10 Designer Bridal Lehengas That Will Astound You

If Shakespeare has been taught you, then “To be or not to be” is one of the greatest puzzles in life, the epitome of existential quandary; it is time to change the syllabus. The real question for a bride regarding her wedding plans is “What to wear? What not to wear?” Unlike the old days were the bride had nothing to do with the wedding except showing up on a fixed day where she would see her husband-to-be for the first time, brides are very educated with wedding matters these days. And believe me when I say that today’s bride knows what she wants, whether it is her soulmate or her designer bridal lehenga! The lehenga and choli is oft worn in Indian weddings and other festive occasions. The attire is such an integral part of celebrations, and it is because of the frequency of this garb that designer bridal lehengas aim to level up the game for the bride to look the most special on her most important day! Following are 10 amazing designer bridal lehengas for your eyes to devour! Drum roll please…!


Designer Bridal Lehenga-red and golden bridal lehenga

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The classic wheatish gold with bridal red is a luxurious combination of colours for a designer bridal lehenga. Heavily embroidered bottom with minimal use of red thread in the zari with a pouring red only in the dupatta. The lehenga-choli does not get more sophisticated than this!


Designer Bridal Lehenga-Red and green lehenga

Image Courtesy: Tanushree,-Indian-Roots

This modest bridal lehenga is traditionally rich in terms of colours and designs – the classic red and green combo is laced with some excellent Kathiawari embroidery and topped off with some tassel zazzle! With proper accessories like a good kamarband and some heavy jewellery or Kundans, and no restrain on bangles, I think our bride is good to go with this lehenga on her special day!


Designer Bridal Lehenga-Bridal Lehenga

Image Courtesy: Sapana Amin, Dreams

The following is from Sapana Amin’s Bohemian Rani Festive Collection, and the title of the collection explains the theme of the outfit much better than anything else. It is sometimes refreshing to step away from the conventional lehenga-choli styles to try out something new. The bold flower and leaves print for the top and a mosaic of interlocking patterns printed to fill the skirt, and a shawl with just enough sequins and thread-work to keep the rest of the attire in the spotlight – you’ll have yourself a Bohemian bride!


Designer Bridal Lehenga-red white and black lehenga

Image Courtesy: Sapana Amin, Dreams

Red and white and black and gold, this one’s got all the glam! This innovative designer bridal lehenga is definitely the most contemporary piece of clothing for the contemporary bride. The white plain top with a single elaborate gold damask adorning the exposed shoulder of the blouse, complemented by a red lehenga dupatta and a black skirt, that incorporates paisleys and circular embroideries in gold – colourful and charming!


Designer Bridal Lehenga-pink and white lehenga

Image Courtesy: Sapana Amin, Dreams

Pink is in, ya’ll! This amazing designer lehenga is here to change the way we think about pink! The matchinglehenga and choli print which has a pink background with delicate white flowers go together so much that they could be mistaken for a bridal gown without the angelic white netted dupatta! The choli is treated more like a top, giving it an elaborate collar which resembles a neck-piece in gold, of course. The careful use of gold zari in the skirt is a graceful touch to a well conceptualised designer bridal lehenga such as this.


Designer Bridal Lehenga-Bridal lehenga

Image Courtesy: Sonam Shah, Istara

Raise your hand if you like mangoes! This mango drowned sandalwood colour lehenga with Karchobiembroidery work and filigree reminds one of the luminescence of gold jewellery, with a tasteful addition of pink for the border and the shawl, making for a wonderful correlative for an impeccable designer bridal lehenga. TheKarchobi done on the skirt does not look too excessive because the mango colour itself is prosperously rich-looking. But because of such extensive embroidery work it becomes imperative to choose the accompanying jewellery in accordance to the embroidery, such that it complements and accentuates it, rather than stand out in a jarring fashion.


Designer Bridal Lehenga-Red choli lehenga

Image Courtesy: Sapana Amin, Dreams

A sexy collar bone is always in demand! So dear bride, if you got it, show it! This designer lehenga from the bridal couture has one of the most stylistically creative cholis that is conceived as a spaghetti top with bold flowers used for solid fill. A band of zari just rests girdled around the waist of the bride, composed of Karchobi work in circular patterns in an array, and the rest of the skirt is filled with random patterns in dark colours. The dupattamakes use of some chinoiserie in thread and sequins. The overall outfit is a fabric that is elevated due to the colours and embellishments to make the perfect designer bridal lehenga for the modern Indian bride!


Designer Bridal Lehenga-Pink bridal lehenga

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Bridal fashion clothing, especially in lehengas, have brought about some celebrated combinations of beautiful colours that we would never have imagined otherwise and with the right fabric and embellishments, there’s no saying what a bridal dress can do! This pink and brown lehenga choli is the perfect elucidation of interesting colour permutations. The lovely brown three quarter sleeved choli is given a wide embroidered neckline to give a platform for a beautiful bridal fashion neck-piece or a Polki diamond necklace or anything in good taste. The lehenga bottom has silver embroidery work for the grandeur complemeted by a pink net dupatta which also uses embellishments reflecting those on the lehenga. The attire is best sported with elaborate neck-pieces, owing to the neckline, and heavy jewellery for the ears to complete the trousseau that you so deserve!


Designer Bridal Lehenga-Black and golden lehenga

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This is a play on the traditional lehenga choli, where we are back to black! The sleeveless long choli uses extensive gold floral and patterned applique completed by a boat neck, and the border in gold. The plain black net lehenga bottom is also bordered by gold applique in floral patterns.The dupatta, in gauze black fabric, also uses simple adornments in gold for the borders without wavering from the bold theme of black. Who said black is for mourning? Put a spin with this designer bridal lehenga in black, and let’s celebrate!


Designer Bridal Lehenga-Yellow and black lehenga

Image Courtesy: Sapana Amin, Dreams

How about some bright yellow to jam with black? This bridal lehenga-choli design uses a white gauze sleeve as a jig for the choli and a yellow lehenga with gold at the bottom, followed by an attached layer of black with repetitive patterns in gold zari. The shawl is also a white gauze fabric with extensive gold embroidery and thread-works, and this along with the black and yellow from the lehenga-choli is used to complete a stylish bumble-bee profile for the bride to be!