50 Unconditional Love Quotes – No Limits, No Conditions!

There are many things in life that make it worth living. Traits that help tame the various hardships of life and bring a sense of accomplishment. The feeling of falling in love and to be loved unconditionally is one such thing. No matter how old you get, the bliss of unconditional love never wears out. To capture this delight, we bring to you 50 unconditional love quotes about loving a loved one unconditionally!


Unconditional Love Quotes - The Only Way

A lifetime of love stays strong and resilient when it is in the purest of its form.


Unconditional Love Quotes - The Ultimate Lesson

Love thyself before you love others. When your love for others stems from the love and respect you have for yourself, that is when you begin to respect and understand the feelings of others.

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Unconditional Love Quotes - The Greatest Love

Love, like energy, moves from one entity to another. Love in an unconditional form transcends beyond our mortal shells and gets absorbed deep into our souls. It thus makes the best gift you can ever give to a loved one. Just like these unconditional love quotes.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Acceptance

A great quote to celebrate your unabashed personality.


Unconditional Love Quotes - The Best Feeling

Being an important person in someone life is the best way of feeling elated.


Unconditional Love Quotes - True Love

True unconditional love is all you need for a good relationship. And a few unconditional love quotes sprinkled in here and there.


Unconditional Love Quotes - No Competition

There are few things that can melt the coldest of hearts. Unconditional love and loyalty are two of them. No matter where you are or how old you become, you always have a yearning for love and affection in their most unadulterated form.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Inner Peace

Develop your inner peace, come to terms with your inner self and you will soon realize that you have discovered the art of loving unconditionally.


Unconditional Love Quotes - No Measures

It is selfless and it is impartial. The day you start loving unconditionally, that day you start chipping away your selfishness.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Love Completely

Love whole-heartedly. Never mix it with terms and conditions and spoil the joy of loving someone.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Don't Judge

Like how a long walk is great for mind and body, unconditional love is great for heart and soul. Once you understand the joys of loving unconditionally, you start becoming open-minded and begin making an effort to understand people before you judge them.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Love Dreams

Without doubt, only the one who loves you truly can say that.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Love Is Perfection

To give and not expect anything in return, that is what lies at the heart of unconditional love. And no matter how imperfect your loved one is, never stop showering your unconditional love on them.


Unconditional Love Quotes - No Rhyme Or Reason

Are you still looking for the reason to start loving someone unconditionally? Love grows by giving. The unconditional love we give away is the only love we keep.


Unconditional Love Quotes - You Know It's Love

It is that feeling you get when a day without a glimpse of a person becomes a dreary ordeal. You know you have found unconditional love when the importance of a person’s happiness joins the list of the most important things in your life.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Hold On

Think of the times you have spent with your loved one. Think of the instances where you have sacrificed something in your life for their sake. Such memories will help you understand how that person is an important part of your life.


Unconditional Love Quotes - True Love Is Life

This captures the essence of the saying “Love is life.”


Unconditional Love Quotes - Your Best Trait

Let no one leave after meeting you without them feeling happier.


Unconditional Love Quotes - The Best Thing To Hold

You know that it is unconditional love when you hear that.


Unconditional Love Quotes - The Past Is Past

Love what they are than what they were.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Don't Give Up

The classic quote which captures the essence of pure love.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Honey To The Bees

When we learn to love unconditionally, it is then we start understanding the true essence of our lives.


Unconditional Love Quotes - An Irresistible Desire

A desire to receive unconditional love stays embedded deep in the hearts of every one of us. Develop the desire to start loving and that is when we start understanding the true meaning of love.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Bear Necessities

Dedicate a day every week to spend time with your loved one. It is the best way of displaying unconditional love and affection. Make it a necessity which will eventually help strengthen your bond.


Unconditional Love Quotes - The Art Of Persistence

Learning to love persistently teaches us many life lessons and helps us develop persistence with people, relationships and other basic tasks of life.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Trust

One way of showing love is to trust your loved ones. Tell them that you know how much they love you and how you will continue to love them forever from the bottom of your heart.

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Unconditional Love Quotes - No Limits

It is something which is boundless and given freely. It is timeless and never changing.


Unconditional Love Quotes - My Favourite Place

When you prefer ‘we-time’ over ‘me-time’, that is when you know you have learnt to love unconditionally.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Find The One

To be loved, no matter what, is amongst the best feelings one can ever experience in life.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Lines On The Sands Of Time

One must allow for a blurring of the lines, and differences to appreciate their relationship. Unconditional love quotes are not mere words typed out, but lyrics of love songs from eons of time.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Selfless Love

Selflessness towards a loved ones helps us not tag our relationships with unrealistic expectations.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Unarmed Truth

It might seem temporarily defeated but eventually it will appear victorious above all ordeals.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Love Is About Balance

It is like being made for each other.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Who Makes You Happy?

It is only when you develop unconditional love towards someone that you focus on spending as much time as you can with that person.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Love Is Supreme

Great way of understanding whether you love someone or just like them.


Unconditional Love Quotes - The Highest Forms Of Wisdom

When you develop great wisdom, you also develop the ability to be loyal in your relationships.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Love Awakens The Soul

Seeds that ripen, blossom and bear fruit, allowing us to bring forth the unique gifts that are ours to offer in this life. Gifts that help in strengthening our bond and relationship with our loved ones.


Unconditional Love Quotes - You Mean The World To Me

Spending time with a loved one is all that you need to strengthen your bond.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Pride And Love

No place for pride when you love someone. As simple as that.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Appreciate Life

These include appreciating the various nuances of a relationship with your loved ones and celebrating the variety that arises from differences in your nature.


Unconditional Love Quotes - No Turning Tables

Learn to appreciate someone you love for what they are rather than what you had expected them to be.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Under Any Circumstances

Affection without terms and conditions is the purest form of love.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Beyond The Boundary

Not letting a melancholic feeling take control of the way you treat your loved one is what polishes your ability to love someone. Some unconditional love quotes are real tearjerkers, and this one’s a golden example.


Unconditional Love Quotes - What Are You Looking For?

Unconditional love begins by display of care towards your loved one.


Unconditional Love Quotes - To Be Brave

It is something you feel when you selflessly fall in love.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Love Me Like You Do

It might not be a sunny day for every day of your relationship. Times might get testing. That is when you have to be brave and hold on to your loved ones unconditionally.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Can't Not Imagine You

Nothing best captures the essence of unconditional love than this lovely quote.



You know someone is truly in love with you when someone tells you that. Along with being the strongest sign of unconditional love, it can also be sign of respect and friendship in a relationship, which is a good thing.


Unconditional Love Quotes - Everyone Comes With Baggage

It is pure bliss when you have found such a person. This one’s definitely one of those unconditional love quotes that bleed the honest truth of salvation of mankind.

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Unconditional Love Quotes - Love Doesn't Need Shampoo

Finally, when you feel that love is in the air and can’t help but keep smiling and playing with your hair locks, that is when you can feel confident that now you have found unconditional love!