15 Love Triangle Stories That Tell It Like It Is

Love is complex, and what is even more complex is falling in love with a person who is already in love with someone else, leaving you in a fix. This is what we basically call the love triangle. In spite of the shape allusion,love triangle stories are far more complex and can get messier when there is a fourth entrant. Either way, being in a love triangle can be a discernible indicator of polyamory. Some knowingly get into one while some unknowingly find themselves involved in one. Here are 15 short love triangle stories that tell it like it is.

1. Love Triangle Stories - So Cold

A simple two line story but we can make out the complete picture of what is happening here. Double crossing is a common trait among the people who form the apex of love triangle stories. And like they say: the higher you fly, the harder you fall.

2. Love Triangle Stories - Karma

This is what happens when you just slip deep into a love triangle without realising what you are getting yourself into. By the time you realise, it is sort of too late, and you’re already a part of a growing list of real life love triangle stories.

3. Love Triangle Stories - The Better Choice

See, that is what happens when you sit at the pointy top of the love triangle for too long. You get so isolated that people who were once chasing you just leave you sitting there and move out in search for greener pastures.

4. Love Triangle Stories - The Happy Ending

Now there’re some rare love triangle stories that culminate well. Love is all about listening to your heart’s feelings and feeling your mind’s instincts. When your feelings and instincts zero down on that one person, you know that you have finally found your true love.

5. Love Triangle Stories - Cruel Intentions

Dishonesty and deception are two strongest attributes of most love triangles. Love fuelled by these attributes does not turn out well; it just gets murkier day by day.

6. Love Triangle Stories - Oh The Horror!

Now that is what we call ‘going full circle in a love triangle.’ Confusion forms the core of nearly every case of love triangle stories, and more the characters joining the array, more unfathomable the story becomes.

7. Love Triangle Stories - Cold Coffee

Love is not always rosy and there are times when the outcome is not agreeable, especially with love triangle stories. But no matter what, one must move on. By the way, did this story ring a bell? Yes? No? Try and answer the question below.

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8. Love Triangle Stories - Two Parallel Paths

An exceptional case of a sad love triangle. Most of us live our lives with our assumptions and deductions, when in reality the contrary is true. It always helps in saying out what is on your mind. At least you won’t be haunted by your uninformed decision.

9. Love Triangle Stories - Guilty Luck

Often, we are so obsessed with the dissolute angles of our little love triangle stories that we fail to see the misery of the people involved in it. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is best to make a sincere effort to wriggle out of it ASAP.

10. Love Triangle Stories - His Days

This one is surely a brilliant example of polyamory and sums up what a love triangle is all about. It also reminds us that how fickle-minded we are as humans and how our minds dwindles with unrest.

11. Love Triangle Stories - Goodbye

Simple story that says it all about the way you should be reacting to someone’s infidelity. Irrespective of what the norm, and no matter how rash it might seem, it is always great to carve your own path out, without ever turning back again.

Love Triangle Stories - Did You Know?

12. Love Triangle Stories - Gone Forever

He is surely going to regret that for the rest of his life. When selfish desires surpass basic courtesy towards others feelings then one really needs to sit back and take a look at that mess in the mind.

13. Love Triangle Stories - Not Interested

Always better to move away form one (love triangle) when you feel that you might inadvertently get involved in one.

14. Love Triangle Stories - My Baby

Simply cute. No negative vibes here at all.

15. Love Triangle Stories - Superman

What better way to end this list than with one of the most popular love triangle stories of all times. Sometimes even the most plain looking types can have some of the finest qualities.

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