Toddler’s Development From 28 to 30 Months – A Complete Guide

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Congratulations mommy! Now you have a little helper at home, who is helping you in vacuuming or keeping things away. At this age, your toddler is happy to help you with different household chores, in fact amazing you with his capabilities.

If you are putting in a lot of effort to help him learn about responsibilities, you need to understand there is no magic formula. What you can do instead is foster helpfulness. Apart from plenty of patience, you must also have a reasonable expectation from him.

Here is a quick look at what your toddler does at 28 – 30 Months Old Development:

  • Try and speak new words
  • Separation anxiety
  • Loves playing hide and seek
  • Can drink using straw
  • Potty trained

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Development Of Your Toddler From 28 To 30 Months:

Your toddler’s mental capacity has improved by this age. He can now capable of formulating thoughts through different situations and experiences. Here we shall take a detailed look into the 28 – 30 month old developmental milestones and growth patterns:

1. Motor And Physical Skills Development:

He now knows how to walk on tiptoes. He will love jumping from low heights.

  • Your toddler can throw ball under head and enjoy different outdoor activities.
  • He will love hiding in different places like a box.

2. Eating Habits:

Your toddler has now developed an interest in behaving like a grown up during the meal times.

  • He can now drink using a straw.
  • Use a single hand to hold a cup.
  • Limit his fluid intake during meal times, as it is likely to reduce his appetite.

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3. Social And Emotional Skills Development:

Your toddler will exhibit greater interest in socializing and playing. He spends most of his time playing interactive games.

  • You will notice him enjoying parallel play at this age.
  • He will be more comfortable playing with familiar faces than with any stranger.
  • You can help him learn the socializing skills by taking him to playgroups. This will also prepare him for the school in the long run.
  • He will develop a sense of humor and enjoy jokes with you.

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4. Cognitive Skills Development:

Your tot is now capable of recounting events and can respond to questions like ‘what’ and ‘where’. He will soon understand words like “later”, “soon”, or “now”.

  • Your child can now identify objects in a picture or find out objects you have hidden.
  • You can try setting up scavenger hunts for your toddler to help him realize the difference between top, under and inside.
  • You can provide containers of different shapes for him to fill with water. This will help develop the concept of size. With time you can see him enjoying the activity with minimum spills.
  • You can assist him in playing sorting games to improve his cognitive skills.

5. Toilet Training:

By this time his potty training must have commenced, even if he is still in the learning stage.

  • Once he has learned to sit for defecating and urinating, teach him to stand while urinating. You must not be concerned about the mess and rather concentrate on the training.
  • However, you must consider hygiene and toilet training side by side. Make sure he washes his hands every time after using the toilet.

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Watch out for any developmental delays like inability to walk, persistent drooling, extreme depression upon being separated from parents and unclear speech. Get in touch with your doctor for proper advice.

Moms tell us about your 28 – 30 month old development changes and how you helped them in their growing years in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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