True Love Specials – Who Wears The Pants? 19 Metaphors On That Question For The Ages

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Anywhere else in the world, this question would cause a controversy, enlivened with debates on sexism, conspiracy theories and blatant sexual cannibalism. But In India, it’s just another facet of Indian existence. Someone will wear the pants; it isn’t really up to you who does. We’re a social culture; FYI, like, very very social. So the ‘pants’ position is up for grabs. And everyone gets a say in the matter, not just you two.

‘Wearing the pants’ in the relationship is a metaphor for a lot of things. In light of that fact, here are the most likely candidates/victims/situational occurrences/things/metaphors you need to know:

1. The main point of ‘wearing the pants in the relationship’:

Yeah, tell ‘em like it is, Ellen.

2. What everyone in a relationship needs to do:

Hear, hear.

3. What lazy single people do:

That’s why they’re still single.

4. What an ideal relationship sounds like:


Everyone gets to ‘wear the pants’.

5. When do you know this is the best relationship ever:


When he/she is so confident, they’re like, “Here, you can keep the pants till you’re cools.”

6. But, the most stable relationship ever:

When you both get to ‘wear the pants’. Matching responsibilities at that. It’s very important.

7. The weirdly successful relationship:

You don’t wear the pants. I don’t wear the pants. We both lose.

8. Pick your ‘pants’ well, right from the very beginning. They will decide the outcome of your fights for you.

Right from that awkward first date.

See my point? We already know how a fight between these two will end up.

9. ‘Wearing the pants’ doesn’t mean being the caveman-boss:

Find your inner pants, they will set you free.

10. Sometimes, wearing the pants in the relationship means:

Or you can imagine a duck in pants; a sitting duck, I mean.

11. When should you get rid of a bad friend:

No one should pull a bro’s/hoe’s pants off, like that, not in public. We all know what this metaphor means.

12. When should you keep a friend, for life:

That’s what real friendship is! Help him keep it cool with the ‘pants’.

13. When someone doesn’t date you for ‘wearing the pants’ wrong:

True story. Women instinctively know when a guy is wearing the pants wrong. The trained woman can spot the gaffe within seconds.

14. When someone’s so awesome and hot and awesome, you just lose your ‘pants in the relationship’:

Remember that hot guy/chick you lost the pants to? If only you didn’t date something that ‘out of your league.’ You can’t remember who started the fights or how he/she won them all.

15. When you just got out of a bad relationship:

Shah Rukh has the right answer to that one, too.

16. That one couple always fighting over the ‘who wears the pants’.

On again, off again; on again today. I wonder what it’ll be tomorrow.

17. When you finally get how nice the lack of responsibility of ‘wearing the pants’ feels:

But then the ‘pants’ come for you

18. When your kid has to remind you to not be sissy:

Then you shut up, and wear them. Finally.

19. So, remember, boys and girls, wear your ‘relationship pants’.

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