4 Unique Ways To Choose A Name For Your Baby Girl

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As your mind happily anticipates a life with your precious daughter, you will look forward to the magical moments in the future. Your baby’s first look, smile, cry and word will make your heart burst with love. The soft, gentle, kind and strong girl – she would be a true reflection of you. You now promise yourself that you will allow her to live by her own rules fearlessly, even though it is a big commitment.

Think of what kind of name she should adorn – popular, traditional or religious? Many parents these days prefer to give a popular name to their little angel. This is primarily because, a popular name is contemporary, trendy, easy to recall and most importantly, it will define what she will be when she becomes a woman. But how do you search for and find such popular girl names? Keep reading and find your answers.

How to Choose Most Popular Girl Names?

With the help of database banks that are available online, one can easily find popular names for girls defining by its meaning, country, alphabets, uniqueness and popularity. To help you decide, here are some points to ponder:

1. Names by its Meaning:

Since the Internet offers you millions of choices, first narrow down the initial names, based on what you want your daughter’s name to mean or her name to be associated to which character trait. For example: the name Ananyameans ‘incomparable’, Avni means ‘born to lead’. Give a name to your daughter that would define her personality, adding a meaning to her life.

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2. Name by Language/pronunciation :

A good name is the one which can be pronounced correctly and touches the heart. In India how would people pronounce the names such as Penelope, Shania or Kyra? Different regions have different dialects. Thus a global and contemporary name which is easy to call her would be preferred, like Sonia or Rita. Also you can name your daughter after any flower such as Lily, Rose, Jasmine, etc. which can be understood by all and has no worldly attachment to region or religion.

3. Popular Celeb Names :

Catherine Zeta Jones, Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and many more beautiful ladies have won hearts of many. If you too want your daughter to have fame, money, power, beauty just like these women idols, you may think of giving one of their first names to their daughter. It is good to have an idol for your daughter, but also important is to let her be her own idol.

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4. Mythology Based Names :

Whether you believe in Indian-, Greek-, Roman-, or Celtic- mytholgy, mythological names are gaining popularity among the parents in this generation. Names such as Mansi, Evelyn, Helen, Radha, Camilla, Meera, are very popular across the globe. These most popular baby girl names are preferred by most parents as they believe that the traits of these powerful women would be inherited by their precious daughter.

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It is easier these days, through both online and offline, to select a suitable and appropriate name for your sweet little bundle of joy. Although points mentioned above seem easy to implement, when considering the list among the categories, one may get baffled.

As a parent, the most beautiful gift you can give her is her own identity and independence, by giving her a beautiful name that would best describe her. So take your time and ponder what you want your daughter to be known as!

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