt by a person who loves someone whose eyes are set for someone else, is rated a good 20. It is truly the ultimate test of patience, love and suffering.

8. Love Yourself Instead?

Unrequited Love Quotes - Love Yourself Instead
You can’t simply make a sandwich with one slice of bread. That’s like getting the filling all over the place. It’s messy. Instead of trying so hard, why not take the easy way? Love yourself, instead. Love yourself enough to walk away.

9. When You Can’t Not Feel

Unrequited Love Quotes - When You Can’t Not Feel
Eyes move voluntarily, you can blink when you like and close them whenever you desire to. But, the heart, you cannot stop it from beating. The same goes for feelings as they are related to the heart. You can’t ask your heart to stop feeling the love (or the hate) for someone. Captain Sparrow unrequited love quotes for the ages, indeed.

10. Chalk N’ Cheese

Unrequited Love Quotes - Chalk N' Cheese
Mutual love is where two people share the same feeling. Unrequited is when it is one sided love. Just like how delusion or imagination is a lot different from the reality, the same difference can be applied to unrequited love and mutual love.

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11. No Way Out

Unrequited Love Quotes - No Way Out
Every problem has a solution. But, unrequited love… unrequited love is unique. It is different from the every day problems. It is tough, a mess to get into with no way out. It is a problem, with no solution.

Ever been a part of one sided love? They say that almost every first love is unrequited. Care to share your thoughts and experiences?

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