Tusshar Kapoor Marriage: Publicity Stunt Or Real?

Tusshar Kapoor is one actor who manages to check all that unusual boxes in the star-kid checklist of must-haves. Son of a legendary actor referred to as ‘Jumping Jack’, check. Having a ‘godmother’ sister, check. Films that do better in which he speaks little to nothing, double check! Tusshar, who is the son of the popular veteran actor Jeetendra and the brother of TV entertainment mogul Ekta Kapoor, made his début in the year 2001 opposite Kareena Kapoor in the film Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai. Despite the success of the film, it was Rohit Shetty’s rib-tickling comedy Golmaal in 2006 that brought Tusshar some public attention. It was during the making of one of his sister’s films that Tusshar met a woman with whom he had a brief fling; one that actually sniffed out rumours of a possible Tusshar Kapoor marriage. Any guesses on who the mystery woman is? Read on.

Flash News On Tusshar Kapoor:

Tusshar Kapoor becomes father to baby boy using surrogacy. Tusshar Kapoor has become father to a baby boy. The actor – who is unmarried – fathered the new born through surrogacy using IVF. Elated at turning a single parent with the aid of medical technology at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, Tusshar is understandably ecstatic and has named the baby Laksshya.



The Tusshar Kapoor Marriage Story - Tusshar Kapoor

Tusshar Kapoor Marriage – Noise About Love

Tusshar Kapoor becomes father to baby boy using surrogacy Unlike most modern star kids, Tusshar is a rare exception of being a person who has always kept his professional and personal life apart. He is hardly known to have been romantically involved with any girl, at least in public, and is definitely not a spoilt brat. In spite of the good boy image he has, Tusshar Kapoor fell for one girl who happens to be controversy’s favourite child – Radhika Apte. It was during the filming of the movie Shor in the City in 2011, which was produced by her sister Ekta, that Tusshar started getting a bit close with his co-star Radhika Apte.

Tusshar Kapoor Marriage Story - Tusshar Kapoor And Radhika Apte

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Radhika had been a theatre actress and started taking up work in movies. She was, and is still known, for her choice of working in unconventional offbeat cinema and for her share of wild controversies. It is said Tusshar got attracted towards her oomph quotient. The duo started spending time together during the making of the film and started hanging out together even after the film’s completion. Tusshar even said in an interview that he and Radhika get along really well, and they both share a lot of common interests. Although they were never spotted in public, those working for the movie confirmed seeing the couple getting cozy often. So far so good; it just looked like to private people getting it on, no need for a Tusshar Kapoor marriage page 3 titbit, or wass there?!

Tusshar Kapoor Marriage – The Unhappy Sis

Tusshar and Radhika’s affinity did not go down well with the Shor in the City producer who was none other than Tusshar’s elder sister, Ekta Kapoor. It is said that Tusshar was so head over heels about Radhika that he used to mention her even at home during family time. Ekta wasted no time in expressing her discontent and disapproval of his relationship with Radhika and warned Tusshar to choose his friends wisely. She is even said to have stopped speaking to Tusshar for days to get her point across more sternly.

The Tusshar Kapoor Marriage Story - Tusshar Kapoor With HIs Sister Ekta Kapoor And Inset With Radhika Apte

Eventually, it is quite likely that Ekta may have indulged in some punishing ear-twisting of little bro since it is said that Radhika was seen missing from a reunion party thrown for the crew and actors of the film. Tusshar was present though but was seen having a grim expression all throughout the party. Things seemed to have been cooking quite well this side, but not much was heard from the lady in question – Radhika herself.

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Radhika apparently took a break from cinema and was in London to learn contemporary dance. But despite that, she got a whiff of all the shor about her and Tusshar; obviously what happened kind of added a ‘smoke to the fire’ effect, and the media was spewing stuff about a possible Tusshar Kapoor marriage and a possible ‘How will the Kapoors react’ follow-up, and things needed to be brought under control. She immediately made it clear to a tabloid that she and Tusshar have nothing brewing between them, and that she is hardly even good friends with him. Tusshar stayed silent about it for some time and finally in late 2011 denied having a serious relationship with Radhika and that they were just “good friends.”

Subsequent Events & The Conspiracy Theory

Whatever Radhika and Tusshar stated was music to sister Ekta’s ears. She must have been surely delighted, but not before taking potshots at Radhika in an interview on the show Koffee with Karan. It is said she went on to say “Who is Radhika Apte?” when quizzed about the Tusshar-Radhika matter. This was still while the supposable love birds were rumoured to be dating each other and the brother-sister duo even got into a into a mild spat later on during the show. Radhika even said later that she was shocked by Ekta’s gawky remark.

Looking at the entire episode, one wonders what was Tusshar exactly thinking, and why didn’t Radhika react in a timely manner? Most insiders and Bollywood observers have fabricated their own Tusshar Kapoor marriage conspiracy theory, which states that the entire episode was nothing but a carefully crafted publicity stunt.

While Tusshar is not really one of those publicity-hungry types, Radhika Apte was the one who demanded some extra limelight. The points that seem to support this theory is the fact that Radhika was going to be out of showbiz for a substantial time because of her aspirations to learn contemporary dance in London. She would have lost media attention for a considerable amount of time. Enter buddy Tusshar, and the both devised a plan to create hoopla about their relationship. Radhika always seemed to have had a penchant for controversies and this was a swell plan for her, which eventually worked quite well. Things could have continued that way only had there been no intrusion by Tusshar’s elder sis into the matter. Before things turned ugly, Radhika stepped in to bring an end to the scheme by unequivocally denying everything. While no one knows for sure about the real matter behind the curtain, our minds can’t help but toy with this really intriguing theory, on the Radhika Apte Tusshar Kapoor marriage tale.

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So where are the duo today? Well, Radhika met a British musician named Benedict Taylor in London in 2011. The duo had a live-in relationship for quite some time and finally had a registered marriage in London in late 2012. Tusshar is back to working in comic flicks and is said to have admitted to having a relationship with a girl who does not belong to showbiz. He hasn’t disclosed her name but says it is someone he would love to settle down with. For now, let’s take in this news with a pinch of salt and hope he is not sowing seeds again for yet another publicity stunt for a damsel in distress.