True Love Poems: At The Touch Of Love, Everyone Becomes A Poet

Poetry has always been slightly misunderstood by the hoi polloi – the public at large, you and me. What most consider to be a divine act of the ultimate expression, that perhaps only these saintly and slightly troubled men and women are capable of producing. Except that Plato is considered to have once famously quipped “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.” He’s right, you and I both know that. How many times have we gone reaching for our pen and produced, after repeated attempts, something we were proud of, something that spoke of how we feel, and most of all, wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for that special someone who evoked in us the will to take up such a task so arduous and so far removed from our character – or so we thought.

Here are the finest examples of true love poems, poetry in the most earnest prose, written by ordinary men and women, about that person in their life who seems to make even the most mundane existence feel like a day in paradise:

1. True Love Poems - Sheri Medina

Proof that true love poems that come from the heart and speak of love, needn’t be of epic lengths and dealing with “epic” happenings – except that finding the one you consider your soul mate is a beautiful and most worthy occurrence in itself.

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2. True Love Poems - Yours, S

The secretive S when speaking about their love speaks nothing but the truth – that love is strengthened from every moment that you spend together, and that those moments change the very person that you are and will become. When two souls overlap and remain in sync, there is very little that can pry them apart as the writer conveys in the last two lines.

3. True Love Poems - Eric

This wonderful little piece of verse plays on words and tells his beloved all of the ways that he makes his love known to her.

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4. True Love Poems - Minerva Dirksz

Giving away one’s heart is not a thing that should be taken lightly, and to be honest, after an initial mistake, it seldom is. Minerva here talks of how she gives the “key” to her heart to her beloved – clearly a decision that she has carefully pondered over – and begs him to be tender and loving, for that will ensure that their love lives on. Anyone who has ever been scared of giving themselves away fully (and thus making themselves vulnerable) will be able to fully relate to true love poems.

5. True Love Poems - Hailey Sturgill

Sometimes one can sense something special brewing before the object of your attention catches the whiff of the same feelings – this isn’t merely infatuation or love that goes unrequited in any sense, it’s just that one party spots the oncoming train of true love before than the other. They don’t want to rush, don’t want to be foolish, but they know there is a deeper connection that – as the true love poems says – cannot be ignored for long.

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6. True Love Poems - Priya

Sometimes you don’t know what it is that you want, but you know that you want it – and that’s half the battle right there. The poet describes the kind of love that she is looking for, and she knows that to find something so pristine and real, she will have to constantly be “on the run,” ie, she will have to keep searching for her beloved.