The Mohit Suri - Udita Goswami Marriage: True Love Never Runs Smooth

When you’ve got model good looks, as well as movie star presence, you know you’ve got it going. That’s exactly the deal with sultry Udita Goswami who hails from Guwahati in Assam, and is the great grand daughter of erstwhile Nepali Prime Minister Tulsi Giri’s sister. Her schooling began in Kathmandu in Nepal, but most of her formative years and fond memories come from her time in Dehradun where she finished her formal education. This is the Udita Goswami marriage tell-all, and this is her love story.

An Early Starter

The Mohit Suri Udita Goswami Marriage - Udita Goswami

Udita’s first modelling gig came quite early, when she was in class IX. She remembers how her mother would accompany her to rehearsal in the beautiful city of Dehradun. “It was to be the turning point in my career,” she quips. She also says that she “became confident after doing the show and later I enrolled in the School of Arts and Fashion technology (SAF) in Dehradun.”

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Mohit Suri – The One Who Stole Her Heart

The Mohit Suri Udita Goswami Marriage - Mohit Suri

Noted film-maker Mohit Suri seems to have struck a chord with his audience. How else is one supposed to direct 3 quasi-sequels (meaning that he did not himself direct the first parts of these films) in Murder 2 (2011), Aashiqui 2 (2013) and Raaz – The Mystery Continues (2009) that were not only commercial successes, but were also lauded for their direction as well. He is also famous for Kalyug (2005) and 2007’s Awarapan. He is the cousin of Emraan Hashmi, Alia Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt.

Their Paths Cross

The Mohit Suri Udita Goswami Marriage - Mohit Suri And Udita Goswami Snapped By The Press

The year is 2005, and Mohit Suri is filming what will be his directorial début in Zeher, and guess who is playing the lead role in her second film ever? That’s right, Udita Goswami; on her way to portraying a femme fatale, she captured Mohit Suri’s attention as well, and after a short courtship, the two seemed to fall for each other hard. This would be the beginning of 9+ years of dating and a fated Mohit Suri Udita Goswami Marriage. However, as we all know, the course of true love never did run smooth, even if the ups and downs are fun.

The Mohit Suri – Udita Goswami Marriage: To Be or Not To Be?

The couple had a blissful 3 years initially, but as for anyone who’s ever been there knows, “true love” is wonderful but also finicky and troublesome. And sometimes you’re willing to risk losing it all before the walls ever come down. 2008 and 2009 were such years for the duo, with multiple break-ups and patch-ups leading to blissful highs and lonesome lows, before the two of them eventually worked out whatever kinks they needed to to make things whole again.

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2010 saw the release of Mukesh Bhatt’s Crook, which was directed by none other than Mohit Suri. It was rumoured that the Mohit Suri Udita Goswami Marriage would happen soon, and that he would wed his girlfriend of five years after its release, but things turned out to be a little different. In fact, 2011 saw the couple go through another rough patch with them splitting up again. Udita was off to the USA and Mohit chose to dive head-first into his work, but later in the same year the couple realised their follies and got back together, and through 2012 their bond grew stronger and relationship stabilised… and after 9 years of seeing each other, they were ready to make the big call.

The Wedding

The Mohit Suri Udita Goswami Marriage - Mohit Suri And Udita Goswami At Their Wedding Celebrations

The 29th of January, 2013 saw the long-term couple tie the knot in a beautiful traditional Punjabi wedding. While close family from both sides were of course present, the Mohit Suri Udita Goswami Marriage was also attended by a number of big names from within the film fraternity. The wedding was conducted at the Juhu ISKCON temple and the bride looked resplendent in her full bridal finery.

She wore a gorgeous red lehenga complete with heavy embroidery, while Mohit looked dapper in a white churidar and kurta.

Among the big names present at the wedding were Kangana Ranaut, Dia Mirza, Mukesh Bhatt, Anurag Basu, Shraddha Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez among others.

A Happy Wedded Life

The Mohit Suri Udita Goswami Marriage - Mohit Suri And Udita Goswami Post Wedding And Inset Mohit With Their Daughter Devi

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The couple have spoken numerous times in interviews about how happy they are with their married lives, and Udita has been all praise for Mohit for being a wonderful and attentive husband, especially after she got pregnant. The actress is taking a break from work to enjoy her time being a homemaker and raising their daughter, Devi. We wish them all the luck in the world!