Unique Love Status Messages: 12 Msgs That Are One Of A Kind

I guess social media has changed the way we react to, announce and reciprocate love. It has made it easier in some ways and complicated in a few aspects. The impact though is this – the way we live, love and interact is not just between the two people involved. When you post a unique love status update on Facebook, it’s for everyone else to see and form an opinion on. Your WhatsApp status announcing love (or anything else) isn’t just about you and your beloved. Whoever has your number on WhatsApp gets to see it too. I’m not here to talk about the advantages or perils of it all. Nope. Not today at least.

Let’s just take a look at some unique love status updates that caught my attention.

1. Unique Love Status - When I Miss You

We all do this right? Wait, we do right? OMG. Okay. I do it. And it’s not just with my husband. I do it with unique love status messages received from friends as well. Yeah, now you may judge away, but in love status message of not, you’ll soon follow.

2. Unique Love Status - I Love Food

I hate sharing my food, I will share my clothes, jewellery, car and a lot of other stuff. But food I will not. A lot of friends, and even the legally wedded husband will vouch for this. So you see, I can totally identify with this unique love status.

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3. Unique Love Status - You Know You're In Love

Cheesy but true! For me, it’s seeing the world through their eyes than seeing their eyes everywhere in the world.

4. Unique Love Status - The Strongest Force

So true even today. Must say that his words on a lot of things still hold so true.

5. Unique Love Status - Every Love Story

Personal stories are always special. Did anyone go ‘aww’? No? You should. It’s a good unique love status. Not creepy, not cheesy.  A simple cute happy love status message.

6. Unique Love Status - When I Miss You

This unique love status happens to all of us. When we miss someone, we somehow manage to find something in every song that reminds us of them. It could be the lyrics, the emotion, the mood of the song, or sometimes the way they danced to it, or made fun of it.

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7. Unique Love Status - Not A Test

Makes you wonder right. I’ve always wondered about this unique love status. Why cheat? Why not break up and then fool around? Messy, heart-breaking and terrible.

8. Unique Love Status - We Accept

So true! When you believe you rightfully deserve something, you won’t accept anything less, or even more. Yup! True both ways.

9. Unique Love Status - Imagination Over Intelligence

C’mon, don’t you see the sarcasm in this unique love status? You’ve got to appreciate it.

10. Unique Love Status - I Used To Think

Hahaha… mean but, hahaha. What a unique love status to get back at your ex. Talk about hate love attitude status messages.

11. Unique Love Status - Some People

For the times that we wonder…Two good human beings in love with each other need not always end up together. It’s not that unfathomable.

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12. Unique Love Status - My Husband

Story of my life! Crazy is good. What fun is life without some craziness thrown in?

Found them unique? Have better unique love status messages to share? Do share your thoughts (and messages).