Be A Trendsetter With These 15 Unique Mehndi Designs

Everyone is unique and desires to be the best and different from the rest. Even though the tradition and art of applying mehndi has been around for centuries, every design and mehndi artist brings in a uniqueness that is second to none. Keeping that in mind, we have collected a list of some truly stunning unique mehndi designs. Here we go…

1. Connect The Dots

Unique Mehndi Designs - Connect The Dots

There is something so stylish and elegant about this unique mehndi design. There is a fashionable symmetry and distinct design elements that run along in parallel lines. The simple dots on the fingers are probably the simplest but most unique element of this design that puts this design on the top of our list.

2. Elaborate Simplicity

Unique Mehndi Designs - Elaborate Simplicity

I don’t know whether to call this unique mehndi design an elaborate one or a simple one and that’s what makes it so unique. The palm is beautifully designed with numerous design elements and the spaces and gaps in between brings in a charm and elegance.

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3. Glitter Trail

Unique Mehndi Designs - Glitter Trail

A very unique mehndi design that has been stylishly accentuated with a glitter trail all along. The design is neat yet intricate and perfect for festivities. One can change the colour of the glitter to perfectly match one’s outfit too.

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4. Bold And Beautiful

Unique Mehndi Designs - Bold And Beautiful

While the world is crazy about fine and intricate lines, thick and bold mehndi designs look equally beautiful. This particular unique mehndi design has nice floral motifs that have been interestingly styled, making it a fashionable design.

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5. Trend Alert!

Unique Mehndi Designs - Trend Alert!

A very trendy design, perfect for the modern day diva! Be it a wedding or a rock concert, this unique mehndi design is sure to up your style quotient instantly. This design needs no accessories to complement it further.

6. Curiously Creative

Unique Mehndi Designs - Curiously Creative

I have never seen a design as creative as this one! It’s a mix of some traditional and a lot of stylish design elements that perfectly complement one another. It’s a mix of interesting design patterns and is sure to get second looks.

7. Dream Catcher

Unique Mehndi Designs - Dream Catcher

Probably the most common tattoo design now makes it way to the world of mehndi. This mehndi dream catcher design is unique, stylish and a great fashion statement you need to try ASAP.

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8. Ornamental Beauty

Unique Mehndi Designs - Ornamental Beauty

The beauty of this unique mehndi design lies in the fact that it looks like a piece of fine jewellery and not just a mehndi design. The bracelet design and extended finger chains and mid finger rings all come together in beautiful traditional motifs and designs.

9. Tribal Power

Unique Mehndi Designs - Tribal Power

There is something very powerful, stunning and stylish about this particular design. It uses some traditional designs but the pattern is very stylish. The unique finger and wrist cuff give a sense of tribal charm and style.

10. Bringing Sexy Back!

Unique Mehndi Designs - Bringing Sexy Back!

Experiment with unique mehndi designs and go beyond conventions. This design for the back is absolutely stunning and stylish! A backless or low cut evening gown can be amazingly enhanced with this unique and alluring design. Make sure you tie your hair up and give a good full view.

11. Circular Charm

Unique Mehndi Designs - Circular Charm

The classic circular design has been given a unique twist by adding small leaf motifs and intricate patterns around it. The design looks elegant and is definitely one that will make a glorious impact.

12. Bare Minimum

Unique Mehndi Designs - Bare Minimum

You don’t necessarily need to get big and elaborate designs to add beauty and style. If you are someone who prefers to keep your mehndi minimal, why not do it in such a stylish and trendy way? Just let one finger do the talking.

13. Bridal Charm

Unique Mehndi Designs - Bridal Charm

Make your wedding day mehndi even more beautiful with this charming bridal unique mehndi design. It includes all the traditional designs and patterns yet leaves interesting spaces and the red finger tips make it a complete unique package.

14. Of Crystals And Sparkle

Unique Mehndi Designs - Of Crystals And Sparkle

Just a tiny little crystal can make such a huge and beautiful difference to an otherwise common design. It’s the attention to small details that truly make a design unique and this one proves it well.

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15. Fantastic Florals

Unique Mehndi Designs - Fantastic Florals

Floral mehndi designs always look elegant and charming. This unique trail of floral designs all across the hand looks extremely charming and adds oodles of simple beauty.

If you love mehndi and are looking for a unique design to up your mehndi game, try one of these designs. Each of these designs has a special charm and style quotient. Got some more unique designs to share with us?

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock