True Sad Love Stories: 25 Heart Wrenching Short Hearsay Tales

True Sad Love Stories; Not all love stories are meant to get their happily-ever-after but that does not make any of them any less special; like these true sad love stories. These are some of our favourites from Terribly Tiny Tales you might like and even relate to. These are truly awesome true sad love stories of lovers who could not meet their destiny, but they sure inspired these mesmerizing and immortal tales.

True Sad Love Stories - Heart Wrenching Short Hearsay Tales


Smiled a goodbye to the man she loved the most. Left her heart ruthlessly at the airport door. She’d found the exit, never found the way out.
– Sreshtha TTT

When there is more to love then just living happily together. Sometimes, we need to let go of the one we love for the sake of his/her happiness too. Even if your story ends up on someone’s list of true sad love stories.


She was still as the lake. Silent and stunning. He was crazy, like love. Silly but brilliant. They were made for each other. But never met.
– Chintan TTT

The agony of being perfect for each other and still the impossibility of being together is something that cannot be just explained in words.

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As a scientist, it hurts a little more to know that my only experience of a time-travel machine is your perfume.
– Anuj TTT

A nostalgic remembrance of a love now lost forever. A sad tale of true sad love stories.


Now that she was gone, he sold their old bed. It was too small for him to sleep on.
– Poorva TTT

The need to cuddle and the reason to share even a small space together has lost its significance now that the person is gone.


You liked rain, we danced in it. You liked music, we drowned in it. You liked freedom, I set you free. Your mask wore off. My love didn’t.
– Chintan TTT

Sometimes, it is hard for some people to fall in love, but when they do, they find it even harder to let go.


Nursing her bruises, she took a long drag. And let out a string of smoke rings. The cigarettes still weren’t as toxic as her wedding ring.
– Karthik TTT

The hopes to have a happily married life turned to ashes with that of the cigarette burning.


Once her medicine box had his pictures, letters, and a recharge coupon for late night hours. She was now on a different medication.
– Aastha Tiwari TTT

With time, the dynamics of relationships change, but sometimes, you just fail to move on.

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It was after he left that the artist’s palette changed. Brown smelled like whiskey. Silver meant needles. Red turned into blood.
– Neha TTT

He was the one to inspire her, he was her muse and now he will bring her doom too.


“Before we part, say something so hurtful that I don’t miss you forever.” “You won’t,” she said.
– Harsh Snehanshu TTT

Words fail to describe this tale of love that is now lost.


“Why do you keep that broken watch?” “It sounds as silent as the heartbeat I can’t hear from the left side of my bed.”
– Nishigandha TTT

A heartfelt tale of a true yet tragic love story that never saw its happily-ever-after.


What was left unsaid between us was written with stars in the moonless sky. And there you were, searching my eyes for answers.
– Chintan TTT

Some love stories are beautiful only when they remain incomplete.


“Will you marry me?” “No.” “Okay.” Our story was too precious to be ruined by a happily-ever-after.

True love does not seek an end to the selfish goals and does not care if there is no reciprocation of love too.

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“When you said it’s over, I broke into a million little pieces. And while I have gathered myself again, I’m still scared of the quiet night.
– Anuj TTT

It is a heartbreaking tale of a love that was true and yet remained unrequited.


“You are beautiful,” I said. She slapped me. I was oblivious to her acid marks and she to my blindness.
– Shephali Bhatt TTT

True love is not bound by superficiality.


“Did winter make love to you this time?” asked Melancholia. “If only it stayed long enough,” the withered leaf sighed.
– Shubham Rath TTT

Sometimes, time is the most precious gift we can give to the one we love.


Points to knife in the stomach. “Seems like suicide, Sherlock.” Picks up crushed wedding ring. “Stab was originally in the heart, Watson.”
– Sahara Bhetwal TTT

It is not easy to take betrayal from the one whom you loved the most in this world.


He cared, she didn’t. He loved, she didn’t. He regretted, she didn’t. He moved on, she didn’t.
– Shubham Bansal TTT

A poignant tale of a love that cannot be proved false.


“I want a haircut”, he told the barber. “Shave it all off.”
Tomorrow he will take his wife for chemotherapy.
– Bodhisatwa Dasgupta TTT

It is an example of a true love that will surpass all your emotions.


It was never a blank call for him. He knew the sound of her breath too well.
– Kalpak TTT

Sometimes, the connection is too deep to cut off all the ties.


“Let’s meet,” he said. I denied. I left for another city. He left for another planet.
– Rishabh TTT

Once you lose the chance, you may never get another again.


As the widower finally finishes off the wife’s favourite flavour of ice cream, he finally understands why she used to call it, ‘Comfort Food.’
– Pratibha Gauri Nigam TTT

Unfortunately, you truly understand the value of a person and the things that they used to do and enjoy only after they are gone.


He left. The words he whispered in her hair remained. She’s often seen pushing them behind her ears.
– Sanjana Singh TTT

It is yet another tale of love that is lost on the pretext of false egos and pride.

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Two lost souls. One burnt cigarette. Ashes were now memoirs of lost love.
– Rushil Bhatnagar TTT

The rings of smoke now count the years of happiness that are past now.


As he left, the door to her heart closed with a thud. All the passers-by could hear was a sigh.
– Sanjana Singh TTT

You cannot hold on to a person unless they have the will to stay.


“We need to go our own ways,” they agreed bravely, ignoring how their fingers lay entwined, along with their fates.
– Aparna Thapar TTT

Just awesome! No words to describe this tale.

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Source – Terribly Tiny Tales