25 I Love You Messages That Will Make Their Day

They say love is the greatest gift to mankind, and if that’s true then ‘I love you messages’ are the greatest gifts to mobile phones! It is the bond that binds us together, the emotion that keeps us going and the joy that brings us peace and contentment in life. Everyone, eventually will find the love of their life. It is an amazing journey, an experience by itself – to fall in love and to live with each other, and connect not just physically but also mentally and emotionally; to be together, like they say – two hearts and one soul. If you’ve been blessed to find the one you love, or have been trying to share your feelings with the person you really think is the one for you – then express your love, share your feelings and truly make them feel special with these 25 unconditional I Love You messages. We are sure it will make their day.



A beautiful and endearing I love you message to reignite your love and passion for each other. Be straight forward, acknowledge the fact that you aren’t the rosy eyed couple you were, but it is as much a fact that you’ve stayed together, worked out things and been through a lot, together. Tell him or her how much you still love him. With all that you’ve been through, the good times and the bad ones too, ‘I love you’ is all that you need to light the fire.

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One of the I love you messages that is in fact a beautiful poem on love and how much you adore him or her. An endearing poem on love and how your partner’s love is like a magical potion and forever a compulsion. Make him or her feel loved and tell them how much you cherish all the love that is being showered upon you with this funny, personal and romantic I love you poem.

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A beautiful I love you message that you can share with your boyfriend or your husband. Tell him how special it feels and how amazing it is to be loved the way he does – those little moments you share, the way he looks into your eyes and how he is always there for you – making you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Tell him how much you love him with this romantic and beautiful love quote.



A simple quote on how you are practical and logical with everything in life except one thing – your love for your partner. Tell him or her how much you love them, how much you want this relationship to last and how you will go to great lengths to keep the pot burning. A special I love you quote for the most important person in your life.



A sweet, simple and short I love you quote quote that tells your partner exactly that. You love him like you love no one else in this world. Share your feelings and make your partner feel special with this simple yet romantic love quote.



An adorable love quote on how your partner is the only one that matters. You’ve been through your chores, have been out on the streets, have met a few and walked or drove past many but all that you can think of is just the love of your life, your partner. Tell him or her how truly special he is with this beautiful love quote.



A funny love quote that is in fact a romantic riddle. An I love you quote that will make him float in the air and he might probably take you out for that candle light dinner date you’ve always wanted to go to. A romantic love quote that tells him that he is ‘more gorgeous than a Greek god, more handsome than a Hollywood heartthrob and more giving than a millionaire.’ The perfect love quote for your husband or boyfriend telling him that he is the best in the world.



A light hearted love quote that is not just romantic but also poetic. A simple quote that tells him or her how nice it feels to miss, think about and love your partner. All the silly things you do, all the zillion times you’ve disturbed or bothered your partner is in fact an expression of love. Share your love with this poetic I love you quote.



An honest I love you quote that is not just sweet but also sincere. Tell your partner how he or she makes you feel special, loved and truly perfect. Thank your partner for bringing you to a world where you are really happy and completely in love. Share your love with this beautiful I love you quote.



One of the most heart touching I love you messages on this list – an expression of how deeply you are in love with your partner. Telling somebody that you would choose your last breath to say I love you if you had to choose between loving and breathing  is the ultimate expression of love. A sincere I love you quote for the most honest love story in the world.



A beautiful poetic quote on how love has to happen. It is not something you can plan or decide on beforehand. It would be boring and simple if it happened that way, right? For all the joys you’ve had, for all the things you’ve been through together and for making love happen, thank your partner and tell him or her how much you love with this beautiful love quote.



A heart touchingly poetic I love you quote that is beautiful, honest and sweet. Express your love for partner with this sincere and adorable message of love. Tell him or her how hard it is to find something definitive, words that will truly do justice in expressing what you feel and how important he or she is in your life. A quote on love that you could definitely consider sharing with your partner.



A witty quote on love with a lot of hate in it. Tell him how much you hate the fact that his or her smile drives you crazy, how you run out of words when you are in a conversation, how you basically hate the fact that you love him so much and can’t do much, except loving him more. Share this quirky I love you message with your partner and we are sure he or she will hate not loving you.

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Have you ever asked yourself what love actually is? This beautiful I love you quote is the perfect answer. Love is about the promise to be there for somebody through thick and thin, through all that life has to offer, and the promise that you will never change in the way you feel for him or her. This quote is endearing and honest, like a message of love that is straight from the bottom of your heart. Share you love for your partner, acknowledge the fact that you will always love and always be there with this sincere I love you message.



Is your lover your best friend? Do you share all your joys and troubles with him or her? If the answer is a resounding yes, then this I love you message is the perfect way to express your love and the feelings you’ve for your partner. Tell him or her how special they are, that your partner is the best thing to have happened to you in life. We are sure it is going to put a smile on his or her face, and will definitely make your day.



A romantic love quote that is all about your love for your partner and how she is all that you can see in your life, and all its beautiful moments. Tell your partner how good it feels when he or she looks into your eyes, calls out your name and how great it feels to be loved by him or her. Acknowledge your love, your feelings and the amazing bond you share with this sensual I love you message that is straight from the heart.



Express your love and acknowledge your partner’s importance in your life with this romantic and almost poetic I love you message. Tell your partner how important he or she is in life by comparing it with ‘how a butterfly needs its wings to fly, and how a polar bear needs cold weather to survive.’ Tell him or her you need them in your life to be happy and to even imagine a beautiful future. You exist because of love, and sharing that feeling is the nicest gift you could ever give your partner, the reason for it all.



A funny I love you message, one where you’re saying if you could arrange or actually rephrase the alphabets in English – you’d put U and I together, implying that you’d always want to be by your partner’s side. A humorous love quote that will surely put a smile on your partner’s face.



A simple, one line I love you message that tells your partner how much you love him or her. Like one of those cute nursery rhymes, tell him or her that you love them from the earth till the moon! An adorable love quote that is sure to make your partner feel loved and special.



A very honest and logical love quote that tells you how important it is to reciprocate love, and the fact that being loved is far more greater a joy than loving. It is a quote you must share, as your relationship has always been equal, it has always been a two way street of love.



A soul stirring love quote that is not just romantic but also personal and endearing. Express your love for your partner; make him or her feel like they are on top of the world with this romantic and original I love you message. Tell your partner how falling in love a million times is not just a possibility but an everyday reality for you because you fall in love with him or her all over again every time you see your partner. A beautiful love quote that is not just a joy to read but also a joy to share, one of the truly exceptional I love you messages for very special couples.



An honest sweet true love you message that is all about love and nothing more. Your existence depends on it and that is the greatest acknowledgement of love that anyone could ever give. Share this beautiful love quote with your partner and express your deepest feelings for him.



Share with your partner how amazing a feeling it is to be loved by him or her. Yes, it is a fact that to be in love itself is a blessing, but to be loved the way he or she does is truly the best gift in your life. Share your love and acknowledge how awesome he or she is, and also thank your partner for being truly the best with this romantic and realistic I love you message.



Tell your partner how he or she has been like a splash of colour in your monochromed life. If you see a beautiful, colourful and a magical future together every time you look into your partner’s eyes then this romantic I love you message is the one for you.



A soulful I love you message that is thankful and a great expression of love. A message that talks of how loving your partner has been and has taught you how to live life to the fullest every single day. Thank your partner and share your love for him or her with this endearing message of love.

Love is something that drives us every day, and we hope our l Love You messages are one more reason to acknowledge, share and express the love you have for your partner. We hope you like these quotes and you can show you support by commenting on this post.

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