4 Unique Ways To Choose A Unique Name For Your Baby Boy

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Has that moment finally arrived? Congratulations! You can finally stop worrying about pregnancy, labor and all the blah; finally, you are now the proud, beaming (and exhausted) parents of a baby boy!

Unique Baby Boy Names:

But it isn’t over yet, is it? Now starts the first of many decisions you will have to make as parents – choosing a unique name for boys. If you’re still going through pregnancy and trying to have at least a list of probable names – congratulations to you for being the early birds. It is indeed a blessing if you can decide on a name that is unanimous, unique and liked by all.

I suggest you – the parents – do it before any of your aunties or the dhobi names your boy Ramprasad or Vijay!

Choosing a good name is a very significant pseudo-ritual as it is the first thing you ever gift to your child. He will carry and announce and identify with it his entire life! To quote my mother (who chose to name me Maanasi;I believe she was still groggy due to the anesthesia!), a child’s name has a lasting impression on the person he or she will become. It influences his character and nature.

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A name is your first identity; it becomes, and stays with us forever. Therefore, choosing just the right name takes utmost importance; and here’s where we can help you.

How To Search For The Perfect Name:

As is with every other thing, searching for a unique name for a baby boy has also gone digital. One must commend the immense opportunities the internet puts at your disposal for this. You can begin by breaking down your search into various parameters.

1. According To Origin:

The internet makes it super easy to search for names by origin. Just key in the keywords and you can have thousands of names from different origins like Indian, American, Italian, Arabic, you name it- the internet has it.

Besides names originating from different nations, you can also search for names originating from different religions and regions. You can choose names from among Christian, Islamic, Hindu origins, or even from the origin of the word itself. You simply key in the meaning of the word, as related names will pop up. For example: if you key in “creation”, you can come up with a name like “Srijan” which is how I named my cousin’s baby boy!

2. According To Popularity:

Unique names for boys can also be searched on the basis of their uniqueness.

Again, you can specify your search keywords by searching for something like “most popular baby boy names of 2013” or “unique baby boy name from Gothic culture” or “unique baby boy names starting with W”. You think of it, the internet will spew out gazillions of names like: Aiden (top names in 2013), Blodwen (Gothic) and Wanette (Starting with W)!

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3. According To Celebrity Baby Names:

Okay, admit it. You are secretly a fan of Conan O’Brien and Courtney Cox, so much that you’d like naming your boy after their son’s name! You can do that too! Just search for your favorite celeb online and voilayou can now name your son Beckett or Coco (or Abhishek and Hrithik if you want to go Indian!)

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4. According To Language:

The most common way to search for a name for your baby boy is of course the language. Being an Indian, you can still search for a baby boy name in French, Italian, Czech or Old English. You name it and its right there!

So, before you listen to any of your friends and other relatives who will impose their repository of names on your baby boy, search for a name that you and your partner love from any of the above options. Good luck and don’t forget to share your views about your baby ‘naming’ attempts!

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