Top 10 Long Hairstyles For Brown Hair

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Black hair can be a bit boring at time. So to get out of the monotonous black, you can colour you hair – brown. Dark browns add a glossy brown texture to your regular black hair. You can go for light browns too. Lighter colours make you hair look browner than the dark colours. Dark browns will look blackish brown on black natural base hair colour.

So if you are planning to go for brown full length hair colouring, then you would definitely want to try out these cool long length hairstyles.

1. Layered loose inward curls and side swept bangs

Try out some layers with side swept bangs and later give the layers some big barrel curling. To complete the look, open the curls with your fingers or a hair brush. This is definitely a haircut for long hair that you should try.

2. Curls and Bangs

Curls and Bangs
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This is a variation of the look sported in the previous picture. Here the layering is kept to a minimum allowing the curls to move as much up as possible but not upto the roots. Bangs are side swept for a classy appearance.

3. Messy Twists

Messy Twists
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You can use your small barrel curler and some hair serum on your hair to achieve this look. Later on, set the curls into twists with the help of a paddle brush.

4. Messy Loose curls

Messy Loose curls
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This is an elegant, sweet yet a very simple hairstyle which anybody can sport with ease. Try out this one and you will definitely rock the floor. You can leave some side bangs for a nicer look.

5. Symmetrical Front Bangs

Symmetrical Front Bangs
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If you have thick and long brown colored hair, then you can try this cute and girly hairstyle. You need a clean and sophisticated symmetrical front bangs for this one and also good layers for the rest of the length of the hair. Sport it and love it.

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6. Symmetrical Front Bangs With Loose Layered Curls

Symmetrical Front Bangs With Loose Layered Curls
Image: Getty

This is a variation to the hairstyle shown above with a touch of added curls to the layers.

7. Side Swept Bangs and Big Loose Curls

Side Swept Bangs and Big Loose Curls
Image: Getty

This is a hot showy look. You can try this one easily with front mid length bangs swept to the side.

8. Full Length Classic Curls

Full Length Classic Curls
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If you like sporting a classic and timeless look, then this can be a sweet and sexy look for you. Try this one out. A full length curling never goes unnoticed. But make sure that your face is not too oval or round because full length curling generally doesn’t suit absolute oval or round faces. Make sure you have a nice sharp jawline to go for this one.

9. Messy Curls

Messy Curls
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Brown hair looks gorgeous with some messy full length curls. This is a timeless look which can look good on anyone with a round or an oval face.

10. Hot Classic Bumped Up Look

Hot Classic Bumped Up Look
Image: Getty

This is a Classic and Vintage Look which can be easily achieved with the help of a friend or a hairstylist.

Hope you enjoyed these long brown hairstyles. Which one do you prefer?

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