5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Engagement Dress For The Bride

Yayiie! You are getting engaged! What do you plan on wearing??

Didn’t your friends react to the news like this? We all girls just think about one thing — clothes! And on your engagement day, you MUST look like a diva. Yes! It is time for shopping for the perfect engagement dress for the bride, you! You browse through bridal magazines. You have created a special ‘My Engagement Outfits’ board on Pinterest. Random people’s wedding and engagement albums intrigue you now. You can’t stop looking at the lehengas and hairstyles in all desi movies. You are on cloud nine girl! And we feel you. Which is why we have five tips for picking the perfect engagement dress for bride.

1. Take Your Time

bride selfi

Image : Two Fireflies One Camera Photography

Yes! Take your time. You don’t want to rush through anything. Be patient. Check out different stores. Look for different designs. It is a huge market out there. Read magazines and follow The Bridal Box for new fashion trends. Don’t make a hasty decision. Try on different styles, cuts. Emphasize on the silhouettes, and picture yourself being photographed. And when you know it in your heart that this is it, go ahead with it. But never rush into buying your engagement outfit. Know what? Take selfies to see how your engagement dress looks on you in the pictures. Because pictures don’t lie.

2. Choose The Right Colour


Image Courtesy : Embellish by Chandni

Do you know how important the colour is in deciding the engagement outfit? You cannot pick up dark brown lehenga because Kareena Kapoor looks really hot in that. You cannot choose a burgundy colour lehenga because that’s your favourite colour. The colour of the lehenga has to do a lot with your complexion. Most Indian women have a dusky or wheatish skin tone. A warm earthy shade of orange will look good on them. If you are fair, opt for bright colours like red, pink, orange. Or pastel shades. You will just look gorgeous! Don’t forget! Take a selfie and see it for yourself!

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3. Try Different Styles

Bridal dress

Image Courtesy :Sanjana Bubber

These days designers work on breaking the monotony of designs. They try to make a traditional lehenga look contemporary and sexy. They play around with fabrics and silhouettes. From a ghaghra choli to a lehenga saree to heavy anarkalis. However, it is advisable to go for heavily embellished blouse and a light skirt. This way you can utilize the two pieces separately on different occasions. And every time you lift that light skirt to walk, you will not strain your back and shoulders. If have a petite figure, you can also go for a mermaid cut skirt. Otherwise, the A-line ones always look traditional and gorgeous.

4. Styling Is The Key


Image : Dhanika Choksi Photography

To complete the overall look, and to look picture perfect, you must make sure that your hairstyle, make-up and jewellery complement your lehenga. A wrong colour or style, and over loading yourself with jewellery can really let you down. In advance, sit down and talk to your hair and make-up stylist. Trial sessions are always advisable. This way even your stylist will be confident and geared up on the engagement day. Jewellery is a must. But sometimes overdoing anything kind of disbalances everything. Keep it subtle and elegant by choosing the right jewellery pieces that will enhance your look.

5. Hello Heels!

bridal footwear

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Don’t we all love our heels? Some of us are very comfortable, while some of us just prefer flats. If you are one of those who are very comfortable in flats, we suggest, try and go for kitten heels or short block heels. They will not only be comfortable, will make you look taller, and the fall of the ghaghra or the skirt will be perfect. And those who love their stilettos, girl, you got to think twice before putting them on. If you know you won’t crib over your feet aching and hurting, then go ahead. But if you aren’t sure. Play it safe. Wear your heels every day, air them, and let your feet get comfortable in them. Brand new pairs will be a real bitch on the engagement day.