15 Fun And Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

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Kids have bizarre reasons to waste toilet papers. No sooner than you bring them home, are they gone. No amount of restraint can stop them from their favorite pastime. It’s the best to leave them to their unbridled minds and do some wonderful toilet paper roll crafts for preschoolers and kids. Here’s how they can have fun with them:

Mind-Boggling Toilet Paper Roll Crafts:

1. Yard Rolling:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - Yard Rolling
Image: IStock

Oh, the meters of tissue paper will unwind to show you their great lengths when kids do this. Let your kids unroll the toilet paper and wind it, roll it, dangle it in the yard, over the trees and beyond. Will look like some ‘summery icicles’. Won’t your house stand out in the neighborhood at the end of it all?

2. A Fancy Cake:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - A Fancy Cake
Image: IStock

Certainly not edible but a fancy cake made out from toilet paper rolls can be quite a delight to the eyes! Don’t believe us? Here’s how you will make this toilet paper roll craft:

  • Get stacks of toilet roll papers arranged circularly in concentric layers.
  • The layers of stacks get smaller in radius going upwards.
  • On the edges of each layer, you will paste color papers or satin ribbons.
  • Sunflowers for icing.

What a delight!

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3. Make Roses:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - Make Roses
Image: IStock

Use the tissue papers to make white roses. All you need is to make concentric rings of tissue paper. Pin them together at one end. Now you could add tissue bits in the size of petals to go around the concentric rings. And your living room smells of roses already 😉

4. A Valentine Craft:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - A Valentine Craft
Image: IStock

White tissue paper against a black background for a Valentine craft. Does this sound interesting? Precisely, because tissue papers are so soft and can roll in to give us any shape. Make the relevant figures you wish out of tissue paper and stick them on a dark board to highlight your Valentine!

5. Japanese Fans:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - Japanese Fans
Image: IStock

Kids love making fans from origami sheets. Why not try making them from toilet rolls? They can have layers and layers of them. The one who makes the longest fan wins (hurray!)…

6. Smudge With Colors:

A trickle of watercolors is adequate to smudge a whole reel of toilet roll. Your kid can use various colors to make a mosaic of tissues. Just be careful with dampening it too much.

It’s natural to discard the empty tissue rolls. But kids can have super fun making the toilet paper crafts.

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7. Paint Monster Family:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - Paint Monster Family
Image: IStock

Paint the leftover tissue paper carton. Regular watercolors will also do. However, acrylic or fabric paints will give some decent look. Once it dries off, either use marker pens to draw out the features of the monster imagined, or stick the facial features drawn on paper cut-outs. Your kid might want to make a family of monsters for which you will need more cartons.

8. Three Little Pigs Play:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - Three Little Pigs Play
Image: IStock

Host a ‘Three Little Pigs’ play at home. But before you invite your friends to the show, these are the things that you will need to do:

  • Paint the empty tissue roll in the desired colors.
  • Once the paint dries off, use a marker pen to draw the nose and the snout of the pig.
  • Create paper-based props for the pigs.
  • Add some extra effect with little bit of mimicry 😉

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9. Tissue Roll Carton And Egg Crate Dog:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - Tissue Roll Carton And Egg Crate Dog
Image: Shutterstock
  • How about getting four empty tissue roll cartons! These will make the four legs of your little pet.
  • You will also need an empty egg carton, glue, tape if there is a need, color paper, scissors, marker pen, and paint.
  • Paint the legs in the color that you want your toy pet to don.
  • Then paint the paws in contrasting colors. Get the four legs stand to support the body of the dog.
  • You will need an empty egg crate to make the body. A narrow crate should do, else you might want to cut a large crate into two halves.
  • Glue the crate on the four tissue carts. If there is a problem gluing, you could use waste papers with an adhesive to help stick the two.
  • Paint the carton in the same color as the legs.
  • Once it dries off, get dark color paper strands and paste over the body of your toy pet to make the fur.
  • Use buttons or tiny balls to make the eyes and the muzzle for your puzzled looking dog.

Don’t forget to try this loveliest crafts with toilet paper rolls.

10. Make A Butterfly:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - Make A Butterfly
Image: IStock

You will be surprised the number of things you could carve out from an empty toilet roll carton. The trick here is to use a number of empty rolls glued together in an order that will give you the perfect shape (having said that, you could still use a single carton to achieve the same, albeit in smaller sizes and numbers). Try doing this:

  • Cut out the edges of two empty tissue rolls juxtaposed in the shape of a butterfly.
  • You could come up with several shapes like a flower or a star or anything that you can imagine this way by positioning more cartons should there be a need.
  • Slice off several butterflies from the cartons to make a swarm of them.

11. The Carton Man:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - The Carton Man
Image: IStock

How about a Carton Man that can reside on your child’s study table? Won’t he turn out to be keeping a vigil on his homework 😉 This is how you can join him in making the toilet paper craft:

  • Take an empty carton.
  • On the sides drill holes and stick on two malleable wires.
  • Cover the wires with confetti or color papers.
  • The wires will make the hands of the Carton Man.
  • Use color paper cut-outs or buttons for the facial features.
  • Get a thermocol ball to make the headgear of the Carton Man.
  • Use an empty CD disc as his pedestal.

12. Go Green With Empty Toilet Rolls:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - Go Green With Empty Toilet Rolls
Image: IStock

Do something more eco-friendly. Use the empty rolls to plant a sapling!

13. A Flower Vase:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - A Flower Vase
Image: IStock

The empty rolls can be used as flower holder in your porch. You might want to seal one side of the roll with a circular cardboard chunk fitting the exact circumference.

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14. Make Toy Binoculars:

You will need two empty rolls to make this. However, you don’t have to go the physicist way to find the right lens for the binoculars.

  • Paste two empty rolls side by side.
  • Close the ends with sheer paper or transparent sheet on both the front and the rear ends.
  • Your child might also want to dangle his binoculars with a string J

15. Angry Bird Variants:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - Angry Bird Variants
Image: IStock

Making Angry Birds is easy as pie with empty rolls. Simply paint the empty cartons, each in different colors as the Angry Birds. Use a cardboard cone to make a bird-beak. Alternatively you can fix a carrot or grape shaped eraser for the nose. The choice is yours.

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So the next time you shop for toilet rolls, you know how creative your kids can get with them! Do your children also have wacky ideas like these? If you have any toilet paper roll crafts for kids, do share. We would like to hear from you!

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