How To Raise A Teenage Girl?

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Are you having a hard time trying to comprehend what your teenage daughter is trying to say? Does she often end up having an “argument” with you? Studies have proven that teenage girls prefer showing their frustration at their mothers. The simple reason is that mothers forgive and forget. They continue to love their child.

Your teenage girl often seeks arguments. That is a way for her to assert her individuality. The whole act sometimes makes it difficult for you to stand her behavior. Read on to know more on how to raise a teenage girl.

What You Can Expect:

Research studies have found a rhythm in fights between teenage daughters and their mothers. You prepare the battleground by asserting your control over her. She in turn tries to free herself from your control.

Also, do you ask too many questions? Well, that can be enough to irritate her. Do you also make her feel like a crime suspect? If you do or she thinks you do, it will only lay a premise for fights at home.

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Reasons Why Tiffs Arise:

There are a few common reasons behind a fight between you and your daughter. As a mother, you expect your daughter to keep her room neat and tidy. But your teenager somehow does not think it is necessary.

A fight also arises when you interfere in her choice of clothes. She expects to be the sole decision maker in this case. Offer suggestions only when asked for.

Do you question her about her boyfriends? If yes, then you are in for a battle. Do not even think of curbing her liberty. Taking away her freedom only creates distance between you two.

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How To Raise A Teenage Girl:

Here we shall take a look at the different ways on how to raise a confident teenage girl:

1. Help Her Become Resilient:

From the very beginning, mothers tend to concentrate on what the girl looks like. If you want to foster resilience, it is highly essential that you concentrate more on her character than her looks.
You as a parent should control some of your parental urges. Experts suggest you should not run with your mommy instincts to protect your princess when she is hurt. She may have developed hurtful feelings due to plenty of reasons like poor grades, sour relationships or other experiences. Let her learn from her own experiences.

Discuss possible solutions, but let her decide. Remember, her decision may not match with yours.

2. Let Her Be Realistic:

Your daughter should neither be pushed into constant negativity nor should she see the world from rose colored glasses.

Teenage is the phase when your daughter loses her innocence. If your teenage daughter compares herself with others, she is on the right path. Honest evaluations can at times help her get better. But ensure to correct her if she has a false sense of superiority.

You can always guide her to understand her own flaws and create self-check lists. Realistic self-evaluation helps to understand that mistakes are part of life. What matters is how she deals with them.

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3. Instill Confidence:

If your teenage girl is over confident, she develops a belief that she can achieve anything. You should let your daughter know her limitations and capabilities. Do not pressurize her to be perfect in whatever she tries. It makes her risk-averse.

Raising your teenage daughter is, undoubtedly, a tough journey. With a few effective tools like the ones discussed above, you can hold on to your sanity. Parenting is a big responsibility, where you need to develop stronger and closer bonds with your children.

Do share with us the rapport you share with your teenage daughters. Also, if you have some better ideas how to raise teenage girls, write in the comment box below. Simultaneously, do share this article among your friends and family.

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