Trisha’s Makeup, Beauty And Fitness Secrets Revealed

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Trisha has been ruling the South Indian film industry for years now, and it is not surprising, given that her fabulous figure and sensuous good looks can leave men gasping for breath. However, a lot of work goes behind maintaining that physique and appearance, and Trisha doesn’t shy from revealing her beauty secrets to others!

Trisha Beauty Secrets

A. Work on the inside: Trisha Beauty Tips

  • Trisha’s diet tips have helped countless young fans to alter their food intake and adopt a more healthy and nutritious diet. Being a huge fan of Vitamin C for its health benefits, Trisha makes sure to pack her fruit bowl with lots of lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits. They are the reason behind her glowing skin and ensure that her eyesight remains strong for years to come.
  • Fresh pomegranate juice, lots of water and juices keep this thirty plus actress’s body and skin hydrated. She has told reporters many times that drinking more fluids can keep ageing at bay, and she chooses to include drinks which have a lot of antioxidants in them like green tea in her diet.
  • A heavy and healthy breakfast seems to be the actress’s fitness mantra. She says that a heavy breakfast of omelet, parathas, and curd gives her the required kick start for the day, and ensures that she feels relatively full for a longer period of time. Inadequate breakfasts cause repeated hunger pangs and lead to unhealthy snacking.

B. And then, work on the outside: Trisha Fitness Tips

  • Trisha is a huge fan of free hand exercises and she believes that they are excellent methods of toning one’s upper body and arms. Yoga is a favorite with her as well as with other actresses. She believes that yoga stimulates her metabolism leading to the healthiest way of losing weight. It helps her deal with stress and the hectic schedule of film industry. She often has to put on weight for some of her roles but does not let this fluctuation in weight affect her health by practicing yoga regularly.
  • Trisha is one of the most beautiful actresses currently ruling the Telugu film industry. She stresses on cardio routines which have helped her hone her upper body strength. It is not always possible for her to stick to a fixed workout schedule but she manages to squeeze in some time for exercises every day.

Trisha Makeup Tips:

Kollywood has recently discovered the importance of HD makeup which is meant for HD cameras. Trisha is fond of dressing up, and makeup has been a passion since childhood. She considers the proper application of makeup to be an art form, and hence, she has perfected her skills. She is easily one of the best dressed ladies of Kollywood and the cynosure of all parties.

She relies on carrying certain makeup essentials with her. A good foundation which matches exactly with her skin tone, mild blush on, eyeliner and mascara and lip color is all she needs to complete her day look. At night or at parties, the look of course is a little heavy-handed and she carries it off with élan. Trisha is equally comfortable in desi wear and in Western outfits and her slim figure ensures that she looks drop-dead gorgeous in both.

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Thus this beauty works hard to achieve her stunning on-screen and red carpet looks. No one can guess looking at her that she is on the wrong side of thirty. She can still give younger girls a run for their money, and therein lays the success of her beauty and fitness secrets.

Do include the above-mentioned tips in your daily routine and please share your success stories with us.

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