15 Unique Wedding Cakes Guaranteed To Leave You Spellbound

When we come across cakes that express the couples’ personalities, their idea of love or the wedding theme they chose in an unusual yet delightful way, we think “Oh! That’s unique.” Here is a selection of unique wedding cakes that we feel strike the right balance between being unique and experimental.

1. Jodha-Akbar. A Royally Sweet Love Story

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Jodha Akbar Cake

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A Jodha-Akbar unique wedding cake was strictly in the realm of our cake dreams until we came across this exquisitely modelled cake. Your guests won’t forget this one in a hurry. We are now waiting for the Bajirao-Mastani version! Any cake designers out here reading this?

2. You Are On The Wanted List Forever

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Wanted List Cake

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Some define marriage as the feeling of being wanted by that one special person for the rest of your life. This clever take on the idea has us amused and smitten at the same time. Now this is chasing the one who robbed your heart and doing it in style too! The detailing on this one is an ode to the designer’s skill. The care taken to faithfully recreate the pavement, the brick wall and the lamp posts is just praiseworthy.

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3. Elephantine Love

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Indie Elephant Cake

‘I feel like there is an elephant sitting on my chest’ – classic warning sign of #Heart Attack!

Getting married feels like an elephantine mistake for some, if you consider some of the messages couples receive on getting engaged. They read more like condolence messages than congratulatory ones.

But in Indian weddings, the elephant motif is considered auspicious and is used extensively. The cake with Taj Mahal, the symbol of everlasting love, atop an elephant stole our hearts.

4. The Odds Are Forever In Favour Of Love

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Hunger Games Mockingjay Cake

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President Snow was oblivious to the fact that love can be found even in the most perilous places, but we are not. If your love has its origins in an unlikely place/circumstance, a Hunger Games wedding cake is a fitting ‘tribute’

5. As Cool As Kate And Leo

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Titanic Cake

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Titanic equals romance. This stunning titanic cake features an iconic moment from the movie, the legendary ‘Titanic Pose’.

6. Lumberjack Makes A Comeback

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Lumberjack Interior Cake

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Lumberjack unique wedding cakes are trending in 2016. Some couples love it so much they have taken it further with lumberjack themed weddings and engagement photo shoots.

7. #SayNoToGraffitiLove

Unique Wedding Cakes - The OldSchool Love Carvings Cake

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In old times, couples often etched their names on trees. This tree cake with the initials of the couple etched into the bark-like exterior will be perfect for an outdoor wedding with a rustic theme.

In India, enthusiastic lovers feel no surface is out-of-bounds when it comes to expression of their undying love. Public monuments are full of love graffiti with some couples undertaking ‘love pilgrimages’ to retrace their romantic journey. We suggest you fulfil your graffiti dreams through your wedding cake.

8. Book Your Place Beside Me

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Book Lovers Cake

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Are you both book lovers? Do you want to incorporate your love for reading into your wedding theme?

Gear up for a #TBBEditorialIntervention! Get a book cake for a literary twist to your celebrations.

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9. From Here On, We Travel Together

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Hipster Travellers Cake

If both of you love travelling, then these suitcase-inspired cakes are a must. They look so chic and make a great couple statement.

10. The Macaroon Tower

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Macaroon Tower

The proposal was atop the Eiffel Tower, but your fondest memories are all food ones! If you dream of the macaroons you had at Laduree instead of the way the ring made it to your finger, don’t feel guilty. An Eiffel Tower to symbolize love is passé. For foodie couples, an exquisite macaroon tower is the way to go!

11. Red Wedding. And They Are Not Cupid’s Arrows

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Game of Thrones Cake

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This Game of Thrones inspired cake is for fans of the show. The ‘Red Wedding’ may have ended badly for its guests, but this cake will leave your guests with a pleasant after-taste.

12. Chandelier Cake, For Gravity Defying Love

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Chandelier Cake

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We know love defies logic and the best way to celebrate such love is to order a gravity-defying cake for your wedding. The cake is hung from a chandelier, which adds to its dramatic flair.

13. Inked In Love

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Inked In Love Cake

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If the couple loves tattoos, then a tattoo cake with their favourite designs is a great wedding cake choice. Tattoos usually represent the ideas you hold dear. It’s a great idea to not only match but also meld together your personalities in the wedding theme and décor to give it a uniquely personal touch.

14. The Castle Of Dreams

Unique Wedding Cakes - The Castle Of Dreams Cake

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The prince and the princess are wed in the castle; this is what the fairytales tell us. Real brides want their fairytale moments too and scout for wedding venues that look the part. The palaces in Rajasthan are often sought after by couples desiring a fairytale wedding. A castle cake is a fairytale element you must not miss even if you are not getting hitched in a palace. This one here is so delicately crafted that it’s almost too pretty to be eaten.

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15. She Is Your Muse

She-Is-Your-Muse wedding cake

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Cakes that are inspired from the bride’s wedding outfit are trending. This pretty cake is modelled after an outfit designed by Indian Designer Anushree Reddy.

So what do you think of our picks? Did we miss out some? Have something to share? Do write to us and we will be glad to add them to our list. Cheers!