5 Secrets Nobody Told You About Muslim Bridal Makeup!

Here are some tips for looking stunning on your wedding day with your Muslim Bridal Makeup. Choosing the right makeup look for one’s big day is an important aspect of the bridal planning and Makeup artist, Aliya Baig shows us how to get it right. It depends on various things such as face shape, facial features, time of the wedding, time of the day (day/night) and the wedding dress one is going for.

Wedding Attire


Image Courtesy: Aliya Baig


Muslim weddings are generally held in the evenings. For the occasion the brides often wear a Red Khara Dupatta, which is a traditional wedding dress of Hyderabadi Muslim brides. It is a dress which is mostly a heritage piece of clothing held in the family for generations. The Khara Dupatta comprises of a Kurtanni (Tunic), Churidaar (long pants which gather at the ankle), and 4.5 meter long dupatta whose center part is tucked in the back of the pants and the remaining 2 sides of the dupatta is pleated and draped like a pallu on the left hand. There is a separate dupatta which is worn on top of the head it’s called a Ghunghat (veil). This is mostly made of sheer material and covers the bride’s face. Muslim Brides these days are more open to a change and many are opting for Pakistani bridal inspired wedding Lehengas for their wedding. They are also seen breaking the norm by indulging in a myriad of colors instead of the traditional red color.

Make For The Big Day

Like the attires, the Muslim Bridal Makeup has also evolved and come a long way from traditional makeup techniques. The latest technique used in bridal makeup to achieve the flawless magazine-model look which is long lasting, water proof, sweat proof and tear proof is the – Airbrush Makeup. Brides prefer this form of makeup for its flawless finish and lasting power.

The muslim brides are also seen opting for more glamorous makeup instead of the traditional golden eyes and red lips. The emphasis is on intense smokey eyes and soft lip colors ranging from pinks, corals and peaches. You want to have a dewy finish rather than a caked up look on your big day. Using right products and techniques of applying the base can give you a flawless finish which lasts throughout.

1. Setting The Right Tone

1 Aliya baig makeup

Image Courtesy: Aliya Baig

Contouring and highlighting is also the most important part of the makeup – it creates shadows which depicts natural curves on your face. Brides today, are more open for a stronger looking contour to add warmth, depth and definition to their facial features. A shade 2-3 shades darker than ones skin tone does the trick.

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2. Put Spotlight

Aliya baig doing makeup

Image Courtesy: Aliya Baig

Highlighting is often the most liked aspect of the Muslim bridal makeup for the glow and sheen it gives to the face. It can be achieved through illuminators applied on the highest point of the cheekbones, under the eyebrows, nose and chin etc depending on the areas you want to highlight.

3. Opt For Dramatic Eyes

3 Aliya Baig makeup

Image Courtesy: Aliya Baig

For a Muslim bride, the eye makeup is an integral part of the look. As the bride is supposed to be shy and sit with her eyes looking down most of the time, a lot of emphasis is laid on the eyes to make them look attractive and appealing.

Eye shadows range from golds to bronze to glitter with a black smokey effect towards the end of the eye. Right way to achieve this look is by priming the eyelids to neutralize any darkness- and perfect the blending of colors. Doing so will make sure the eyeshadow stays put all day long.

4. Shape The Eyebrows

4 Aliya Baig makeup

Image Courtesy: Aliya Baig

A crisp, exaggerated graphic eyeliner can also be used to complete the look. You can create a winged cat eye flick to create more drama and add depth to the eyes. This look is matched with a few thick coats of mascara and false lashes. Eyebrows are also shaped to perfection, in a very defined manner with a crisp arch.

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5. Go For Subtle Shades

5 Aliya Baig makeup

Image Courtesy: Aliya Baig

Moving to the lips, the lip color choice will be influenced by the outfit one is wearing. While the eyes are smokey and dark, it’s best to keep the lips subtle and brightly colored.

Play around with soft colors like Pinks, Peaches and Corals – and you will be guaranteed to be a show stopper, just as you should be.