15 Best Fitness Blogs You Must Follow To Stay In Shape And Good Health

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Fit is the new sexy. But achieving and maintaining fitness is a common problem. Because most of us tend to fall off the track every once in a while. That’s why fitness enthusiasts like you and me need the help of experts to stay focused and motivated. And to do that, follow the best fitness blogs on the internet – like I do. These blogs are communities in themselves and give vital information on exercises, recipes, transformation stories, and fitness tips and answer all your queries. Not sure which ones to follow? Well, here are the 15 best fitness blogs that will help you for sure. Swipe up!

15 Best Fitness Blogs You Should Follow

1. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is one of the best fitness blogs out there. Steve Kamb is the founder of Nerd Fitness, and he is a walking inspiration! Take a look at the “About” page, and you will relate to Steve and his team instantly. The humor in the writing style also helps lift off all the pressure of the debilitating thoughts like, “I have to be fit,” “I have to lose weight,” “I have to eat healthy.” They also care about your lifestyle and want to help you get to your fitness goal at a steady pace. In Nerd Fitness, you will learn about different diets, exercises, how to improve your habits, and also get private coaching if you want to. You can also download the Nerd Fitness Coaching app to get regular help if you don’t find the time to read the blog.

Check out the blog here.
Instagram Handle: Nerd Fitness

2. Workout Mommy

If you are a mommy and find it extremely difficult to squeeze in time for a workout, this blog is for you. Lisa Gulley, a single mom of four, and a certified personal trainer, was a workout pro before the birth of her kids. In 2007, after the birth of her second kid, she wanted to get back to fitness, and that’s when she started this blog. In here, you will find a “fit mommy” community where you can discuss your fitness goals and problems. The incredible success stories will keep you going. Also, Lisa lists out the best training equipment you need for your home gym so that you do not skip working out any day.

Check out Lisa’s blog here.
Instagram Handle: Workout Mommy

3. Fit Bottomed Girls

Do you hate dieting but want to be fit? Girl, I have found the best fitness blog for you. Fit Bottomed Girls blog it is! Two friends, Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead, started this blog in 2008. They have inspired people all over the world to lead a healthy life – but with a different approach than the regular “eat healthily and exercise.” According to the blog, “the one thing that will never, ever change is the company’s mission to continue to let women (and men!) know that they are so much more than a stupid number on the scale.” In this blog, you will find everything you need to know about changing your lifestyle. It coaches you about the exercises and making the right food and lifestyle choices. It also has transformation stories of mommies and a podcast that’s going to open your eyes to a new world of how to be fit.

Check out the blog here.
Instagram Handle: Fit Bottomed Girls

4. Blogilates

Talk about the ultimate trendy fitness blog that discusses all kind of problems – and Blogilates it is! Cassey Ho, a fitness trainer, is the creator of Blogilates. She has a successful YouTube channel and millions of followers on all social media platforms. Her colorful blog is definitely going to keep you focused and motivated. You can read about mental health, benefits of partner workout, body image, life, diet, exercise, and lot more. And if you are a shopaholic or just someone who needs the right clothing for working out, you will get that here!

Check out Cassey’s blog here.
Instagram Handle: Blogilates

5. MyFitnessPal Blog

MyFitnessPal provides tools for people who want to lead a healthy life and reach their fitness goals. And if you check out their blog, you will see that the information that they provide out there is just incredible. Ask MyFitnessPal any question, and you will have an answer. From nutrition to badass motivational videos, this blog is for you if you tend to lose focus on your fitness at times.

Here’s the blog.
Instagram Handle: MyFitnessPal

6. Life By Daily Burn: Fitness

Do you tend to binge eat? Or do you eat healthy for one day and then go back to your unhealthy lifestyle for 10 days? Well, then, it’s time you get a little push from the Life by Daily Burn blog. This blog focuses on helping people who want to be fit and active by sharing useful information in the form of blog posts. It will help you make better food choices and motivate you to go to the gym. Apart from all that, you will also learn about the newest fitness gadgets on the market so that you can keep track of your progress.

Check out the blog here.
Instagram Handle: Daily Burn

7. Powercakes

Powercakes is the perfect blog for youth and women. With the rising childhood health problems, Kasey (Arena) Brown, the creator of Powercakes, helps inspire and motivate people of all age groups. Kasey was voted one of the Top 10 Inspiring Healthy Living Bloggers by SELF magazine. She is a certified fitness trainer and the bestselling author of BODYpeace. She is also a FitFluential ambassador and loves spreading fitness awareness through her blog.

Take a look at Kasey’s blog here.
Instagram Handle: Powercakes

8. Summer Tomato

Summer Tomato is one of the go-to blogs for those who want to lose weight without putting too many restrictions on their diet. Created by Darya Rose, a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, it talks about how to control weight and live healthily, how to build better habits, and food and nutrition. It will help you stay fit and make better food choices.

Check out this amazing blog here.
Instagram Handle: Summer Tomato

9. Fitness by Mindbodygreen

Mindbodygreen is one word, not three. And it focuses on one common thing – wellness. The team of mindbodygreen takes a “360 degree approach to wellness that incorporates mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental well-being—because we believe these pillars of wellness are vital and interconnected.” The best part? You will not only get free content but also have access to video classes and training that will help you connect with your mind, body, and surroundings. It’s a great opportunity, and you should not miss it!

Take a quick look at this blog here.
Instagram Handle: Mindbodygreen

10. Badass Fitness

If you are in the intermediate level of fitness and want to up your game, you’ve got to follow Badass Fitness. This blog is created by Shannon, who likes to be named “Little Drill Sergeant.” She is an ACE and AFAA certified fitness trainer and an ambassador for FitFluential and SweatPink. In this blog, you will find all about how to stay fit, information about nutrition, client transformation stories, and a lot of healthy food ideas.

Here’s Shannon’s blog.

11. FitFluential

If you want the best fitness advice from the best fitness experts in the industry, you will find them at FitFluential. It has about 7K fitness influencers working with about 300 million people per month. In this blog, you will find vital information on health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. You can also hire a fitness expert to help you achieve your fitness goals. And you can get answers to your queries through the weekly podcast.

Here’s the blog.
Instagram Handle: FitFluential

12. IDEA Health & Fitness Association

IDEA is a health and fitness association, which helps fitness professionals improve and update their understanding of fitness. This blog is for those who are already experts in fitness. However, I highly recommend you giving this blog a read as you will get to know various aspects of fitness that will open your eyes and your mind.

Take a look at this blog here.
Instagram Handle: IDEA Health & Fitness Association

13. The Lean Green Bean

The Lean Green Bean was created by Lindsay, a registered dietitian, and a mom. She helps people understand that healthy living is fuss-free and inexpensive. Her blog also addresses the new mom issues that women face. She says, “I believe that connecting with your body and learning to eat for both nourishment and enjoyment is more powerful than dieting and restricting food to lose weight. Unless medically necessary, I don’t believe that cutting out gluten or going dairy-free to follow the latest food trend is the best choice for everyone.” Interesting, right? You can get more information to improve your lifestyle and thoughts on food.

Visit Lindsay’s blog here.
Instagram Handle: The Lean Green Bean

14. The Fitnessista

If you are on your way to losing some extra pounds, you will definitely want to read Gina’s blog, The Fitnessista. She lost about 40 pounds, and she will give you the best advice on food and nutrition. After all, it’s coming right from her personal experience! In her blog, you will find nutritional information, fitness news, postpartum fitness, books, and recipes. Her easy and assuring aura will help you stay focused and on track.

Read Gina’s blog here.

15. Comeback Momma

Jenn Mitchell introduces herself as a ‘mom, wife, social media junky, wanna-be fashionista’ among other things on her blog, Comeback Momma. Having bounced back from post-partum depression twice, Jenn managed to lose 50 pounds of her pregnancy weight and indulge in healthy living. She also stated that post an injury in 2011, she succumbed to depression again and gained 20 more pounds. However, with the help of her doctor and therapist, she claims that that is all history. She has regained her lost confidence and made it her life’s mission to inspire other women to strive constantly to be the best individuals they can. Jenn’s blog is about fitness and health, food, fashion, and family.

Check out this inspiring blog here.
Instagram Handle: Comeback Momma

There you have it – all the best fitness blogs that I follow and like reading. Honestly, going off track is very easy, but getting back on requires a tremendous amount of mental strength. Why get worked up when you have can take help of these amazing fitness experts to get back up? So, use these resources and live healthy and happy. Take care!

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