50 Different Hairstyles Which People Can Do Themselves at Home

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Styling your hair and that too at your home? Oh, yes! It is actually possible. Wearing stunning hairdos and getting mesmerizing looks does not necessarily mean visiting the salon five days a week and burning holes in your pocket. What you really need is some out of the box ideas and a couple of styling tools as well as hair accessories. So, let us guide you through 50 different hairstyles to try at home. Do it yourself.

50 Easy Hairstyles To Do At Home

1. Soft Side-Parted Waves with Curly Ends:

Start with applying a good hair serum and follow it by creating a side part. Now, comb all your naturally wavy hair to one side and curl up the ends with a curling iron to create soft coils.

2. Messy Rolled Back Hair with Random Waves:

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Roll your long wavy hair back with a roller brush or simply back brush it with a regular hair brush, while adding a little volume to the top. Do not smoothen it up and let the waves flow down one of your shoulders. You can use hairspray to give the loose locks a random wavy finish.

3. Casual Wavy Low Ponytail with Side Sweep:

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Create an off-center part in your layered wavy hair and make a low casual pony at the nape of your neck. A sexy side sweep swinging over one eye and a tangled finish will complete your look perfectly.

4. Bohemian Waves with Braided Head Chain:

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You can recreate this chic bohemian look easily at your home. Make an off-center part and set your lustrous blonde waves loose. Now, take a thin section of hair from the front, braid it up neatly and secure it nearby its starting point by wrapping it around the head just like a head chain.

5. Loose Delicate Curls with Puff and Side Sweep:

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Start with parting your hair to one side and tease the crown area nicely to give it a little volume. Now, let those delicate natural curls rest on your shoulders, while the sexy side-sweep adding zing to them.

6. Low Side Bun with Messy Textured Finish:

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This simple bun hairstyle can easily be worn at your home. Part your hair and give it a tangled flair. Apply hairspray to add texture to the messy locks. Finally, turn them into a small low bun at the nape of your neck on the other side of the part.

7. Fringed Long Wavy Layers with Highlighted Wispy Ends:

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Get your long black hair layered as well as add front fringes to it. Create waves on the layers and highlight those wispy points. At last, apply a  hairspray to those fringes and wispy layers in order to define them properly.

8. Simple Semi-High Spiral Ponytail with hair Wrap:

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Apply a mousse to add natural volume to your hair and pull it back to the center of the back of your head to come up with a semi-high ponytail. Use a large barrel curling iron (the bumper) to give it a spiral shape and surround its base with a small section of hair.

9. Regular Low Twisted Bun with Smooth Finish:

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There is no need of expensive hair styling tools to adopt this super easy bun hairstyle. Apply a mousse and comb it through your hair for a smooth polished finish. Now, twist it up into a small low bun at the base of your neck.

10. Long High Regular Braid with Messy Finish:

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The messier your long hair is, the better this hairstyle will look. At first, secure it into a high ponytail at the crown with an elastic band and then, start braiding it up loosely. Make it firmer as you go ahead and you will be ready with your unique regular braided hairstyle.

11. Highly Textured Loose Waves with Deep Side Sweep:

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Deep side-part your hair and curl it up inducing the side sweep with a one-inch curling iron. Now, apply lots of mousse to your curls to give them highly textured look. For an added glam, scrunch them up with your hand softly.

12. Low Side Fishtail Braid with Soft Side Bangs:

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If you know how to create fishtail braid, this hairstyle will be something that you will fall in love with. Create a side part and let the first few layers embrace your face as soft side bangs. Then, make the side fishtail braid at the nape of your neck and wrap it with a few hair strands.

13. Low Bun with Textured Curls and Side Bun:

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You will need a (3/4)-inch curling iron to rock this ultra-feminine look. Side-part your locks and curl it up properly. Apply hairspray generously for decent texture. At last, pull them back together to form a low side bun and allow the front hair to cuddle your forehead.

14. Tight Ballet Bun with Polished Finish:

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Just like many other common hairstyles, you have to apply a good serum or mousse in this too. Pull all your hair back at the crown tightly and turn them into a perfect ballet bun. Use hairspray to avoid mess or flyaways.

15. Sleek and Smooth High Bun with Pouf:

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Back comb the front section of your hair in order to give it considerable volume. Smoothen it up through brushing and secure it with bobby pins at the top. Now, all your silky smooth blonde hair needs to be pulled back and folded into a beautiful high bun.

16. Curly Side Hairdo with Pinned Side Sweep:

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A 1-inch curling iron and a bobby pin are enough to sport this awesome side hairdo. Curl up your side-parted layered hair subtly and gather them over one of your shoulders. Then, twist up the front hair and secure it with the bobby pin at the back.

17. High Voluminous Half Pony with Waves and Hair Wrap:

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Apply mousse to all over your hair in order to add natural volume to it. Use a (3/4)-inch curling iron and create beautiful waves. Now, pull all your hair back to the crown and form a high voluminous ponytail wrapped with hair. Keep the entire hairdo intact by using hairspray.

18. Divided and Highly Twisted Hairdo with Volume:

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Divide your hair into two sections i.e. upper and lower and add volume to the first one. Twist up the lower hair intensely and secure it with bobby pins. Then, twist up the upper hair and secure it into the previous twist in the same manner. You are done with your highly twisted hairdo.

19. Low Angled Loop Hairdo with Double Bows:

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Brush back all your straight hair and apply serum to it. Create a side ponytail at the middle of your head, fold it in the inward direction and tuck it in with bobby pins to come up with a wide angular loop resting at the nape of your neck. Adorn the loop with two pretty hair bows.

20. Side-Parted Wavy Layers with One Side Clipped:

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Create beautiful waves on your long thick side-parted layers and let them cascade your shoulders gracefully. Now, tuck the hair of the smaller section behind your ear and use a nice hair brooch to beautify the look.

21. Shiny Fringed Hair with Curly Ends and Braided Headband:

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Get your hair fringed and apply lots of serum to give it a super shiny look. Take a certain section of hair and make a braided headband of it in order to balance off those long front fringes. Finally, grab your one-inch curling iron and curl up the ends of your loose locks.

22. Twisted High Topknot with Headband:

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Start with adding texture to your hair by applying mousse all over it. Gather it at the top of your head and form a topknot with moderate height. Apply hairspray to give it a polished finish and embellish with a nice silky headband.

23. High Ponytail with Kinky Coily Voluminous Hair:

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If you have natural curls with slightly uneven texture, you will simply rock this hairstyle. Add definition to your curls with a (3/8)-inch curling iron and make them highly voluminous. Now, pull them back at your crown to form a super high ponytail and let the ringlets surround your head elegantly.

24. Straight Low Ponytail with Hair Wrap and Smooth Texture:

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Make use of your hair straightener and straighten up your thick long hair. Application of a good serum will give it a smooth and shiny finish. Then, create a low ponytail at the base of your neck and wrap the elastic band with a thin section of hair.

25. High Gigantic Bun with Braided Wraparound:

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This is another simple and easy-to-do hairstyle that will help you show off your toned back. Smoothen up as well as volumize your long hair a little bit with the help of a mousse and pull them back to create a massive bun at your crown. Lastly, braid up a wide section of hair and wrap the bun with it.

26. Textured Waves with Curled and Tucked In Bottom:

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Tease the front section of your hair and smoothen it up by applying mousse. Brush the hair back gently so that the textured wavy finish remains intact. Now, start folding the hair from bottom with or without curling iron and tuck in with bobby pins at the nape of your neck.

27. Smooth Polished Bouffant with Beautiful Highlights:

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No other hairstyle can give your highlighted medium-length hair such a classy look. It may take some time for you to master the art of creating bouffant hairdo. But once you become apt at it, you will simply love to sport it from time to time.

28. Half Up Hairdo with Rolled and Twisted Upper Bun:

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Section off the hair by creating a part from ear to ear. Make a short side part in the upper section and rolled the hair back to one side. Twist up half of it and form a semi-high bun by combining it with the other half. The lower section should be straightened and left loose over the back.

29. Hair-Wrapped Side Ponytail with Curly Ends and Side Part:

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Give your locks a silky smooth texture by applying serum to it. Part them to one side and create a low side ponytail at the other by gathering them together. Wrap the elastic band with hair and curl up the ends of the pony with an iron.

30. Sleek Loose Hair with Side Braid and Curly Textured Ends:

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Side-part your hair and apply serum to keep it smooth as well as polished. Curl up the ends of the larger section with a large barrel iron and let them rest on one of your shoulders gracefully. Braid up other section and secure it into the loose hair at the back.

31. Low Segmented Ponytail on Long Straight Hair:

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Straighten up your super long hair and create a low ponytail at the base of your neck by keeping the sides slightly loose. Now, take a few more similar elastic bands and keep segmenting the ponytail by tying them at regular distances.

32. Side-Parted Braided Pigtails with Rolled Back Top:

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Remember your school days and relive the memory of sporting those cute braided pigtails by adopting this easy and chic hairstyle. Divide your super long hair into two sections just by making a side part and roll both of them back to add volume. Now, create two pigtails and braid them up neatly.

33. Super High Regular Braid with Braided Bun:

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Make your top hair smooth by applying serum and pull it back into a high ponytail right at the crown. Braid up the pony tightly to come up with a super long regular braid. Fold it a few times around its own base to make a braided bun and secure the joint of the braid and the bun with bobby pins.

34. Ultimate Curly Bob with Front Braid and Extreme Volume:

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This is the perfect hairstyle for girls with naturally curly hair. All you need to do is braid up the front section of your voluminous curly bob in order to make it look like a natural headband and apply lots of hairspray to give proper definition to the curls.

35. Smooth Straight Locks with Pinned Back Poof:

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This rich burgundy hair needs no fussy updos. So, keep it simple by wearing this soft and subtle hairstyle. Use serum to make the straight locks smooth and silky. Also, add significant volume by teasing them up. Now, brush the top hair back and secure it with bobby pins. You are ready to go.

36. Romantic Loose Side Braid with Fringes and Wavy Bang:

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Tease your crown a little in order to volumize it and let the front fringes as well as a long sexy side bang hug your face romantically. Now, gather all your natural waves to one side and braid them up by keeping the base section loose enough.

37. Short Smooth Bob with Tucked In Ends:

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Side-part your shoulder-length bob and give it a silky smooth texture by applying serum. Give the bottom of the bob a rounded shape by curling it in an inward direction with the help of a curling iron. Finally, tuck the side hair behind both of your ears for a neat and tidy look.

38. Half Braid Half Pony with Highlighted Loose Waves:

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There is absolutely no need of a stylist for putting on this innovative hairstyle. Part your long highlighted wavy hair to both sides and let them flow down your beautiful body. Now, braid up the middle section of hair up to your crown and turn it into a ponytail by securing it there with an elastic band.

39. Thick Low Side Fishtail Braid with Hair Wrap and Side Braid:

Image: S : Getty

Here is another thick tight and low fishtail braid made at one side of the head and wrapped with a small part of hair. However, you need to braid up the smaller section of hair and secure it into the fishtail braid with bobby pins for an added glam.

40. High Wavy Side Ponytail with Fringes and Hair Wrap:

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Apply hairspray to your long hair including the front fringes and add texture to them. Create delicate waves with the help of the right curling iron. Now, gather all your hair at one side of your crown and form a high wavy ponytail wrapped by a thin section of hair.

41. Messy Double Buns with Long Side Sweep:

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This cute, stylish and super easy hairstyle will make you fall in love with it. Give your hair a messy finish and part it to one side to create two separate sections. Turn them into two small messy buns at both sides of your crown. Also, apply serum to the side sweep and let it embrace your forehead softly.

42. Flowy Fringed Locks with Volumized Top and Bow:

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Section off your hair by creating a part from ear to ear and let the front fringes lie on your forehead randomly. Tease the crown intensely and add a bow to it. Also, curl up rest of your locks and give them a beautiful flowy structure.

43.  Sleek Ponytail with Layered and Flared Bottom:

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Brush your layered hair back, while giving it a slight messy finish and adding texture by applying hair spray. Make a sleek high ponytail at your crown and let it rest on one of your shoulders. Finally, create a flared effect to its bottom by using the curling iron gently and carefully.

44. Messy High Bun with Puffy Top and Divided Fringes:

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Start with sectioning off, smoothening and dividing your long front fringes perfectly. Now, tease up the top and pull all your hair back at the crown to come up with a huge messy bun. Stay away from using serum or spray as the tangled finish will give this look a whole new dimension.

45. Long Textured Waves with Center Part and Twisted Sides:

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Make a center part and create gentle waves on your long highlighted hair. Add lots of hairspray to give it a textured finish. Now, twist up the front sections from both sides of the part separately and secure them into the loose hair at the back.

46. Thick Low Ponytail with Side Twists and Hair Wrap:

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Add a silky smooth effect to your hair by applying mousse all over it. Now, twist up both sides and create a single ponytail by securing them together with an elastic band at the nape of your neck. Finally, wrap a thin section of hair around the band and you are done.

47. Semi-High Twisted Bun with Crystal Bobby Pins:

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Brush back your hair and twist up both sides individually. Secure each of the twists with crystal bobby pins right at the back of your head and form the shape of a regular low bun. Also, apply hairspray generously to prevent flyaways.

48. Smooth Middle-Parted Bob with Vintage Curls:

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Middle-part your shoulder-length bob and apply a decent amount of serum to get a polished, flawless finish. Now, take a curling iron of large barrel and curl up the ends of the bob intensely. Give it proper hold by applying hairspray.

49. Long Wavy Locks with Two Side Braids:

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Part your long locks to the center and create subtle waves on it with or without heat. Now, braid up the front sections of hair from both sides of the part and secure them into the loose locks at the back of the head.

50. Half-n-Half Hair with French Braid and Pony:

Image: S : Getty

Apply mousse to your long straight highlighted hair to give it a smooth finish. Start creating a French braid from the center back of your head and turn it into a low ponytail by securing it with an elastic band at the base of the neck. Jazz up the look by covering the band with a beautiful hair clip.

With so many hairstyling options, you will certainly never go out of ideas in future. Do not forget to let us know how your favorite hairdo came out on your hair.

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