Topics To Talk With Boyfriend: 7 Sure-Shot Conversation Starters

If you’re reading this, you probably fall under two categories – you’re in a relationship that has been playing out for a while now and you feel like you’ve simply run out of things to talk about (people in long distance relationships will experience this earlier than in-town couples), or you’re in a new relationship (or looking to get into one) and are quite confused as to the kind of things that you would talk to your boyfriend about.

We’re going to cover those in the second category (stay tuned for conversation topics for those in long-term relationships – arriving very soon). There are always plenty of things to talk about, but we’re going to list our top 7 conversation starter topics to talk with boyfriend beloved… if you’ve already covered one in depth, simply move on to the next one. And remember to relax and treat him like a friend. Comfortable conversation is the best conversation!

1. “Hey, what plans this weekend?”

Topics To Talk With Boyfriend - Plans This Weekend

Number one on Topics to talk with boyfriend is the weekend. Doesn’t matter if it’s a long weekend, a national holiday or even an entire week off – word your question accordingly and watch him open up. Why? Because people love to talk about themselves and the weekend is a pleasant topic to converse about. Plus, his answers will almost always give you an insight into what he’s up to, what he likes, where he goes, who he hangs out with and other things of that ilk.

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2. “Hey, so you and the guy in the black hat seem really close!”

Topics To Talk With Boyfriend - The Friends

Next on this list of topics to talk with boyfriend is the best friend, or his ‘gang’ in general. Guys generally have at least a couple of close friends whose lives they are involved in. If you usually spot him with a couple of buddies you see him with, you can ask a simple and generic question about it, and he will provide you with more details than you were looking for. What the friend is like, where they met, what they do on the weekend, how they keep bumming money off of each other, how the one summer they spent trespassing in the neighbour’s property etc. You get the drift…

3. “How’s your sister? Did she enjoy her time studying in Delhi?”

Topics To Talk With Boyfriend - Family

Family is always an excellent topics to talk with boyfriend boo about, especially when you take a genuine interest in the answers. Perhaps it’s not quite the topic to break the ice with (you would have to explain the Facebook stalking of him and his family), but ask genuine questions of his family and what they’re up to. That kind of stuff runs deep with people.

4. “How are you?”

Topics To Talk With Boyfriend - How's He Been Doing

If Dale Carnegie said that the sweetest sound that any person hears is the sound of their own name, then one of the sweetest questions are to do with themselves. Guys may be really tight with their mates, but male friendships are usually characterized by a lack of seriousness. Emotional musings and introspective statements are usually met with grunts, pats on the back or offers of cold beer, which is nice, but talking to a girl who is genuinely interested in your current state of being, and knows how to listen, is an entirely different, therapeutic and enjoyable affair.

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5. “Nice Manchester United bag. You watch football a lot?”

Topics To Talk With Boyfriend - The Sport He Likes

Possibly one of the most important topics to talk with boyfriend by far, is what sport interests him. There are certain risks to asking this question, but, my, won’t you endear yourself to him immediately. Watch him spout off on all sorts of explanations of the legitimacy of the particular football/cricket/hockey/curling team he supports and how they’ve almost certainly shaped his life, gotten him through dark times and of course, affected his choice of personal effects. Don’t judge, don’t even comprehend fully, just listen. He will love it.

6. “Lord of the Rings was a long read, but entirely worth it. Did you prefer the movie or the book?”

Topics To Talk With Boyfriend - Books Movies And PassTimes

This is one of the topics to talk with boyfriend that are actually really fun. They don’t have to be either or, but they can be as well. What he prefers, why, who the best proponents of that particular craft are and all of that good stuff is in the offing. Bonus points if the two of you discover a shared favourite, or even more interestingly, a shared genre. Future concerts/trips to the cinema/curling up at home together with netflix awaits.

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7. “I’d love to retire to a cottage in the hills with a sturdy desk and a front lawn full of petunias.”

Topics To Talk With Boyfriend - The Future

Future plans are an excellent thing to talk about – dreams, hopes, aspirations and expectations will all elicit emotion and a passionate response from him. Plus, these kind of questions always lead to other topics, motivations, influences and everything else in between. They are also an excellent way to gauge what kind of person he is, and ultimately your compatibility with him.

You don’t have to stick to the exact words we’ve mentioned here. We know that not everything works in the same way for everyone. But the underlying intent behind each example we have given here is the same. So tweak it, personalise it and get him talking.

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