3 Tips To Loose Post Pregnancy Weight While Breast Feeding

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When you give birth to a baby, your entire world changes, even your body undergoes dramatic shift. Amidst these alterations, you might have noticed another switch that is worrying you – weight gain. Losing weight post pregnancy could be difficult, but not impossible.

Breastfeeding And Weight Loss:

During pregnancy it is very beneficial for your baby if you put on some weight, but you are not encouraged to gain too much of weight. The normal weight gain that is required during pregnancy is 5 to 12 pounds. And if you are gaining too much of weight during pregnancy then it would become difficult to lose it post pregnancy.

Post pregnancy, it is better to lose weight while breastfeeding since during this process 500 calories are burnt. So, following good diet along with some exercises can help you lose weight.

Few of you can lose weight in a week’s span or few others may not lose weight until breastfeeding is stopped. It is always good to lose weight before your next pregnancy (if any plans), as it would become hard to lose weight later.

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Tips On How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy While Breastfeeding:

A great and right time to lose weight post pregnancy is during breast feeding. It makes the process of losing weight easier as you spend some extra calories in feeding the infant.

1. Drink Lot Of Water:

Drinking lots of water has always been the best option to lose weight as it flushes out the unwanted fats from your body. Here are some points why it’s good to drink more water:

  • Helps from getting dehydrated.
  • Helps in making breast milk as it requires too many fluids.
  • Whenever you are out, carry a bottle of water, as it helps you to avoid taking any other beverages.

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2. Try Aerobics Or Exercises:

After you are approved for exercising by your doctor, you can try some post pregnancy fitness routine. Aerobics or strengthening exercises can be a best way for losing weight while breastfeeding.

  • Go for a walk along with your baby to a nearby park.
  • Your little baby can be a good partner for you to lose weight and you will also get a chance to introduce this new world to your baby.
  • Plan a fitness routine every day. Start slowly and initially, later increase the duration and frequency gradually.
  • One point that you should remember is that you have put on weight slowly and you will have to plan to lose the weight slowly. You cannot lose weight overnight. So do not practice something drastic to lose weight faster.

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3. Eat On Time And Eat Healthy:

Here are few tips on diet that may help you to lose weight post pregnancy while breast feeding:

  • Do not skip your breakfast. Make some time out of your busy schedule with your little one for having breakfast.
  • You should always include more fibre rich fruits and vegetables. Also add fibre rich food such as beans, oats, grains, lentils and seeds.
  • You can also include starchy food like rice, bread and pasta.
  • You should always watch the number of times your meals intake and maintain your plate size as small as possible.

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  • Combining healthy diet with exercise can be the best way for weight loss during breastfeeding as you will hardly find time for yourself with the new guest at your home.
  • Finding time for yourself can be little tough and tricky, but it is not impossible if you can make it a priority.
  • Do not give up if you are losing weight slowly.
  • Stay focused and make sure that whatever you are eating should help you nourish your baby and also help you to lose your weight.

Hope this article helped you in losing weight. You have more tips on how to lose weight after pregnancy while breastfeeding? Please do share them with us.

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