Unrequited Love Movies: 15 Movies That Will Tear You Up

There is a lot of pining, waiting, hearts breaking, some more waiting, and then some more hearts break and maybe there is a happy ending or a logical conclusion. I like movies with happy endings. Or give me super hero movies. Or movies about overcoming odds, the classic underdog movies. Hey! I’ll even take mindless action movies over pining. But that’s me.

My seemingly insensitive and depth-less self has indeed sat through a few sagas (read unrequited love movies) and even come to appreciate a few of them. I get it, you love, they don’t, or cannot (whatever that means) for whatever reasons, or they do but cannot reciprocate (this I can understand) for whatever reasons. So you pine, you may or may not get over it, and move on.

1. The Keira Knightley Track In Love Actually

Unrequited Love Movies - The Keira Knightley Track In Love Actually

This is the first thing that came to my mind about unrequited love movies. It’s a very cute track as well. So this guy likes her, never really tells her, because she is seeing his friend and eventually marries him. And then one fine day, decides to reveal this to her, in the most romantic and cute way possible. The whole deal of holding placards and narrating. Oh so cute! And I’m saying this with no sarcasm on my mind. No expectations out of the revelation, no need for reactions, just wanted her to know. He does get a kiss, albeit a sympathy one.

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2. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

Unrequited Love Movies - Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

Imran needs a fresh lease of life, so to speak. Kareena’s life is all over the place. They meet, and he falls for her. She doesn’t share the emotion but Imran is confident of winning her over. It all looks set to head in that direction, only it doesn’t. There is no tragedy, no one dies, no one cheats, no one gets married. It’s simply that she just doesn’t share his emotion. Brilliant! I mean that’s how it is in real life too, right? Our love may be rejected, simply for the reason that they don’t feel the same way. We lick our wounds and move on. So this is the only ‘tearless’ movie on our unrequited love movies list.

3. Lamhe

Unrequited Love Movies - Lamhe

The bold and the beautiful Hindi version is bang on. Anil Kapoor loves Sridevi (the older one), she loves someone else and marries him. He never really gets over her. 20 or so years forward, her daughter comes along (younger Sridevi) and falls hard for him, while he is still pining for her dead mother. An interesting choice in unrequited love movies.

4. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Unrequited Love Movies - My Best Friend's Wedding

One of the best unrequited love movies you’ll ever watch.

So, they are best friends. They even make a mock pact to marry each other, in case they are old, single and miserable. He loves her, she doesn’t feel the same way, they remain best friends. She loves him too, only realizes this after he breaks it to her, that he met someone else and is getting married.

All hell breaks loose at this point, she tries to sabotage, almost succeeds, he finds out. We have a couple of ‘awwww I want a friend like that’ scenes. At the end, he marries the girl he is engaged to. Your heart breaks for Julia, well mine did, because it’s her. If it was any other person, I’d just go – ‘serves you right.’

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5. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Unrequited Love Movies - Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

A very handsome Salman and a very beautiful Aishwarya fall in love with each other, while a brooding and smitten Ajay Devgan also falls hopelessly in love with her. Aishwarya’s father of course doesn’t approve. He gets her married to Ajay, who of course finds out about her love story. What follows is a painful and heartbreaking journey to find Salman. She pines for Salman, he pines for her. Somewhere in between, she falls in love with her husband. Not your cliche option in unrequited love movies.

6. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

Unrequited Love Movies - Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

Shah Rukh is in love with his childhood friend Suchitra. She of course is in love with a cooler guy from the gang played by Deepak Tijori and she ends up with him at the end of it all. That’s the crux of the movie. But what happens in between is a very interesting watch. One of King Khan’s earliest hits in unrequited love movies.

7. 500 Days of Summer

Unrequited Love Movies - 500 Days of Summer

She doesn’t believe in love; he does. He falls for her and hard! She on the other hand… well… I won’t ruin it for you. This movie is quirky and funny. The boy does not end up with the girl. But the way he ends up not being with her is a very pleasant watch, a thoughtful choice on our unrequited love movies list.

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8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Unrequited Love Movies - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This is one of my all time favourites on this unrequited love movies list. Two strangers meet and they end up spending time together and falling for each other. The catch is that they aren’t strangers. Through the course of the narration, which by the way is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time, we find out they used to date before they had their memories erased. Watch it! It’s worth your time.

9. Arya (Tollywood)

Unrequited Love Movies - Arya

This is one of the milestone unrequited love movies so to speak, in the Telugu language at least. The protagonist Arya just wants the girl he loves to feel his love. Interesting? Damn right it is. Underneath all the comedy and song and dance, there is a guy pining for his girl.

10. The Notebook

Unrequited Love Movies - The Notebook

Based on a book, this movie is tear-jerker. It’s about loving and losing and finding love all over again. Two people fall in love. Fate has other plans for them. They do end up together though, despite all the odds and time lapses thrown at them. It’s a very bitter-sweet story narrated in a very bitter-sweet way.

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11. Sadma

Unrequited Love Movies - Sadma

She is hit by a tragedy that makes her behave like a six year old rather than the grown woman she is. He rescues her from a brothel, takes care of her and falls in love with her. She recovers and remembers her past. Wait! There’s a twist. She doesn’t recognize him after her recovery. And yes, she leaves him! She is Sridevi. He is Kamal Haasan. One of Kamal Hassan’s best performances, and he’s done a few unrequited love movies.

12. Brokeback Mountain

Unrequited Love Movies - Brokeback Mountain

Don’t roll your eyes. Don’t you dare! Two cowboys fall in love with each other. That’s a difficult path to tread even now, imagine set in lesser aware times. They fall in love, cannot confess or admit it for fear of society. They share a kiss and break it off and head back to their respective girlfriends. They never meet again. Oh, and there’s a heartbreaking ending. So fair warning, this may very well have the most tragic ending on this unrequited love movies list.

13. Tholi Prema (Tollywood again)

Unrequited Love Movies - Tholi Prema

Yes. Another Telugu movie on my unrequited love movies list. The movie that started the cult called Pawanism. The protagonist is basically your average Joe with no great ambition. He drifts along in his life with no sense of direction. He falls in love with a girl, she of course has no clue. How does it end? Watch it. I’m sure subtitled versions are available for those of you who don’t understand Telugu.

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14. Dil To Pagal Hai

Unrequited Love Movies - Dil To Pagal Hai

Hey! Calm down. I don’t mean Shah Rukh and Madhuri’s track. I mean the Karishma Kapoor track. She falls in love with her best friend. He doesn’t feel the same way. To make it worse, he falls for someone else. C’mon! That stings.

15. Forrest Gump

Unrequited Love Movies - Forrest Gump

Do I even have to write a summary? Wait! What? You really haven’t seen this movie? Watch it now. Right now!

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That’s my list of 15 fav unrequited love movies folks. A few happy ones and a few tear-jerkers. And I will not include any version of Devdas in any language. NOPE. Not happening. What are your favourites?

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