6 Ultimate Marriage Proposal Fails That Will Make You ROFL

Since independence India has been constantly developing in various aspects including, infrastructure, transportation, technology, health-care, etc. But yet, our match-making skills remain the same. Need proof? Sahi Rishta Matrimonial. Of course no such thing exists and what you are about to see are not real proposals. Yes, we know you have already heard of it and laughed over it a million times. But there is no such thing as laughing too much at the same thing. We can just never get enough of it! Here is a compilation of some of our favourite proposals:

1. The Eyebrow Macarena

First of all, totally loving the eyebrow dance. Secondly, Pandurang doesn’t want a wife who’s black or white – blue, green or yellow should do. Without patches. Remember, if your heart is beautiful then you are beautiful, so don’t forget to send sonography images of your heart. Lastly, you either love him or his mother, choice is yours.

2. Stay Away From The Door. Mind It!

“What is in the name?” Umm….your identity of course. Besides, she said she wouldn’t say her name and revealed her email id as Pooja Chaturvedi@***.com. This woman is absolutely delusional. No wonder bachelors want to remain bachelors, at least they will cook for themselves. While getting in a relationship with her might be hard, breaking up will be easier, just open some door.

3. Chota Don Alert!

Watch out ladies, party animal is on the hunt for an outdoor girl. Please hurry, before you end up with someone like him. Caste, colour, education, horoscope NO BAR. Notice how he didn’t mention anything about height? By the way, still no idea what “decent package” he’s referring to.

4. Sugar Coated Cherry On The Top

Oh darling! You’re not a dessert, but it sure looks like you had too much dessert. We can only imagine how furious she must have been watching the honey bunny ad. Well, Ridhima, we still hope you find someone with a suitable “rizume” and who doesn’t think you’re a pet.

5. Say Hello To Aunty Brag-anza…

Behold, the owl has awaken. Are they looking for a bride or a missing person? The first ten seconds was like a prayer for the guy in the picture, or they are looking for a bride to find the missing groom. Whatever it is, with those requirements I don’t think they’ll find anyone. But still, if interested, single citizenship women can apply.

6. Extended Family Alert!

The dad is so excited that he is Brahmin and he’s just waiting to say thanks at the end. As for the mother, she wants a fair maid not a bride. Interested girls can go join the Mishras’ and spend the rest of their life entertaining their family and touching everyone’s feet.

We understand that marriage is a sacred bond shared between a man and woman, and we support matrimonial websites and other matrimonial institutions. What you’ve seen above is just a spoof of what *some* Indian proposals are like. But whoever came up with this idea is a real genius! Had some weird, funny experiences of your own? Do share them and who knows, we might even make a spoof on it.