9 Unconditional Love Poems That Show True love Knows No Boundaries

Unconditional love is without question the deepest form of love that two people can share – just ask a mother how she feels about her child, for instance. But when it comes to the realm of romantic relationships, unconditional love is not a term to throw around loosely, in fact, the beauty and rarity of such a love is represented in the form of verse in the unconditional love poems below.

1. Unconditional Love Poems - I Want To Take Your Hand

What sets up this short poem as being one of the very best unconditional love poems, is the fact that the words “what I live for is you and me” are contained within the text, and are before the grandiose promises that we are all used to seeing when it comes to love poetry. The fact that the author has grounded their promises with a statement so intent and focused, is a proof that the seed from which their love springs might indeed be eternal and unconditional.

2. Unconditional Love Poems - We Found Love

Unconditional love cannot be said to be applicable to everyone, no matter what unconditional love poems and lyrics say, because the general public, people like you and me, are not enlightened souls at the end of the day. So when we do find that special someone for whom there just seems to be an outpouring of love from within, we know that we have lucked out – especially if they love us back.

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3. Unconditional Love Poems - Just Know That What I Feel Has No End

Sometimes telling the truth in the form of unconditional love poems is the best option to go with, but often the truth might not have much clarity. Here, the author is so consumed by their feelings for their love, that they cannot even begin to describe the feeling in any sort of coherent way, but they do know one thing and that is that this feeling that seems to consume them doesn’t seem to have any end. That’s what unconditional love is all about.

4. Unconditional Love Poems - You Are My Brightest Star

Here the poem starts off with the poet describing how they feel so very lucky to be loved by this very special person, and how that love has nurtured them in ways that they did not even know about. And as a result of this wonderful and warm embrace of love, they themselves are beginning to feel a similar, unconditional love… one that would put the two lovers in harmony.

5. Unconditional Love Poems - A Passion So Vivid So Unique So Wild

Love isn’t stagnant, or rather, it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes you fall into a pit at first glance, but it was no pit. It was a never ending chasm that you went headfirst into and there is no escape and no bottom. You are consumed so much by it that you fear not even the will of god will be able to thwart your passion, and you only know one thing for sure… that is that this feeling will not fade any time soon. So like the masters of yore, you sit down to pen and quote unconditional love poems.

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6. Unconditional Love Poems - Light And Music

Unconditional love when viewed from the other angle. The author talks about being in a dark place when he was found and rescued by his lover. The love which he received – even though it would seem he was in no position to receive any love – becomes unconditional and assumes a higher plane – and for the first time, the author is awoken to what love, truly, is.

7. Unconditional Love Poems - Throughout Our Lifetimes

There are some things that change with time, but unconditional love, by it’s very definition, isn’t one of them. Here the poet talks of how he will always be there for his love in every way that he can and he will be the one thing that she can always depend on.

8. Unconditional Love Poems - Consumed By Fire And Ice

Unconditional love poems make for passionate echoes of delicate sentiments. As Johnny Cash said (of his 20+ year romance with June Carter), “You fall down, down, down, and the flames just get higher. It burns, this ring of fire.”

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9. Unconditional Love Poems - Safe Within Our Love

Unconditional love nurtures and cares, it doesn’t have to be grandiose or opulent, it just is, constantly and forever, “whatever comes tomorrow.”