44 Best True Love Quotes For Him

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It is said that love is the most powerful intangible force in the world. It is something that drives us every day, to lead happy and fulfilling lives. If you’ve been lucky enough to find true love and could use some inspiration then here are some beautiful and best true love quotes for him. We are sure these quotes will make him feel extra special and definitely love you even more. Read on and do share.



The ultimate quote on all love quotes! There is nothing that is not simple, funny, blunt and honest in this beautiful love quote for him. A quote he’d love to hear for sure.


A cute love quote on how your partner drives you crazy, quite literally – everyday. A quote that not just sounds pretty but also feels that way. A quote that will make your guy feel like Brad Pitt for a minute.

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An honest love quote that is straight from the heart. A quote complimenting your partner, saying he’s the best thing that ever happened to you. And it is not just an acknowledgement of his importance in your life but also the promise of the dream of a beautiful shared future that you are hoping for.


This one conveys a big thank you to your partner; something your partner really deserves for all the things he’s done for you – the love, support, hope and the strength he has given you. A thank you is all that you need to tell him, for enriching your life with his love and this beautiful relationship. They say true love needs no sorrys and thank yous but this quote will surely make him feel loved. It is more of an acknowledgement than a formal thank you. A love quote that every lover should share with their partner.


A beautiful true love quote from the most romantic movie of all time – The Notebook. This quote is not just clever but also funny. Something your lover will love to hear. You aren’t just calling him clever and kind, you are also telling him he’s damn hot. Now, who wouldn’t love to hear that from his partner? You might also want to read our article on famous love quotes from movies.


A true love quote that will make your guy feel very special, because he knows the kind of girl you are. A humorously honest love quote that is for a couple in a special relationship; for a partner who knows what you are and what it takes for you to say what you just did. If you share a bond that is special in your own way, a bond that recognises and respects your identities and personalities, then this is the quote you have to share.


A romantic love quote that is light-hearted. Something that is honest and fuuny, just like you! A quote that will make your lover laugh when you share it with him saying “be with…” is what I’ve been told and I love you because you are that someone.


A spontaneous love quote that you can share with your lover, something that will make him happy for sure. I know of no guy who wouldn’t smile and hug when he hears a quote like this from his girl, unless you are talking to a statue.


Falling under the specific category of “true love quotes from him from the heart”, this quote will win him over with it’s sincerity and honesty. Something that is more like a statement, which is a message of trust, understanding and the love and faith that you have in him. A true lover would feel honored and happy to be there for you when you most need him. A quote that will strengthen your bond, and deepen your level of understanding for each other.


For the unknown, Dopamine is the chemical messenger that helps control your brain’s reward and pleasure centers. One of the silliest yet true love quotes for him, this is an adorable and humorous quote that tells your lover that he drives you crazy, mentally and physically. A quote that will make anyone smile, or actually have a hearty laugh. A must-share quote with your lover.


A beautiful love quote that you can share as a wish that you want to be fulfilled. This relationship and your love is deeply personal agenda of yours, where he is your number one priority. Show him that you love him deeply, and that you care, in ways in which even he doesn’t think or care for himself.


Probably the most sincere love quote ever. This quote has a deeper meaning and appeal than an “I Love You”. This is all-an-all inclusive love quote and expressing love in words cannot get bigger than this – to be there for you loved one through thick and thin, through all of life’s challenges. A quote that you should share with your lover.


A true love quote that you should share with your partner. A quote on how you are a single living soul, together forever and never apart. It also talks of physical distances, that they wouldn’t affect a relationship if the hearts are in sync, something that would be relateable to modern day couples in long distance relationships.


A lovely quote that is right from the heart of things. Souls speak, so to speak. A happy, funny quote that is light-hearted yet sincere and deep. A beautiful love quote that is for a relationship that is set in stone and for lovers who will love, share and live together for the rest of their lives.


A serious quote on being light-hearted. A quote that is about all the humor, jokes and sensibilities that you both share. A quote that talks about how well you two complement each other. A quote for a light-hearted, happy couple.


A quote that tells your man how important he is for you. Telling someone that choosing them is probably the best decision in your life is something big. Sharing it with the one you love would surely make him understand how deeply you love him and want him, something we are sure he will reciprocate.



One of the true love quotes for him that let’s him know just how he has made you complete – mentally and emotionally. A quote that is about love, respect, admiration and how a couple totally in love complement each other perfectly. A love quote that every girl in love should share with her partner.


A quote that is not just an acknowledge of love but the respect that you have for each other. A moving quote that is appealing and real; something your lover will be happy about. A quote that every girl should share with the guy who made her feel special and wanted.


A quote that is super-cool. Something that will make you guys laugh out loud at first and probably let you do something even better later.


One of Marilyn Monroe’s most famous love quotes this. A man who can thrill you even by kissing your forehead is the most real lover of ‘em all. So if your guy gives you the thrills in a million silly and simple ways, go ahead and share this quote with him. We’re sure he’ll be proud of himself and then make you feel prouder than ever.


C. JoyBell C. Has perfectly quoted how every girl feels. Love isn’t mere actions of affection. It’s more than that. It is the emotions felt from these acts of kindness. It simply drives you crazy, addicted and begging for more.


He probably knows how much you love your favourite movie. He also knows that you can watch it a million times and still not get bored of it. Why don’t you compare him with your favourite movie, so that he can have a clear idea of how much you love him?


Let him know that he’s the only one you think about all the time. Thinking of him before falling asleep gets you dreaming about him, while waking up with his thoughts makes your day go super fine.

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Quite a cheesy way to say that you would’ve loved to spend more time with him.


A way to convey how unbelievable he is and how his perfection gets you awe-struck.


This is a beautiful way to tell him that you’d give up on the world, but not him, ever!


He’ll be so delighted to know that he’s your strength and your courage. After all, you’re his strong baby girl.


This is such a great way to assure him that you don’t simply say ‘I love you’, because you’ve gotten into a habit of saying it over the years. You say it because you appreciate him being around, you are grateful that he entered your life and you’re thankful that he loves you.


This is the shortest, most non-obvious, kinda secretive way to tell him that he’s your everything!


You’re telling him how nothing else, besides him, matters to you. You love how he’s so supportive and he always has your back.


Your love for him is so strong that you’d never let go of him and don’t even like the thought of spending a single moment apart.


This quote will convey that you love him for his originality. You love how he has always supported you and been by your side in the past and present. And you’ll definitely love him for everything that he is in the future, too. An assurance and a promise.


If you are the type of couple who love to have fun with one another, trouble and tease each other too, then this is a cheeky way to tell your significant other, “I love you, no matter how annoying you are before breakfast.”


A way to tell him that you fell head over heels for him since the first time you saw him.


Through this, you tell him how much he means to you. How you care for him through the day and how you say, ‘I love you’, to him through these small acts of kindness.


He’d be smiling when he reads this. It’s just you telling him you wish you could’ve had him in your life a little earlier, just to make it all perfect.


Through this, you’d be saying that you don’t care how long eternity lasts for, all that matters is him being by your side through it all.


With this affectionate quote, you’d be reminding him of the last time you both hugged each other and how mesmerizing it felt.


No matter how many people come and go in your life, you’d be eternally devoted to him, without giving it a second thought. No one else matters.


He is not just your boyfriend/fiancé/husband, but he’s also a best friend and a secret diary to you, with whom you can easily share everything.


It shows how committed you are to him. It tells him how you’d be happy to spend your entire future with him.


You are happy and eager to start spending every day of the rest of your life with him.


This is a fun and affectionate way to tell that you’d do everything and anything it takes just to see him smile.

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You can make him smile ear to ear with this quote. He’d be happy knowing that the reason behind your smile is him! So if your guy thrills in a million silly and simply ways, go ahead and share this quote with him. We’re sure he’ll be proud of himself and then make you feel prouder than ever.

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