Top 3 things you can personalize in your wedding

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Planning the wedding is the most amazing part of getting married. While it can be time-consuming and laborious, at the end of the day, that is also where all the fun is. A tricky thing about planning a wedding is making it unique. There might be a hundred wedding ceremonies happening in your neighborhood on what is supposed to be your day. When the rituals and traditions are the same, you have to be innovative to make your wedding day special. If you are willing to put in a little extra effort, it is possible to make your wedding day memorable for everyone as it is for you. We assure you, it will be worth it.

It’s All About Customization

It’s All About Customization

For ages, the extent of personalization in Indian weddings were huge signboards carrying the names of the bride and the groom. This is not only long gone but is also considered uncool by most people nowadays. From theme-based destination weddings to monogrammed napkins, weddings are changing, and for the better.

In India, we pride ourselves on throwing big bashes. That said, we are changing the way we do things, even weddings. Instead of a big, loud wedding to show off your stature, go subtle, and make it all about the sweet, little things. What can you do to make your day to be really about you? Here are the top three things that you can personalize in your wedding:

1. Water Bottles 

Water Bottles 

Water bottles are an excellent way to go about personalizing your wedding. There is an array of water bottles available in India. However, since you want nothing less than the best, we recommend ‘Rockstar‘ from Bisleri. Bisleri has been a trusted brand for bottled water for several years now. The Rockstar is the newest addition to its wide range of premium products. Containing 300 ml of water, it is aptly built to be handed out in parties and ceremonies. Apart from its unique, curvy shape, it is also easy on the pocket. Get your customized bottles now

A specialty of this very stylish product is how it lends itself to personalization. Have the names of you and your beloved printed beside the label before you tie the knot. With Rockstar from Bisleri, you can easily make the ceremony all about the bride and the groom.

Coming from the acclaimed Bisleri family, which is celebrating its golden jubilee, Rockstar is a premier product second to none in quality. Having a line-up of custom-designed Rockstar bottles carrying your names will be a classy and sophisticated alternative to regular drinking water and water bottles.

2. Invitation Card

Gone are the days when your parents got your names printed on a dull, patterned card from the printer nearby. Invitation cards these days demand more. There are artists who specialize in handcrafted invitation cards for weddings. Calligraphy, handwritten, custom-designed, the choices are plenty.

As it is already a flourishing industry, it need not be more expensive than the regular printed wedding invitation cards. Since they are made to order, they are extremely customizable. There is always the option of choosing a theme wedding with everything synchronized, including a colorful, custom-made invitation card.

3. Napkins

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Napkins are something we take for granted. But they offer an exciting way to personalize your wedding ceremony. Instead of using the regular, plain napkins, use them to spell out your name or to carry a personal message that is important to you and your partner. Monogrammed napkins are one of the hottest wedding trends these days. Illustrated napkins also are attractive and appealing. You can also go the extra-mile and curate a miscellany of these instead of going for just one. This will make your wedding vibrant and engaging.

Since napkins aren’t generally expensive, this is a cost-effective way of adding your personal touch to the wedding.

Personalization is all about including bits and pieces of you both into the grand ceremonies that you have planned. Giving more attention to the small details of your big day will make it more about you and your beloved. At its heart, there should be more to a wedding than rituals and catering to your guests. Making your love shine through the shenanigans is crucial. Personalization will do that magic for you.

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