18 Honest-To-God True Love Status Updates For Whatsapp

Everything in life, especially true love, is informed by two variables – chemistry and timing. And when the two work together in just the right fashion, we in life sometimes fall hard for someone who we never thought we would ever come to even meet. It is an act of fate that not only has served to bring you close to the other person, but also made you fall head over heels for them. In such an instance, while we can tell the person as much as we like about what they mean to us, sometimes we just want to share with everyone our feelings towards our love.

These feelings can range from the euphoric, to sometimes even the grim and despondent; such is the nature of true love. However, if you’re looking for the best true love status messages to use in your social media avatar that cover the whole range of emotions that true love can come to represent at any given time, then we have just the thing for you.

So scroll down to see our list of true love status messages that best cover this wonderful and complex emotion that encompasses our worlds in a way that is both incredible and frightening. And if you feel emancipated or stifled, you can be sure that you will find a suitable status message that you can share with everyone.


Because Of You - True Love Status

This is a most sincere message that does not try and hide the fact that you have loved and lost before, but never have you felt the same way as you do now towards the object of your affection. Previous experiences inform your judgment, and the verdict is that the one who you have fallen for so hard now truly is the one for you




It is a given that if someone is what you would consider to be your true love, you are ultimately very attracted to him/her. However, what is not a given is that instead of focusing on any other aspects of their perfect being, it is their smile that you choose to compliment first and foremost. And if ever proof was needed of your true feelings, this would be it.




Seven words that say a lot more than you could with verbose books on the topic. True love status for whatsapp messages don’t come simpler and clearer than this one. Let the person know just what you make of your affection of him/her, that mere infatuation does not interest you, but it is the wishes of the heart that see you profess your undying love for him/her.

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Trust me, this is one of those true love status messages that doesn’t need too much of an explanation. The concept, while deceptively simple, runs very deep through the person who has shared it, and it is one of those statements that cannot be taken lightly. To commit your heart forever and for always to a single person is no small feat, and true love messages like this one when said in earnest, go a long way.



This is one of those true love status messages that indicate that you’re hurting, and the reason for your hurt is not that you are fundamentally weak or naïve, but that there is a place in your heart that is devoted to your true love. And when that love goes unrequited or is not returned in equal measure, you can’t help but feel devastated. In spite of it all, when they ask, you always put up a brave face and say that, yes, everything is fine.




Not quite fitting on a true love status for whatsapp messages list, you say? On the contrary, this is one of the most important messages on this list. True love is the real world is not the fairy-tale inspired magical phenomenon we all hope it will be. It is as everything else is, heavily influenced by contexts and timing, and sometimes, despite our best efforts, our true love can no longer remain in our grasp. Whether this was faux true love, or the person was really the one and you’re sure you’re never going to feel the same way about anyone else, moving on and letting go are some of the most important actions we all will have to take at some point.




The best messages are the ones that relate perfectly to your experiences, but also carry on the whole a very universal truth. This is one of those true love status messages that perfectly encapsulate your struggles with keeping up with the love of your life, while also being something that everyone else on your list of friends and followers will be able to perfectly grasp as well. Of course, this is not to be taken completely literally; it merely signifies that you care so much about the other person as to indulge them to a degree which you would not even consider for most other folk.



If message number 7 was a light-hearted jab at the idiosyncrasies of your romantic partner, this message is an acknowledgement that while there are certain chinks in your collective armour, and your relationship is not straight out of a sitcom where nobody seems to have to go to work, and bank balances seem to never run out, you recognize these aspects of your relationship, and are willing to work on them for the sake of your true love.

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Of course, this is not to say that your partner in crime is ugly, but a mere acknowledgement of the fact that beauty runs more than skin deep. Much, much more, in fact. And if anyone on your list of friends and followers were to misconstrue this as a remark on the physical appearance of your beloved, you can be sure that they don’t have the mind to look past only physical characteristics; poor them. Character, heart, compatibility, understanding, maturity, honesty, willingness, respect, and too many more to list here all play a vital part in deciding whether your infatuation quickly turns sour or blossoms into something enduring.



Wow. What can we say, who would ever debate that? It is true that most people, not all, but most have many romantic interests during the course of their lives that last anywhere from a few days to even a few years. However, as is the case with each and every one of us, the fact remains that there can only be one who is our true love, our soul mate, the one we can envision spending the rest of our lives with. The above quote may be a simple and emotional love message, but it carries a prophetic message.



Again, this is not really one of those true love status for whatsapp messages that are up for debate. They say love ages like a fine wine, and as you spend more and more time with your beloved, the matters of the physical fade away and the meeting of the two souls is what takes precedence. If you don’t believe us, go and ask the old couple down the road who still gaze outwards from their garden with their hands interlocked.




Speaking of holding hands, this is just the apt quote for true love. While not to be taken quite literally, this is a quote that reminds that even when we are separated from our beloved, for whatever reason, we remain in their hearts just as they remain in ours. So if you’re suffering for the reason of being far away from your beloved, never fear, for if your love is true, then you reside within them wherever they go.



One of the more moving quotes on this list, this true love status message serves to remind us that no matter how much you go looking for true love in someone who does not feel the same way, you will return empty handed and more than a little broken. On the other hand, no matter the differences between two people, whether of race, colour, creed, religion, caste, or any other

similar constructions, you can be sure that true love transcends each and every one of them completely; such is its very nature. And not only does it transcend these concocted differences, but it will show itself and prevail.

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Isn’t it just? Any one among us who have truly loved will know this feeling. True love cannot serve to remove the differences in thoughts and opinions among two lovers, and it is a fallacy that says that only likeminded folk with the same views are to ever fall in love. For if we know only one thing from chemistry, it is that opposites attract. What true love can do and does in fact, is to remove the differences between two lovers from being an obstacle in their love, and teach them to move on and to move together. Forgiveness is in fact, as we all know, much harder than holding a grudge.



This really is a true love status message, for if said to anyone other than your true love; it seems the mostly shallow and hasty of statements, a generic utterance devoid of meaning. It cannot at all be used as a flirty love quote, and generally is not something you would say too often to anyone. However, when you truly feel it, you will find it is still the hardest thing to say – because the fear is always one of losing the thing you value the most – and also the thing that has the most significance to your beloved. Whether you want it to be a shallow line that you use as a throwaway comment or a most profound one that you utter but once in your life, the choice is up to you.



A romantic line in rhyme is always a good way to let your love know exactly how you feel about them, and we can’t think of too many better lines than this beautiful status message. Light-hearted enough to not need the perfect moment to be uttered, but significant enough that your love will remember it for as long. Even if the person you love never mentions of it again, this is an excellent line that is best used for the one you really, truly care about.

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Though self-explanatory, it still is an amazing line to share with your lover. It is not so much the nature of the quote itself that makes it an amazing message, but the timing of it. Say it too fast, no matter how much you know you love the person, and it can be misconstrued as a generic statement that can be made to anyone in any situation. Wait, and say it at the opportune moment, however, and what you’ve got in your hands is an absolute tour de force that shows you don’t have to be Shakespeare himself to say what’s truly in your heart.



And we’re okay with it, isn’t it? Such is the nature of true love that it penetrates even the hardest of shells that we’ve created around our hearts, and instils in us one great mortal fear –

the fear of losing that which we love the most. Our every action, every move, every thought is scrutinized by our own minds in the view of what our beloved would make of it, and so it has us being the best we would be. We try harder, strive for greater things, and our moral compass almost always points in the right direction. But deep within, we know that if we were to ever lose that which we love, we would be crushed.

So there you have it, the best true love status messages that we think are perfectly apt for sharing with the world when you are consumed with thoughts of your beloved, and you want all of your friends and followers to know what is on your mind and just how you feel.

However, there’s just one thing to remember, and that is that true love happens but in the rarest of the rare instances. So be sure to know what you are doing. And if you figure out how, please be sure to share with us in the comments below.