True Love Quotes For Her: 50 That Will Conquer Her Heart

Written by Tejaswi Bhagavatula

Being in love is a beautiful feeling. But expressing it can sometimes get complicated especially towards your lady-love. Words can come to your rescue. So here we are with 50 love quotes for her – your dream girl, soul mate and partner for life, that will help you adorably make an expression of your love in a truly romantic manner.


A heart touching choice on our true love quotes for her, one that is truly special. It is a love quote that is simple, real and honest – you aren’t just sharing your love and admiration for her but also acknowledging the fact that she is your dream, one that turned out to be a beautiful reality. Sweep her off her feet with this romantic true love quote for her.


A light hearted quote that sums up your feelings for her, quite literally. A message of love that tells her that you really love her with all your heart.


A true love quote that is witty and sweet. One that will surely put a smile on her face with its clever use of words like never lie, always true and love you. A must share for your true love.

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Another one of those beautiful true love quotes for her that talk of how wonderful it is to love her and have her by your side. A quote that tells her that she is always on your mind, and the fact that missing her is a heartache that refuses to go away. A love quote that will make her feel special, loved and always wanted.


Paulo Coelho is probably one of the greatest inspirational writers of our times. in both fiction and true love quotes for her. This is a beautiful love quote from him that talks of why you really don’t need a reason or a logic to love. You love because you love, plain and simple. This quote on love is as true as it gets.


Tell your girl how special she is; tell her she is a god sent gift. There’s no better way you could express your true love and feelings for her than with a few angelic true love quotes for her.


An amazing quote on how blessed and happy you feel to have her in your life. There is no better expression of love than being honest and acknowledging someone’s awesomeness, and true love quotes for her do exactly that. A quote you must share with you loved one because she is truly the One.


An honest love quote that is both humorous and heart touching. A quote that will make her smile and perhaps even shed some tears of joy.

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A blissful love quote that will make her feel loved and special. Show her how much you love her, thank her for all that she is and tell her she is the one with this beautiful true love quote for her.


Thank her for all the things she’s done and all the love she has shown and in short, how she has turned your life around, for the better. It is always important to acknowledge and share love, and true love quotes for her are the perfect message of love to let her know that you love and care.

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What a beautiful way to tell her that you’re always getting closer and closer to her day by day.


When your girl is someone who loves deeply, don’t you always have that need to tell her how much you adore her for that? These love quotes for her are a great way to do that.

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When you’re in a new relationship, you certainly do get that child-like excitement each morning to know that you’ve been with her for one more day.


When you deeply love her, you don’t even wish to imagine what your life would be without her.


We make a lot mistakes in the course of our life, but finding ‘Ms Right’ seems to be the best decision ever!


Being in love with the right person makes us want to be a better version of ourselves and we get strength to be that just by looking at them. Use these love quotes for her tell her that.


Ever-lasting love is the sweetest gift from God and there’s nothing better than making a promise to love her forever.


You don’t always need something rosy or heavy to express your love. Aren’t these love quotes for her a clear expession of your feelings?


This will definitely make her go ‘aww’ and wonder how life would have turned out if you had met earlier.


And this shows that dreams do come true! Wouldn’t she be the happiest to hear you say this?

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The strongest relationships are those where you stand by each other at all times and if she is someone like that then she definitely deserves a message of appreciation.


It is the greatest feeling in the world to know that you can bring a smile to someone’s face in toughest times and thus this is a message for your woman of worth.


Sometimes saying ‘thank you’ is way better and more important than saying ‘I love you’ as we need to acknowledge the efforts that our loved ones put in for our sake.


This is a quote that you can use to thank her for helping you see the light and walk on the right path.


Make her blush and love you more with love quotes for her like this one. Also, it is perfect if you’re not someone who likes to get really mushy.


Forever love is the sweetest love. So if you wish to have that with her then you should know she’s going to hold on to you forever.


Your girlfriend definitely knows that she means the world to you but when you tell her that yourself it makes it even more special.


This shows that every minute you spend with her is worth a million sunshines for you.


We often speak of the love stories and love quotes for her written by famous authors and poets and to have something like that yourself is definitely something to cherish.


Monetary factors may be an attraction but love is never based on them. So when you promise her your support and love always, she’ll know you’re one to keep.


When you tell her that she’s the anchor in your life, it shows her that you treat her not just with love but also respect.

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This is such a cute little message that will definitely make her blush and love you more for your romantic side.


This is another message to tell her that she leads you to all the right directions and emotions.


This is an intense quote for deep and strong love. It will definitely show her how much she means to you.


A woman is not just pretty and cute. She can also be someone’s strength and pillar to hold on to. And women love a man who sees them for that, so tell her that with love quotes for her, like this one.


Who says a wife has to be just that? A perfect relationship is when you can be everything for each other. Tell your woman that and she’ll see the strength of your relationship.


People say, with time, your love goes on decreasing as you get used to each other. So if you tell your girl that your love for her ‘continues to grow’ she’ll love you even more.


At some point in our lives, we’ve all thought about how miserable we would be without our partner. So tell her that you wouldn’t want to be without her even for a day.


A garden of love made from the roses of your love for her.


A sweet love message for her that speaks volumes without actually saying anything. This shows that you don’t need fancy words to put your feelings across, just a few sweet love quotes for her every once in a while.


Life is a journey and love is the greatest part of it which a person experiences all through his life from start to finish. And love quotes for her are a cute way to tell her she’s a permanent part of this ride.


The truest relation is the one where you can blindly trust each other and have so much faith that you see your reality when you look at them.


They say you learn to live when you’re in love, otherwise you only exist. So how about telling your lady love that she taught you how to live?


Women love a man who shows confidence in his love for her. So with love quotes for her like this one, you can tell her that you’ll love her with every new day.


When you love someone, you can never get enough of them. You wish to always keep them close with you and never let go.


When you’re living in two different cities, missing each other is a big problem. But telling her that you miss her makes her feel better to know that you too feel the same as her.


If your girl is your strength, looking at her gives you a certain kind of calmness that tells you that all will be well.


Every individual has some parts of his life through which he needs to find his way. And when he finds his lady love, he gets the feeling like his life is complete.


A second look to see her beautiful soul. Isn’t this the cutest way to tell her that you love her?

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And finally tell her she’s a blessing and God’s gift to you. This will surely make her day and bring a smile to her face.

Hope you’ve liked what we have put up, if you have any thoughts or comments do share it in the section below. We will be happy to hear from you.

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