True Love Meaning – 41 Little Things Lovers Do That Define Love

You hear some friend of yours saying “It’s true love.” But true love meaning what? We have all seen movies (I’m assuming) based on one true love where the characters meet, part ways and then find their way back to each other because they realize they are incomplete without one another. But movies often raise the bar which we commoners find difficult to meet in our real lives. After all, who can afford jumping on a plane without applying for a visa in advance to meet the lover in another continent right? Also, money! Movies or real life, can’t afford that too. But is that what it really means to be truly in love? No! I would say that the real ‘true love meaning’ lies in the little things you do for each other every day without expecting anything in return.

Here Are 41 Little Things That Are The Real Stuff Behind The Actual ‘True Love Meaning’,

They’re what true love is really all about; most of us do every day for/with our partners which I think define true love in the actual sense. Which ones can you relate to?

True Love Meaning

True love meaning translates to reality when:

1. When you can’t help but smile every time you look at her struggle with opening cans. It has been years but you still find her struggle adorable.

2. When the moment she steps out of the house you start wondering when she’ll be back because life just seems too dull and boring without her.

3. When after a terrible fight, you sneak into her room to check if she too is sad about fighting with you.

True Love Meaning - I Wish A Wish

4. When the moment something good happens he is the first person you think of to share the news with.

5. When you dream about you and him while watching romantic films. You think of you two in those scenarios living the perfect life.

6. When you begin to write her name with yours on letters and thank you notes. You realize you’re a team to be together.

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7. When you start enjoying each-other’s favourite cuisines more than what they do.

8. When you listen to music that he loves and you once hated.

9. When you plan surprises for one another without it being a special occasion.

10. When you discuss about each other with your families.

11. When you rush to each other without thinking twice when they say ‘I need you.’

True love meaning when you mean I Loveeee with the ‘louv’ you in it.

12. When you call each other a fool but know deep in your heart that the ‘fool’ is yours and only yours.

13. When spending a day at home with your lover gets you more excited than hanging out with your buddies.

14. When doing the dishes and taking the trash don’t seem like her responsibilities alone.

15. When a beautiful day is lying in bed in each other’s arms reading a book and sipping coffee.

16. When you scold each other when things go wrong (almost like the way your parents used to scold you).

17. When you fight like siblings but end up making up because the fight isn’t worth it.

18. When you wait for her before watching the next episode of your favourite show.

19. When you hold her hand without her asking you to do so when she’s nervous.

True Love Meaning - The Real Deal

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20. When you read her expression to know what you need to do next.

21. When you’re out shopping and you like more things for him than you do for yourself.

22. When you no longer have to take suggestions from others while gifting each other things for anniversaries or Valentines’ Day.

23. When you plan your baby room together.

24. When you tear up thinking about how blessed you are to have her in your life.

25. When you drive miles over the weekend only to see them once before you have to leave again.

26. When you run back to him for the last kiss and hug before you walk in your own directions for work each day.

Yes, true love meaning the real deal, set and final.

27. When their family feels like your family.

28. When you rub her feet when she looks too tired and worn out.

29. When you sit by his side and tell him silly jokes to make him feel better when he’s sick.

30. When you simply hug him knowing that he had a tough day and only needs you by his side.

31. When you don’t argue back or get on each other’s nerves when you’re both having difficult times.

32. When you back down knowing that they’re too annoyed to realize their mistake.

33. When it’s no longer about who apologizes but about who makes things right.

34. When you stand up to your stubborn kids for each other.

35. When you hold each other’s hand and walk side by side when the world seems to be against you.

36. When you take the bitter pill and be the bad guy for their betterment.

37. When you accept each other’s freedom and don’t hound by calling constantly when they’re out with the buddies.

38. When you be each other’s best friend first and know how to chill together in a not-so-romantic way.

39. When you compete with each other over who gives the better surprise on anniversaries.

40. When you bring up your kids as a team and not as individual parents.

41. When your eyes say ‘I love you’ and you no longer have to say it out loud.

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So true love has different meanings for us all. It doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture. True love is what you think it is for you. It isn’t what you see in films or read in books. It is what you let it be. It is when you two are together, happy with each other and willing to live together for the rest of your lives. It is when you accept one another for who you are not what you want them to be.

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