True Love SMS – Show Your Romantic Side, One Text At A Time

A true love SMS is the kind of SMS you only send someone when you know it’s true love. When you’re in love with someone, you have that constant urge to make them smile. You always look for new and unique ways to impress them each day. Some go for dinners; some go for gifts, while others go for surprise vacations, but the thing is that you can’t always manage to do these things every single day. There has to be something to bring in the spark each day. So yes, for now, the way to your lover’s heart is through his/her mobile.

Take a look at our collection of true love SMS Texts!

You can send these true love SMS texts to your partner whenever you feel the love overflowing inside of you. Time to start texting!

1. True Love SMS - With A True Heart

Send him this true love SMS to show him that you appreciate his loyalty towards you and know that he’s yours and only yours; it’s what true love means.

True Love SMS - My Prayer

Because many fear losing love after marriage. But tell him that you that you always want to be in love with him with this true love SMS.

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3. True Love SMS - Worthwhile

No matter how many difficulties you face, it all seems easy when you have your lover by your side.

4. True Love SMS - You Made It So Easy

Thank him for being such an easy partner who makes your life beautiful and breezy with this true love SMS.

5. True Love SMS - Without Your Love

Isn’t this true love SMS just too cute? Describing your week in the saddest way when they aren’t around will actually make their day!

6. True Love SMS - What's Good?

Nothing! That’s what you feel like when your one true love isn’t around and you hope and pray that you never have to live your life like that.

7. True Love SMS - U, V And W

This is probably one of the most clichéd true love SMS but it still never loses its charm!

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8. True Love SMS - That's Why

This true love SMS too has been doing the rounds for years but it still doesn’t fail to bring a smile on our faces. It the beauty of ‘I Love You’ that makes everything seem so romantic.

9. True Love SMS - Plain To See

A poem for a true love SMS? Not bad right! Hit the right notes with this cute poem that touches the heart in the cutest way.

10. True Love SMS - I Bet You Know

This is another cute poem that will help you capture the right feels when you text it to your partner.

11. True Love SMS - Forget The Rest

When you’re about to be married, you often have certain doubts and fears in mind. This true love SMS will help in erasing those doubts as you step into your happily-ever-after. And if you’re really battling jealousy, then we’ve got some jealous love quotes for you.

12. True Love SMS - Forget The Rest

We all want to be our lover’s one and only. There should be no space for another person and there’s no harm in romantically talking about it.

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13. True Love SMS - I've Fallen For You

One of those true love SMS which you know is really silly but will still make you smile because you know the intent behind the words.

14. True Love SMS - Never A Time Or A Place

It can never be planned. Love happens when you’re busy looking for things that don’t even matter. It happens before you even realize that it has happened.

15. True Love SMS - The Path To Love

Like this true love SMS says ‘two bodies but one soul.’ This is what happens when you’re in love. You start functioning as one.

16. True Love SMS - The Distance

When you’re away from each other, that is when you realize how much you value each other because spending each minute together gets difficult. Because, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

17. True Love SMS - Even Though It's Been Years

When you’ve been married for years, you may end up losing the love and affection you had once. But if this true love SMS is how you still feel for each other, you know it’s true love.

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18. True Love SMS - We're Grandparents

Didn’t you too just go ‘aww’? Imagine the smile on her face when she reads this true love SMS from you!

19. True Love SMS - My Pillar

As years go by, your definition of true love changes. You begin to appreciate each other for the efforts you two put in and factors like looks become secondary.

20. True Love SMS - My Batman

Your superhero lover would surely be impressed when you send him this true love SMS. It will boost his confidence and he’ll love you more for taking interest in his love for superheroes too.

21. True Love SMS - You're The Father

When you see your husband be the best father in the world, that is undoubtedly one thing that impresses you the most about him.

22. True Love SMS - Incomplete

Perfect for the time when your partner is away and you can’t wait to see him! Send him this true love SMS and just let him know how much you miss him.

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23. True Love SMS - Life

Simple, short, crisp and lovely! Nothing spells love better than this true love SMS.

24. True Love SMS - Good Morning Sunshine

Nobody hates good morning texts. They say a good morning text message from the one you love helps you have a better day than you normally would.

25. True Love SMS - I Wonder

We’ve all been through phases where we were reckless and wild. Being in love brings peace to your life and teaches you how to be calm and loving.

26. True Love SMS - Hairy Potter

For all you Harry Potter fans out there! There is no better love story than that of Harry and Ginny. Period!

27. True Love SMS - A Surprise

Such cute little texts giving a hint about the planned evening can definitely spice up your love life.

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28. True Love SMS - Life Has A New Beautiful Meaning

When you fall in love with someone and have them love you back, you begin to feel healthier, both emotionally and physically.

29. True Love SMS - Always Loved By You

They say your morning prayers mean the most and are often fulfilled. Praying to give out love and be loved should always be the first thought on your mind.

30. True Love SMS - The Gift Of Life

The birth of children brings a couple closer. It brings a new meaning to the phrase “two bodies and one soul.”

31. True Love SMS - Bizarre

Being a fan of romantic novels, I know this true love SMS holds immense value to bring warmth to someone’s heart.

32. True Love SMS - Prince Charming

TV shows and movies hype up the concept of perfect love and that often makes us anxious when we don’t get ours. But our true love is often hidden behind the random friend who we fail to notice.

33. True Love SMS - If Life

We often fear losing the ones we love. And thus, we begin to hope that we never have to lose them and go through that pain.

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34. True Love SMS - Love And Affection

I too find it extremely adorable when I see an elderly couple walking hand in hand being each other’s’ support. It would be wonderful to have that kind of love and affection at that age.

35. True Love SMS - Do You?

A bit exaggerated but not bad for a true love SMS! This will definitely make your partner smile and think about hugging you immediately.

36. True Love SMS - Jump Off A Cliff

“The leap of faith” as it is called is a sign of true love. You can only do it when you blindly trust someone.

So these are our favourite true love SMS texts. Send them one at a time and surprise them with your cute romantic side.