30 Unique Indian Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings

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Loads of congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl!

Amidst fun, joy and happiness, now it’s time for naming your angel. We completely understand the pressure in selecting a good name as it will stick with your kid throughout her life.

With so many options available, selecting a suitable name for your darling is surely a daunting task.

Importance Of Choosing A Good Name:

A good name has always been a subject of attraction. Here are some of the reasons for selecting a good name for your baby:

  • A good name gives the feeling of uniqueness and makes your child stand out from the crowd.
  • Impacts the child in a way which is reflected in later years of life.
  • Pleasing to the ears

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8 Tips For Selecting Names:

Selecting a name is fun as there are so many things to consider.

Here are some great tips which will help you in choosing unique Indian baby girl names with meaning:

1. Decide What Exactly You Want:

Before you start brainstorming, decide what you want. As a responsible parent, first decide what kind of name you want to select- fusion of Indian and traditional, spiritual, trendy or purely traditional. Once this is done, it will help you narrow down the list and make your selection easy.

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2. Name With Meaning:

A name with a meaning attached to it always has more depth. Pick a name which has valuable meaning associated with it as it will evoke a feel-good factor. Meaningful names are also self-explanatory.

3. Short And Simple:

Ensure to finalize a name which is sweet and easy to pronounce. Avoid giving a complex name. Keep it short and simple as much as possible. Short names are the latest buzz among youngsters.

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4. Traditional And Cultural Value:

Indians often prefer traditional and cultural value while selecting the baby names. If you are thinking of giving a name with Indian touch, this can be perfect for you.

5. Inspiration From Sanskrit:

Indian baby names are typically taken from Sanskrit due to Hindu influence. These names are widely used because of its rich meaning attached to it.

6. Combination Of Parent’s Name:

If you are planning on giving a name by combining you and your partner’s name, you can reflect on it. For example – a combination of Veena and Ravindrachandan can be termed as Raveena. In case the outcome does not sound good, you can go for your parent’s or grandparent’s name.

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7. Fusion Of Modern And Indian:

If you are trying to make your baby’s name distinctive, a blend of ethnicity with modernity will surely give a perfect result. Remember though that too much uniqueness will give way to awkwardness.

8. Consulting Your Astrologer:

In Hindu tradition, time of birth is taken into account for many things – giving a name is one of them. You can select a number of names and consult your astrologer to know which name can be considered.

Here’s a list of Indian baby girl names with meanings:

  1. Elina: Woman with intelligence
  2. Saksh: Witness
  3. Noor: Light
  4. Tejal: Radiant
  5. Ritika: Flowing stream
  6. Shalini: Modesty
  7. Pari: Fairy
  8. Ekta: Unity
  9. Rani: Queen
  10. Zeenat: Beauty
  11. Sonia: Wise
  12. Varsha: Rain
  13. Drishti: Focus
  14. Urvi: Earth
  15. Nisha: Night
  16. Juhi: A Flower
  17. Hanshika: Swan
  18. Neha: Rain
  19. Tanika: Rope
  20. Mukta: Pearl
  21. Rishika: Saintly
  22. Sarah: Pure
  23. Aisha: Prosperous
  24. Vineeta: Humble
  25. Dipti: Flame
  26. Riddhi: Good Fortune
  27. Nidhi: Treasure
  28. Mahi: Earth
  29. Lipi: Script
  30. Tanuja: Daughter

We hope the tips and the compilation of beautiful Indian baby girl names and meanings will help you in choosing the best name for your baby girl.

Do share your ideas on unique Indian baby girl names in the section below.

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