Touching These 7 Parts Of Your Body Is Downright Gross (#5 Is Hard To Believe)

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Your body is your temple, and you could choose to do whatever you like with it – but touching the areas of your body that are mentioned in this article is not just bad and disgusting, but really bad for health as well.

It is well proven that even after you wash your hands thoroughly, they play a major role in the transmission of germs. The best thing to do is to leash those hands and only use them for work. But just to give you a little jolt, here’s a list of a few parts of your body that should not be touched – read on to know what they are and why:

1. The Ear Canal:

Ear Canal

There is a thin skin that lines your ear canal. Sticking your finger or any other foreign body into your ear to clean it up can actually damage and tear that skin.

If you feel itchy or waxy in your ears, you should see an otolaryngologist (an ear doctor), rather than trying something by yourself at home. The doctor can gauge the problem and cure it accordingly. Ear related problems usually include wax accumulation, infections like swimmer’s ear, an eczema of the skin, etc. You should visit your doctor regularly to get your ears checked and cleaned and to get the skin on the canal area moisturized.

2. The Insides Of Your Eyes:

The Insides Of Your Eyes

Those peepers are delicate and sensitive. Therefore, unless you are wearing contacts or washing away irritants, it is best to keep them off the limits. Or else you are at the risk of introducing germs that could easily cause the pinkeye or something scarier. The mantra is this – don’t touch, don’t rub.

In the event that you do experience itchiness, dryness or discomfort, do call your doctor (Unless you are a doctor yourself – in that case you wouldn’t need to read this point).

3. Picking Your Nose:

Picking Your Nose

Apart from looking dirty and absolutely disgusting (eewww!), schnozzle diggers are 51% more likely to carry Staphylococcus Aureus – a bacterium that produces toxins that can cause various problems ranging from food poisoning to impetigo and boils. So, it’s best you learn to keep those hands OFF!!

4. Inside Your Mouth:

Inside Your Mouth

An interesting fact – people put their fingers on or around their mouths on an average of about 23.6 times an hour when they are bored at work. And if they are busy, it is still about 6.3 times an hour. One third of a quarter of the germs are transferred from your fingers to your mouth, says a study! Now, that is not a good sign, is it?

5. Swabbing Your Face:

Swabbing Your Face

Using your hands to wash your face or moisturize is totally fine, but otherwise it is best to keep your paws off. Your hands go everywhere all through the day, and then when it finally comes to your face, not only does wiping your face with your hands increase the tendency to get you sick, but it also results in breakouts. Another reason you should keep those fingers off is they contain oils that could clog your pores.

6. Tucking Into Your Butt:

Tucking Into Your Butt

Ewwww! If you do this, it is quite gross. Apart from wiping and washing, you should not pick your butt. Apparently the anus contains bacteria that could be potentially harmful. If you touch your butt for any other reason leaving out the pooping, you’d better wash your hands thoroughly.

7. The Skin Under Your Nails:

The Skin Under Your Nails

Your nails are possibly the most dangerous bacteria carriers. And nasty bacteria, that too. It is best you keep those nails short. It will reduce the chances of bacteria accumulation. But doctors say that picking creates a certain traumatic condition, where in the yeast and bacteria that live under your nails create a pattern called the onycholysis. In this condition, the nail is lifted off the nail bed.

When it comes to matters of your health, you’d rather be safe than sorry!

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