40 Truly Emotional Love Messages To Delight Your Lover

Love is magical. And if you have found a partner you truly love, and who loves you just as much or more, consider yourself among the luckiest souls on the planet. True love doesn’t just happen; you need luck, blessings and a whole lot of honest efforts for that beautiful dream to become a sustainable reality. So when you do have something that is so precious and worthwhile, it is important to nurture it by telling them your deepest desire and sharing your love for them. And if you are at a loss to convey either of the two, we have you covered. Make your partner feel loved, wanted, cared for and special by sharing these emotional love messages with him or her.


Falling in love - Emotional Love Messages

Tell him or her that finding them – finding your true love – is something you’d never trade for anything else in life. This emotional and real message of love is simple and straight from your heart, and will strike all the right cords of heart.


Sunrise And Sunset - Emotional Love Messages

This beautiful and romantic message of love is emotional and honest. Show your lover how much you love him or her and how deeply you care, and how much you enjoy every moment you spend with them with this heart touchingly sweet and emotional message of love.


Tear Drop - Emotional Love Messages

This message really shows how much you love, adore and care for your partner. Tell him or her that their happiness is paramount to you, and you treasure them like nothing else in your life. The sincerity in this message is sure to make your partner realise how deeply you love them.

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Dreaming - Emotional Love Messages

There is something poetic in a message that speaks of hope so earnestly. Tell your partner that love, hope, and trust should never end. It is our way of believing in the future and if you hope to make life beautiful and your dream of being together forever a sustainable reality, then you ought to work on it and you can start by sharing your feelings with this beautifully written, poetic, and practical message of love.


Best Friend - Emotional Love Messages

A true love message that is honest and emotional. Tell you lover that he is not just your boyfriend but also your best friend with this emotional and endearing message of love.


Passion - Emotional Love Messages

This message for your boyfriend or girlfriend pleads with them to keep an open mind, and give you a chance to show them the real you. While not exactly a message of love these words speak of trust and hope, and that you can sail together and get to know each other better.

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Accounts - Emotional Love Messages

Appealing to the more geeky sorts, this charming message speaks of how much you actually value the other person. Get it delivered by an accountant to make an impact. Just kidding!


Gem - Emotional Love Messages

Make you partner feel loved, special and wanted with this romantic and emotional message of love that’s tailor made for the one with a gem of a heart. If not often that we’d find someone who truly is an inspiration, and get to be their partner and share their life with them. If you’ve been blessed with a partner you adore, love and respect – then this is the message for you.


Thick And Thin - Emotional Love Messages

If you’ve been through a lot of turbulence, have come to the brink of losing hope many times, and are living on a prayer, and yet still hanging on, then this is the message you should share with your partner. It is hope that’ll let you go on till you see light at the end of the dark, long tunnel.


Surprises - Emotional Love Messages

Thank your stars and thank your love for all the amazing experiences you’ve had because of him or her with this beautiful and emotional message of love.

11. Emotional Love SMS Messages - My World Is Beautiful

An emotional love sms message that promises and displays an emotion of pure love.

12. Emotional Love SMS Messages - I Don't Wanna Be Right

Love brings challenges and these can stir up many emotions. What matters is your will to keep strong and fight for your love; talk about emotional love sms messages!

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13. Emotional Love SMS Messages - My World Has You

The feeling of true happiness is something only love can bring. Show it… say it, say it right with emotional love sms messges!

14. Emotional Love SMS Messages - My Flame

An emotional love sms message that shows how confident you are about your love.

15. Emotional Love SMS Messages - Love Is Perfection

Tell your love that they are perfect just the way they are, especially perfect for you.

16. Emotional Love SMS Messages - An Everlasting Dream

An emotion you may not express at the moment when you both are together, but feel later and realize how much it means to you.

17. Emotional Love SMS Messages - I Miss You

Sometimes life takes two lovers away and the feeling of missing your love can cause a pain like no other.

18. Emotional Love SMS Messages - You Put The Joy In My Heart

A cute emotional love sms message that shows how beautifully your life is affected by your love.

19. Emotional Love SMS Messages - Eye To Eye

It’s sad when someone can’t see love; it’s worse for the person whose love goes unseen.

20. Emotional Love SMS Messages - HeartBreak

Heartbreaks stir up painful emotions that are best expressed through words…

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21. Emotional Love SMS Messages - The Sound Of My Comfort

True love removes all fears from life. Where there is love, fear cannot exist.

22. Emotional Love SMS Messages - My True Love

A heartfelt emotional love sms message that could bring a smile to the face.

23. Emotional Love SMS Messages - I Appreciate Love

Love is not explainable and love is defined by the person we are in love with.

24. Emotional Love SMS Messages - Only You

When you truly love someone, all your life centres around them; from the start to the end.

25. Emotional Love SMS Messages - If I Had To Choose

Ah! What a beautiful emotional love sms message. Not loving you is never an option!

26. Emotional Love SMS Messages - I Found You

Now that’s cute and a very special emotional love sms to express your emotions.

27. Emotional Love SMS Messages - A Love Roll

In the arms of your love, no problem seems big enough. It’s the greatest reassurance in life.

28. Emotional Love SMS Messages - You're The Best

A constant reminder of love is just a reassurance and shows that you mean it, all through the day, every day!

29. Emotional Love SMS Messages - The Sweetest Stranger

Sometimes you just have to accept being a stranger in the life of your love. But that does not mean you need to stop loving!

30. Emotional Love SMS Messages - Late At Night

The night time brings in emotions of loneliness and longing; especially if your love is far away or not in your life any more.

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31. Emotional Love SMS Messages - The Reason

Well, I guess we all know that sweet smile when people are in love. Who does not want to be the reason for that kind of smile?

32. Emotional Love SMS Messages - My Star

An emotional love sms that beautifully reflects how your love is your everything from morning to night and everything in between.

33. Emotional Love SMS Messages - I'll Wait For You

Yes, sometimes all you can do is wait… for how long you don’t know, but all you know is that you will.

34. Emotional Love SMS Messages - Always In My Heart

Life is unpredictable and not all love stories reach their dreams. You need to accept and move on with the love in your heart.

35. Emotional Love SMS Messages - No Matter What

That’s a reassuring emotional love sms that reflects the emotion of unconditional love and support.

36. Emotional Love SMS Messages - HIdden Scars

The pain from love is the worst pain ever; you may not see it but you can feel it all the time.

37. Emotional Love SMS Messages - You Are Special

Tell your loved one how amazing they are and how perfect they are for you. A great emotional love sms to make someone happy and feel loved.

38. Emotional Love SMS Messages - I Miss Us

Missing someone can bring in so many emotions and memories all at once and sometimes all you can do is send a message to let them know.

39. Emotional Love SMS Messages - I Cry

Heartbreaking emotions!

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40. Emotional Love SMS Messages - Skinned My Knees On The Hill Of Love

The wounds of the heart don’t heal easy!

So many emotions wrapped up in words. Words are powerful and may sometimes be the only way to convey your emotions… Agree?