83 Popular Gender Neutral Or Unisex Baby Names

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When it comes to naming your child, there are no ‘hard and fast’ rules. With the recent trends shifting towards unisex names, even gender norms have been revoked. Celebrities like Kim and Kanye named their daughter North while Kristen and Dax named their daughter Lincoln.

So, if you are still unaware of the gender of your baby, but want to decide on a name beforehand, or if you want your child’s name to be a bit different, consider selecting a unisex name. And, like always, MomJunction is here with a compilation of some unique gender neutral or unisex baby names. Have a look!

83 Popular Gender Neutral Or Unisex Baby Names:

A unisex name, as it sounds, is one that is appropriate for both girls and boys. Also called androgynous names, some unisex names are so middle ground that it is hard to know whether the name is meant for a girl or boy. Some names are highly feminine or masculine, but still fall into the unisex category.

1. Rowan:

Rowan is a Gaelic name and means ‘little red-haired one.’ This name is cute enough to use for children of any gender. Rowan Blanchard, the child star from “Girl Meets World” is a famous bearer of this name.

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2. Addison:

Addison, meaning ‘son of Adam’ would make a fabulous name for your son or daughter. This moniker originally started as a surname for males, but has now drifted into the girls’ territory. It would make a great alternative to Allison or Madison.

3. Alex:

Alex, the nickname for Alexander and Alexandra has been probably since the dawn of time. It’s one of the most evenly divided unisex names and has been rising swiftly for both girls and boys.

4. Jules:

Often used as a nickname for Julia or Julie, Jules has become popular with the boys as well over the years. For girls, Jules ranks #1533, but for boys, it ranks #1074. In France, Jules ranks #6 for boys, and it is predicted to become a hit in the United States as well.

5. Andy:

Andy, the most used nickname for Andrew, has been used independently for 125 years. Andy Warhol, the famous pop artist, is the bearer of this name.

6. Charlie:

Charlie, the variation of Charles, is one of the most used unisex names. This name is known best via the character Charlie from the comic book “Peanuts.” It came to be recognized as a girl’s name when Revlon introduced the “Charlie” perfume.

7. North:

Until Kim Kardashians used it for her daughter, North was mostly a male name. But it has now shot into popularity as a female name. And going by the trend, we think it will climb even higher in the coming years.

8. Sawyer:

This English origin moniker, translating to ‘woodcutter’, has skyrocketed in terms of popularity for a baby girl’s name. Sara Gilbert, the talk show co-host used this name for her daughter and Erica Hill, television anchor, bestowed it on her boy.

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9. Avery:

Just like most of the unisex names, even Avery started as a historical path from surname to male name to female name. Jason Sehorn and Angie Harmon used it for their middle daughter. It is still a popular choice for boys as well.

10. Kai:

If you want to bring a bit of nature to your baby’s life, Kai, meaning ‘ocean,’ would make a beautiful choice. Donald Trump’s granddaughter is named Kai Madison, which we think is downright adorable.

11. Ashton:

This moniker originated as a place name and took a leap in popularity chart in the late 1990s via the famous actor Aston Kutcher. If you’re using this name for your girl, shorten it to Ash for the nickname.

12. Quinn:

If you are a huge fan of “Glee”, you must be knowing that we are referring to the character Quinn Fabray from this series. You can also consider it as a variation of the moniker Quincy for a boy.

13. Ashley:

Ashley was a common English surname until the 16th century, but it is now more fashionable for girls. This name landed on the popularity chart in the year 1964 and held the top spot in the year 1991 and 1992.

14. Kyle:

Here’s another example of a typical boy name now given to girls. This name was popularized for girls via Kyle of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. But as a boy’s name, Kyle still reigns in popularity. It’s currently at #178.

15. Aubrey:

This French name has become a very popular female name, especially in Canada. And with the meaning ‘Elfin King’, it would work equally well for boys as well. Even Drake is a famous Aubrey.

16. Elliot:

The moniker Elliot gained popularity after the premier of the movie “E.T”. Meaning ‘old Welshman’, Elliot was viewed as a baby boy name until recently. There are plenty of ways to feminize Elliot- Elliotte or Elliette.

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17. Drew:

Short form of Andrew and meaning ‘wise,’ this Welsh name was once reserved for boys. It started being used for girls when Drew Barrymore entered the tinsel town. If you want to feminize it a bit more, add an extra ‘e’ in the end.

18. Blake:

Blake Lively has shown that this moniker can be both feminine and masculine. After all, no name should be reserved for one gender. The actor named her daughter James, which is another brilliant pick.

19. Bristol:

Bristol, the place name for a port city in England, is one of the latest unisex names on the block. It’s accessible for both the sex, but trends higher for boys. For boys, it is ranked #156 and for girls, it’s ranked #1254.

20. Morgan:

Morgan comes from an Old Welsh name Morcant and meaning ‘great circle.’ The name Morgan has started making a comeback for a female name, but that, in no way means that you cannot use if your son.

21. Hayden:

Hayden is being used for both girls and boys since time immemorial. If you want to get a bit more creative, drop the ‘e’ from Haydn. You do not even require the extra vowel in this name.

22. River:

Here’s another nature-inspired name for you. River Phoenix, one of the most famous Rivers of all time made it a boy’s name. But since Kelly Clarkson used it for her daughter, it is slowly increasing in popularity for baby girls.

23. Casey:

The name Casey derives from the Irish surname Cathasaigh. This name came into the mainstream via John Luther Casey Jones, the locomotive engineer who met his end while saving the lives of his passengers. Shorten it to Cas for a cool nickname.

24. Micah:

Traditionally a baby boy name, Micah is now being given to girls as well, perhaps as an alternative to the popular name Michaela. Currently, Micah ranks #109 for boys and #994 for girls.

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25. Ainsley:

If you want a name that has a link with nature, Ainsley could be the one for you. This name has Gaelic origins and means ‘one’s meadow’. It sounds exotic, mysterious, strange and foreign, all at the same time.

26. Blair:

The name Blair comes from the Scottish surname, meaning ‘field.’ This name might seem like a masculine name, but “Gossip Girl” fans wouldn’t agree with it.

27. Austin:

The name Austin has many links, but today it is associated with the city of the same name. It’s also the short form of the name Augustine. Its spelling variation Austen is used for girls.

28. Angel:

The name Angel may sound like a girl’s name, but it originally began as a pre-Hispanic baby boy name. Today, no man personifies the name Angel more than the character from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

29. Jamie:

Jamie started as the feminine form of James. It dramatically peaked the chart in the 1970s because of the award-winning film and television actor Jamie Lee Curtis. And it’s used as a variant of Jacob for boys.

30. Eli:

Eli is the moniker of the high priest of Israel and Samuel’s teacher in the Old Testament. This name has been drifting in and out of popularity. Its famous bearer is Eli Whitney, the inventor of the cotton gin. And Eli is also used as a short form of Elizabeth.

31. Connie:

Connie, the abbreviation of the name Constance would make a great unisex name for your child. It means ‘wise or strong-willed.’

32. Bailey:

If you want a modern unisex name for your child, go with Bailey. Originally, Bailey referred to a bailiff, a person who lived next to a fortification. You can even consider using this name if your roots lie near Bailey in Lancashire.

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33. Adrian:

Adrian is the variation of the Latin name Adrienne. This name began as a boy name, but is now used more for girls. Historically, Adrian was used as a surname, given to people living near the Adriatic Sea.

34. Harper:

Harper is one of the most famous gender-neutral names. It came to the forefront when the Beckhams gave it to their daughter. But there was a time Harper was used for boys too.

35. Reagan:

Reagan, also spelled as Regan is more popular with the girls right now, but it would work equally well for boys as well. The former American president would always be associated with this name.

36. Dylan:

Along with Kyle, even the name Dylan shot up the popularity charts after appearing on a television series. You would also be paying tribute to singer and songwriter Bob Dylan with this gender-neutral name.

37. James:

Most of you would be surprised to see this name on the list, but celebs have started using this name for girls as well. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, both have daughters named James. You can shorten it to Jamie is you like.

38. Max:

Jessica Simpson put this name on the girl’s territory when she named her daughter Maxwell after her husband. Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter, named Maxima also wears her name well.

39. Spencer:

Spencer was traditionally considered a baby boy name, remember Spencer Tracy? But it’s now being used for girls as well, perhaps because of its meaning ‘dispenser of provisions’.

40. Kaden:

This Scottish name, meaning ‘fighter’ is an energetic and rhythmic name for your child. You can spell it in a variety of ways like Kaeden, Kadyn, Kaiden, Kaidyn and Caden.

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41. Finley:

Finley, meaning ‘courageous one’ would make an excellent choice for both the sexes. You will get a lot of room to personalize your child’s name with the variety of spellings it offers like Finnley, Findley, Finlee, Finlay, and Finnlea.

42. Jessie:

If you want your baby to be a firecracker with a rebellious and defiant streak, name her Jessie. It’s used as a short form for both Jessica and Jess.

43. Dakota:

In the 1990s, this geographical name ruled the charts along with other place names like Sierra and Montana. Child actor Dakota Fanning has done a lot to make this name proud.

44. Campbell:

The unisex name Campbell has a variety of associations like a pub in Scotland and a can of soup. But newswoman Campbell Brown and actor Campbell Brown give it a sense of authority and intelligence.

45. Carson:

Originally, a Scottish surname with an unknown meaning, Carson is now being accepted for both girls and boys for quite some time now.

46. Dana:

Depending on the pronunciation, the name Dana would fit comfortably for both boys and girls. It has a number of meaning as well. It means ‘wise’ in Persian.

47. Easton:

Easton is an English surname, meaning ‘east town’. This name has always been very popular for boys in the United Kingdom. But celebrities have now started it for their daughters.

48. Phoenix:

The name Phoenix is more or less, equally popular for boys girls and guys. Mel B, the former Spice girl gave this name to her daughter.

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49. Nico:

Thandie Newton, the popular actress may have given this name to her daughter, but it’s clearly more popular for boys. It is ranked #456 for boys versus #2029 for girls.

50. Kennedy:

The moniker Kennedy sounds trendy for both girls and boys. But if meanings are very important to you, you might want to steer clear of it as it means ‘misshaped head’.

51. Taylor:

There was a time when Taylor was used typically for girls, but it’s now used as a girl name as well, thanks to the actor Taylor Lautner. It may sound a bit old-timey, but Taylor Swift has put it safely on the map for a new generation.

52. Logan:

We feel that it’s nearly impossible to go to a park and not run into little Logan. This moniker has shot in popularity for both girls and boys. And it’s the real name of Wolverine too!

53. Mason:

Here’s another unisex name popular with celebrities like Melissa Joan Hart and Kourtney Kardashian. No wonder parents are going for this simple and straight for their children.

54. Robin:

If you want a great and classic unisex name, pick Robin. This chirpy and bright name started as a nickname for Robert, but is now a plausible pick for girls.

55. Shannon:

By choosing the name Shannon, you can secure your child’s name while keeping the gender still a surprise. Shannon is the name of an Irish place name, river and county.

56. Freddie:

What better than naming your child after one of the best performers of all time (Freddie Mercury)? Several British parents are opting for this casual name as the first name of their children.

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57. Emerson:

Emerson was once thought solely as a baby boy name, but it’s now given to more females than males. You can take the instance of Emerson Rose, Teri Hatcher’s daughter.

58. Bobbie:

Bobbie, the abbreviation of Robert or Roberta would make a nice pick for parents looking for an informal baby name.

59. Frankie:

Frankie is the pet name for both Francesca and Frank, so we think it would work well as a unisex name. Donna D’Errico and Nikki Sixx named their young one Frankie Jean.

60. Brook:

If you want a name with a mix of Old German and Old English heritage, Brook could be perfect for you. It means ‘small stream’.

61. Peyton:

Peyton would also make a great pick if you want something unusual for your child. It is a Latin name and means ‘noble’.

62. Rudy:

Rudy, the short form of Rudolf, would make a cheeky name for both girls and boys. In German language, Rudy means ‘famous wolf’.

63. Stevie:

Stevie is the pet form of names Stephanie and Stephen and means ‘grown garland’. After being out of limelight for more than a decade, Stevie is back in the top 1000 baby name chart.

64. Winter:

Naming your baby after a season or month is a great way to make him stand out. While winter is used widely for baby girls, there is no way it cannot work for boys.

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65. Brett:

The name Brett comes from the Celtic word, which means ‘a Breton’. The name is used widely as a boy’s name, but we think it would sound equally good for a girl.

66. Sasha:

Thanks to Sacha Baron Cohen, this name is rising in popularity for boys. Shasha means ‘defender of men’. It’s ranked #569 for girls and #1462 for boys.

67. Skyler:

Skyler, spelled as Skylar for girl is ranked #302 for girls and #352 for boys. So you can say it’s equally popular for both girls and boys. The moniker comes from the Dutch surname Schuyler.

68. Riley:

Around 5000 girls are named Riley every year, making it the 47th most popular name this year. It’s a little less popular for boys, ranking #173.

69. Parker:

This preppy name, meaning ‘park keeper’ is trending higher for boys with every passing year. It’s hot for girls as well, ranking at #234, thanks to Parker Posey, the indie queen.

70. Haris:

Haris originated in the Greek language as the variation of Charis and Chares. Since it’s so unusual, you wouldn’t have to worry about its gender.

71. Jude:

This moniker has been held by men and women through ages. It might take some time for getting used to, but your child will surely love it when he grows up.

72. Harlow:

Harlow, a location surname, meaning ‘rock hill’ is a trendy unisex name for your little one.

73. Jazz:

If you’re a fan of music or want a funky name for your child, go with Jazz. It will give him or her a cool name to last a lifetime.

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74. Kelly:

Kelly started as a boy’s name, derived from the Irish Gaelic name Ceallach, but it is currently more common for girls.

75. Jalen:

Jalen is an invented name made famous by the United States basketball player. It’s a combination of two names, James and Leonard. But it doesn’t sound like that even a wee bit.

76. Leslie:

This Scottish place name was first used in the 18th century and seems fashionable even today. It entered the top 100 list in 1990s, thanks to Academy Award winner Leslie Caron.

77. Sam:

Sam has, for long, been considered a nickname or diminutive for Samantha or Samuel. But it now stands strong on its own. It’s one of the top 100 names in Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Ireland and England.

78. Stacey:

The varied spellings for this name makes it accessible for both girls and boys. It’s an abbreviation of Anastasia and Eustace and means ‘she will rise again’.

79. Zion:

The term Zion has been used for thousands of years to describe the land of Israel. But it has now become as a baby name as well, after American Idol Fantasia chose it for her daughter and Lauryn Hill chose it for her son.

80. Sydney:

The name Sydney comes off as a chic, young girl ready to whip up the bad guys or an elderly man with a suit and bow tie.

81. Reese:

Until few years back, Reese was a preppy, baby boy name. But after Ms. Witherspoon starred in the movie “Legally Blonde”, it began to show up everyone as a girl’s name.

82. Montana:

This brisk and outdoorsy name shot to popularity in the early 90s. It even showed up a title of name book.

83. Perry:

Several male actors have Perry as their last name like Luke and Matthew. If you want to use this name for your daughter, spell it as ‘Peri’.

While selecting a unisex baby name, we’d suggest you pick a gender-specific middle name to avoid confusion. So which of these names appealed to you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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