Top Questions To Ask Your Wedding Vendors To Plan Your Wedding Smoothly

Once the date of the wedding is fixed, another pressure starts lurking over or heads, the whole planning for the wedding. Organizing such a huge and important event of your life, where hundreds of people are going to gather to witness the occasion is of course a stressful task. If it is a grand wedding, then the question of doing it all by you should be a forgotten scenario. It is in such stressful times, that our sweet angels, our wedding vendors come handy and help us out of the situation. But selecting them also needs some special skills. And you need to be armed with a few very important questions that you must ask them and get satisfactory responses before you hire them for the job, to witness your dream wedding unfold in front of your eyes.


But before you start hunting for your perfect choices, you need to sort out a few things first. You have to chalk out a budget first, before you start hiring so that paying for the vendors, arranging for the raw materials and supplies and the aspects such as venue, decoration, etc. all comes nicely within your budget and you do not end up in a debt, because of overspending on your wedding day.


To streamline the budget and get to know exactly how much you need to put aside, you can go through the website of the wedding vendors, such as photographers, who display their range of packages and related prices on the website for the customers to make a choice easily. But for situations such as extracting an estimate for the flowers, you need to have personal talk with your florist as the cost depends heavily on the kind of flowers you choose, the design, the time of the day and season as well as the time of delivery.

Questions You Must Ask To Your Photographer:


1. Is photography your main occupation? What is the percentage of weddings in your total works you have done yet? Can I see some of your recently finished works in albums?

It is necessary that when you hire a photographer, you gauge the level of commitment he/she has for the work. Many photographers are freelancers too and work part time to channel out their passion and they are good at it too. Go through their work and check for the quality and their dedication before you decide to hire them.

2. What is your unique and distinct style that sets you apart from other photographers?

It is important to know what unique element the photographer is adding to your wedding photos and videos. He/she must have a style and something that is in accord with you too. Ask the photographer to elaborate on this point and do not budge till you actually like the ideas.

Questions To Ask Your Bridal Gown Consultant:


1. When should I place my order for the designer wedding gown and what is the expected time of delivery?

You must note down when you can get the gown. Most designers take five to nine months to deliver a custom made wedding gown. So, better place the order keeping in mind the time frame.

2. How many fittings will I have to go through before the wedding day? Are the fitting and alteration charges included with the prices or will I have to pay extra for that?

A bride has to go through four to six fitting sessions at least before the final day. Mostly the designer stylists offer a flat rate which includes the cost for fittings. Still it is better to be doubly sure about that so that your budget for the wedding gown does not shoots up too high.

Questions You Need To Ask Your DJ:


1. What is your experience of covering weddings? How do you personalize song list for different couples?

It is must that you know how well the DJ knows his job and if he can handle anything tricky.

2. What are your tricks and tips to pump up the crowd? How do you handle song requests?

Most DJs play bride’s college time favorite songs or asks the couples to dance first to spread the enthusiasm. Ask yours what he/she will do special at your wedding.

3. Have you ever worked at the venue we have selected? If not, do you mind visiting it once before?

Visiting the venue to check for the sound and what kind of equipment will be needed for a full effect is a must.

Questions To Ask Your Potential Florist:


1. Are my favorite flowers currently in season? If not, will it be feasible to arrange them within my laid out budget?

Flowers in season can really bring down the cost of the flower arrangements and centerpieces and you should not miss out on that.

2. Is it possible to see a portfolio and samples of the previous weddings you have covered?

Ask for samples and pictures to see the work with your own eyes before you make the final decision.

Questions To Ask Your Caterer:


1. How much time will it take to serve and clean up the dinner course?

Timing is important so that you can plan the events accordingly.

2. What will be the price per plate? Do you have any accommodation for extra plates?

Budget your catering services accordingly and look for some extra favors too.

General Questions To Ask All Your Wedding Vendors:


1. How much do I owe you for your services and when is the payment due?

2. Do you have all the necessary equipment needed for the event?

3. Have you got all the ingredients I ordered for?

4. Have you ever completed labor-intensive and stressful tasks? How much time is needed for preparation and execution of such tasks? You have a team of experts working for you to accomplish them with ease?

Asking these questions to your vendors will prevent last minute catastrophe and make sure you have a successful and smoothly running wedding celebration where you can smile without any anxiety or stress to enjoy the day.

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