Top 16 Unisex Hair Trends Of 2016

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The new year is here, and just like with every new year, new changes come and go. It’s the way we’ve played the fashion circuit, and it works. Who doesn’t want to look oh-so-swanky, hair and all? But it’s a whole new section of the future and a whole new bunch of things to try. The millennials are obviously unisex, and so are the newest hair trends of 2016. Here’s the list of the top 15 unisex hair trends of the new year.

1. Colours

Yep, colours. It used to be a bold move, but now it’s just a regular so-so thing. You have to try colouring your hair at least once in your young adulthood stage; go for something bold like red or blonde. If you’re a blonde, go for something else like black, or if you dare, try green or blue. The idea is to express yourself, with this one colour that you think is so you.

2. Multi Colours

They come in pleasant variations, from rainbow hair to galaxy hair or unicorn hair. You can colour block with just three shades or get wild with as many as you like. They are high maintenance if you want to keep the look post six months, but it’s worth it. If you’re not feeling up to a permanent version, then you can have it done with special crayons, or chalk, made for hair.

3. Opalescent

Otherwise called opal, or opulent, the look is a much easier to maintain. It involves a very ‘blended-in’ version of pastel unicorn hair. It’s done in a very natural way, and the soft colours just barely stand out when they catch the light. They look lovely, and you’ll have to find colours that match your hair, so you’ll use an ombre scale.

4. Dip/Tip Colours

Okay, so if you don’t want to go overboard with colour, but you still want to be cool and colour savvy, then tip/dip dyeing is for you. It involves colouring the tips of your hair in a wild colour of your choice. Pastel pink is the current hot grab for guys and girls, but go with a colour that suits your skin tone.

5. Ombre

If you’re plain chicken and proud of it, go for ombre colouring. You’d be colouring the end and tips of your hair in a shade or shades that match your natural colours, so it just looks beautifully graded out. Ombre is low maintenance, and you don’t have to keep coming in for touch ups and blending.

6. Bronde And Ronze

‘Bronding’ is where you go with a colour that’s neither blonde nor brunette, and ‘ronzing’ is all about red hues of bronze. They’re shades that complement skin tones beautifully as they blend right in. You might need to run two sessions with your stylist, if you’re not a natural redhead or blonde, but the look is totally worth it.

7. Undercut

Shaved sides are still ‘in’ this year; and unisex pompadours too. You could mix it up with colour, or go the usual way, but whatever you do, the undercut is here to stay, with blunt bangs and mushrooms no less.

8. Babylights

So you know how babies born blonde have their hair turning dark after a few months; they have their hair in shades. Well, that’s exactly what babylights are about. It’s a softer and more extensive version of ombre, but with some sort of rooting done, so it seems fresh faced and natural. They’re highlights that are done very subtly, or in a micro way. And they look perfect for spring.

9. Balayage Highlighting

For that natural sun-kissed look, balayage highlighting is the new big fuss. It’s a more posh and ‘blended in’ version of babylights, and you will only use colours that blend in to give contours, and to affect the depth perception of your hair and that’s it. They don’t use the foil and meche, since the term literally means to sweep and paint.

10. Rooting

When your colour fades, it looks really odd, but rooting fixes that. It’s kind of like blending in eye shadow. It gives a look of gradient colouring down to your tips so it doesn’t look odd. When you notice your roots contrasting with your hair, after the hair grows out, go get a rooting done.

11. Retro Waves

Waves are back, and how. This year is slated to be the year of the wave, and perfectly coiffured waves are sensationally classy. The super straight look is out. And wavy hair, blunt, uneven or traditional, looks amazing. We’ve finally got the right portions and sprays and equipment for quick waves, and guys don’t have to wear curling irons, unless you’re Bruno Mars.

12. The Neat Side-Swept Bangs

So casual bangs and fringes are kinda boring but a safe regular now, and the styled side sweep bangs are in. Alternatives include the pinned back bangs, and the French fringe. Once a staple of the catholic school kids, the flicked side sweep bangs, clipped up, is the easiest way to tame a hard face and make it cutesy. It is a unisex thing now, but it has yet to cross the Asian sub continent.

13. Accessories


Kawaii accessories are here to stay. Decorating your mane with stuff that expresses your persona is a swag thing, and anything from hair tattoos to glitter works. Experiment with clips, pins, bands, braids, ponytails with ridiculously expressive band bits, metallic hair accessories etc

14. Crossed Hair

It’s like cross dressing, but it only involves your hair. So girls try out guy hairstyles and vice versa. It’s been around for a long time, but the trend never really had a name up until now. And obviously it’s got a billion versions. But the short of it is girls with short hair and dudes with long hair. And the results are amazing; just ask Ruby and Jared.

15. The Bob

The bob is like so simple, hassle-free, and it’s guaranteed to cut years off your face. And guys look just as cute in them (Harry Styles). You can do your own version, with frayed or uneven edges, or razor layers, or a blunt cut. The ideal bob just touches your shoulder but you can use layers to give it a softer look. Or take the French route and go for a neck length blunt old school mushroom cut.

16. The Top Knot

It’s like a disease, and you get it by seeing one. Then boom, you wake up the next day, and you just pull your hair up like that, look in the mirror, and go ‘yeah it’s so cool’, and you don’t even know how to stop yourself. But no, tbh, it is way cool.

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