Trisha Krishnan Marriage: The Real Reasons Why It Never Happened

Trisha Krishnan Marriage

The case of the long awaited Trisha Krishnan marriage is one perplexing affair. It is a tale of a popular actress making an unanticipated announcement of her engagement, and then calling it off three months later as candidly as she had once announced it. In spite of the various conjectures of the breakup, did you know the reasons for her dissolved engagement were one unhappy family, a verbal spat, and the son-in-law of the Tamil superstar Rajinikanth? Yes, you read it right! Here we go…

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Making It BIG!

Trisha was born in the year 1983, and initially didn’t have much of an interest in getting into show business. She did her schooling in Chennai and went on to complete her BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration). It was circa 1998, while she was still busy with her BBA that she was approached for a modelling project. This marked the beginning of her foray in show business, and soon she took part in the Miss Madras contest in the year 1999, a pageant that she won. There was no turning back for Trisha after that and soon she was one of the sought after faces for music videos. She received her first movie offer in the year 2002 by none other than the veteran film-maker Priyadarshan, which marked her formal entry in the film industry.


Trisha And Her Alleged Love Affairs

Like every other contemporary in the showbiz, Trisha had her own shares of rumoured flings and possible Trisha Krishnan marriage hype-pieces, with some of the top actors in the industry. While in many cases the actors avoid commenting anything about the rumoured flings, Trisha was always upfront and minced no words when it came to clarifying or quashing the rumours.

Trisha Krishnan Marriage - Trisha Krishnan And Vijay In Thirupaachi

Her first rumoured affair was with none other the Prince of Tamil cinema, the popular (married) actor Vijay. Trisha’s first film with Vijay was Ghilli, which was released in the year 2005. Right after the movie’s release, it was learnt that Trisha signed two more films with Vijay. What set the rumour mill off was the news that she was got on-board at the behest of the actor Vijay since he had developed a liking for her. Till date, no tabloid has been able to prove the theory and Vijay has always declined commenting about the matter.

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Trisha, on the other hand, always repeatedly denied the rumours. She had even said that since she is one of the top actresses in the Tamil and Telugu industry and these are nothing but attempts to malign her image. She may have had half a point, seeing as Vijay was married with kids, and Trisha is a staunch believer in keeping marriage sacred, no Trisha Krishnan marriage to Vijay was ever a deal. The last film she did opposite Vijay was in the year 2008, and since they no longer were a common fixture on the silver screen together, gossip mongers soon lost interest in the matter. Soon the hearsay fizzled out.

Trisha Krishnan Marriage - Trisha Seen With Rana Duggabati

Next on the list of Trisha’s alleged affairs is her purported relationship with Rana Daggubati. Rana and Trisha were often spotted making an entry at events and parties together, and would often choose a seat next to each other. While many insiders did agree that the two were very close to each other, they were also swift to point out that they were actually good friends. That did little to subside the rumours, with or without bizarre Trisha Krishnan marriage theories, and it was only in February 2016 that Trisha made a statement that cooled things down. In an interview, she shared that she and Rana were very good friends, and their display of camaraderie should not be mistaken as signs of any romantic affiliation.

She also shared that she was puzzled as to why everyone was after Rana when she actually talks to lot of other actors; true enough, she is friends with many actors, including the likes of actor Surya. Things were sorted after the statement but it is said that their friendship took a certain hit. It is said that Rana and Trisha limited their interaction thereafter and also unfollowed each other on Twitter, leading to more tales of how she broke his heart even before anything happened. In spite of that, they have always maintained an air of grace whenever they happened to share the stage or floor at a public event.

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Engaged For Three Months

Trisha Krishnan Marriage - Trisha Engaged To Varun Manian

It was the end of the first week of year 2015, and to everyone’s surprise, Trisha made an announcement on Twitter stating that she is going to get married by month end to a certain Varun. This news coming in was really unexpected. It was assumed that Trisha liked her independence, and hence shied away from marriage, so a Trisha Krishnan marriage announcement came as a major shock. Nothing was clear though until she released a press statement and it was learnt that she would be engaged to a certain Varun Manian, a real estate businessman who was also into film production.

Not much is known as to how they met and what ensued a romantic association but it is said the two dated each other for some months before deciding to take things to the next level. It is said that Trisha signed some films in late 2014, which were directly/indirectly produced by Varun. It is quite likely they would have met when Varun would have visited Trisha to sign her for a film. It is said she and Varun hit it off instantly, and after some thought decided to make an announcement of their engagement.

Trisha Krishnan Marriage - Trisha And Varun Manian At Their Engagement And Inset At A Pub

It was finally the day the pair was waiting for. It was 23rd January 2015, and the venue was Varun’s residence in Chennai. Trisha wore a gorgeous pink saree which was custom designed for her by the popular fashion designer Neeta Lulla, and she also wore a stunning diamond necklace to go with it. Varun was seen sporting a cream colour kurta with a silk dhoti. Overall, it was a festive yet low profile affair with only family members and close friends from industry invited to the event. One look at the couple and anyone would know that this was what they had always wanted; the radiance of their face said it all. Little did anyone expect that exactly three months after the engagement there would be news about the Varun Manian Trisha Krishnan marriage being called it off.

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The Breakup And The Three Reasons

It was mid-February, not even a month since Trisha and Varun’s engagement, that rumours starting doing the rounds that the Varun Manian Trisha Krishnan marriage was not happening, and that the both have stopped seeing each other. It was being said that things had gone so awry that they even avoided talking to each other. While nothing was known initially, things started becoming a bit concrete when Varun made a tweet on 8th April 2015, which somewhat took a jab at Trisha.

Trisha Krishnan Marriage - Varun Manian With His Sister Rohini Manian

Varun with his Sister

While it is said that Varun was talking about his sister’s wedding but the tone of it made it seem otherwise. Soon after, it was learnt that Trisha had walked out a project that was being produced by Varun, and she declined to give any reason for it. The grapevine was rife with rumours until Trisha made an announcement via Twitter around 29th April 2015 that she has indeed called off her engagement, and that she is happy and single. This entire Trisha Krishnan marriage episode came as a shock to many people anyway, so obviously the break up was just as bad. While many thought the decision was spontaneous, there were actually a series of events that triggered the dissolution of the engagement. After all, the pair were looking forward to tie the knot in June 2015. Anyway, there are some most likely theories why their engagement broke down.

Here’s why The Trisha Krishnan Marriage Plan To Varun Manian May Have Sank:

Reason 1: Varun’s Family Disapproved Of Trisha

Right from the beginning of their relationship, Varun’s family weren’t too happy about his relationship with Trisha. It is said that they were open-minded about their son marrying a girl of his own choice but expected him to choose someone from a similar background. The fact that the engagement went off with the subtle disapproval of Varun’s family members created some discontent, a possible nail in the Trisha Krishnan marriage coffin.

Reason 2: Varun Wanted Trisha To Quit Acting

Varun was keen on having a homely wife, who would take care of his parents, and hold family as her number one priority. It is said that he had been clear about this point right from the beginning of his relationship with Trisha but she would postpone giving a specific answer. Her postponement would irk Varun since he was keen to hear a more affirmative answer from Trisha, who was in no mood of quitting her flourishing film career. This would often lead to heated discussions, which eventually led Trisha to make it clear to Varun that she will not be leaving films for his family. In spite of their conflicts, the two left the final conclusion of the matter to some other day and decided to go ahead with the engagement, hoping that the responsibility of being in a formal relationship would change things.

Reason 3: Dhanush’s Presence At The Engagement

Trisha Krishnan Marriage - Trisha Poses For Camera With Longtime Pal Dhanush

The couple had set their differences aside, and decided to go on with the engagement. Things were going smooth with the Trisha Krishnan marriage plan, up till the point when Varun spotted the popular Tamil actor Dhanush, the son-in-law of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth, at the venue of their engagement. It is said due to some unspecified reason, Varun and Dhanush were not on good terms with each other, and seeing Dhanush as a guest at his engagement ceremony bothered Varun. It is said that he asked Trisha immediately about what Dhanush was doing there. The query did not go down well with Trisha since she considered Dhanush as one of her best friends. Trisha reasoned that since Dhanush was one of her best friends she had to invite him. It was not a good enough reason for Varun, and soon the duo were having a spat right in the middle of their engagement ceremony.

It is said that on seeing the pair bicker, Varun’s father intervened to which Trisha retorted back by asking him to stay out of the matter. That didn’t go down well with Varun’s family. The duo continued with the ceremony with a plastic smile, but deep down they had already developed irrevocable bitter feelings towards each other.

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Like one observes, the rift had deepened way too far for the duo. On one side, Varun’s parents had started to literally loathe Trisha for her behaviour on the engagement day. On the other side, Trisha felt that Varun and his family’s request to ask her to leave films and her friends in the industry was outrageous. One wonders if things were always (and already) misaligned then why did the duo agree to tie the knot in the first place? The reason was Trisha’s mother. It is said that, since her daughter had made it big in the show business, Trisha’s mother was keen on seeing her daughter married and all settled down. Perhaps Trisha was out to just fulfil her mom’s desire.

While there is no official confirmation of the same, that could have been one reason for the sudden announcement of the engagement. It also explains the little courtship period between Trisha and Varun, and it is speculated that the two dated no longer than three months before announcing their engagement. Whatever the matter, we do hope that going forward both Varun and Trisha find their true soul-mates and be happy. That being said, if things would have gone well, then Trisha’s marriage would’ve certainly been one to talk about.

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