11 Tips For Healthy Love Relationship Goals That Actually Work

Written by Tejaswi Bhagavatula

What is good health? Is it just being physically fit and active or is it something more than that? Unfortunately, for most people health is only related to the physical aspect, but in fact, health is a combination of physical, mental and emotional aspects. It is only a balance of all three that really makes us healthy. So, coming to my favourite topic – relationships. What tips for healthy love relationships work?

Healthy relationships that bring in peace, joy, happiness, bliss and balance in life are the basic need for each being. So many people carry the burden of unhealthy relationships that it only makes their physical and mental health drain too. Healthy love relationships are in fact the very foundation that gives us the strength and the will to move on and take on life as it is. Believe me, if your relationships are nourished and healthy, none of the lows and obstacles that life throws at you will bring you down.

Love is the fuel that gives us energy to go on. Everyone needs to love and be loved; it makes us secure, happy and gives us roots that make it possible to soar high. So, let’s take a look at some tips for healthy love relationships:

1. Respect Personal Space

Tips For Healthy Love Relationship - Respect Personal Space

I personally believe this is the very first of all suggestions and tips for healthy love relationships, something one needs to do in any relationship always. Most of us not only lose our own space but also start stepping into our partner’s space. The thing is, unless you give each other space, you will not be able to respect, enjoy and truly value your ‘together’ time.

2. Open Communication Channels

Tips For Healthy Love Relationship - Open Communication Channels

Communication in all its forms – verbal and non verbal – makes relationships strong and healthy. The more you keep things inside, the more they will start eating you up from within. Whether it’s something good or bad, positive or negative, one of the most important tips for healthy love relationship is to always communicate all your emotions and feelings to your partner. At the end of the day, it does not matter whether you agree or disagree; what matters is that you communicated. Also, allow your partner to openly communicate.

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3. Mutual Respect

Tips For Healthy Love Relationship - Mutual Respect

Love isn’t enough on its own. Love needs to be complemented and supplemented by respect for your partner. You need to respect your partner, their choices, their thoughts and ideas, and vice versa. Unless you respect each other, the relationship can never truly be healthy.

4. Top Priority

Tips For Healthy Love Relationship - Top Priority

As tips for healthy love relationships go, treating your partner as an option will never do good to the relationship. You need to consider them as your priority and also show it! Your partner needs to feel it and at the same time make you feel like you have a certain place of importance that is irreplaceable. Work towards it. Make them your priority and see how your relationship strengthens.

5. Keep Things Fresh And Special

Tips For Healthy Love Relationship - Keep Things Fresh And Special

If you are always complaining of things being dull and boring and repetitive, take charge and make them interesting and lively. Bring in spontaneity, don’t fix yourself or stick to monotonous regimes. There should always be something fresh and exciting. It’s a two-way effort but one needs to start! Why don’t you be the one to take charge and shake things up?

6. Physical Intimacy

Tips For Healthy Love Relationship - Physical Intimacy

For couples, physical intimacy is an essential part of building a healthy relationship. It cements the relationship and definitely brings a couple closer. Initiating such moments is an effort that needs to be put in by both partners. So even if you actually have to google tips for a healthy love relationship sex life, that’s okay. Planning special dates, teasing one another or even leaving sexy messages or notes that spark the flame are all small but effective ways to initiate a heated moment!

7. Making Most Of Your Time

Tips For Healthy Love Relationship - Making Most Of Your Time

Life today is busier than ever before. Schedules are tight, working hours are longer and the stress levels are at an all new high! Therefore, it is important to make the most of the time you get to spend with your partner. It’s not how much time you get together but how you utilize that time is what makes the difference. Remember, quality over quantity!

8. WE Is Better Than Me

Tips For Healthy Love Relationship - WE Is Better Than Me

When you are in a relationship you need to focus on the ‘we’ part. It’s true that some things require individual decisions but as a part of tips for healthy love relationships, try to involve your partner when it comes to taking decisions that are big and significant. Your partner needs to feel how important their point of view is for you. ‘OUR’ decision is always healthier that ‘MY’ decision.

9. Stop Assuming And Building Stories

Tips For Healthy Love Relationship - Stop Assuming And Building Stories

It’s human nature to do so and believe me it damages relationships. Stop assuming things. If unsure, ask! I mean there could be a genuine reason why your partner has not spoken to you about something or seems indifferent; instead of jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst, try to communicate and get to the root of the problem.

10. Be Honest

Tips For Healthy Love Relationship - Be Honest

When I say be honest, I don’t just mean it in the literal sense; that isn’t on of our tips for healthy love relationship. Of course, lying is a definite NO but being honest goes a bit deeper. It also involves making an environment where both the couples can honestly share their opinion and feedback about each other. And believe me, one would rather hear a negative remark from someone they love than otherwise. So be soft but honest!

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11. Surprise! Surprise!

Tips For Healthy Love Relationship - Surprise! Surprise!

Take some time and make efforts to plan some special moments and surprises for your partner. It does not need to be material all the time! The reason why this makes it to the list is because any person receiving a surprise also receives a lot of love and seeing the efforts put in makes one realize the earnestness of the gesture.

A healthy love relationship brings more to life than just love. It brings in happiness and balance that you have probably never felt before. Make your partner your best friend, your companion and support system. When your love relationship is healthy, you then are completely healthy. So re-analyze how you deal with your relationships and work on them, if not for your partner, at least for your own health and happiness.

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