Dos And Don’ts Of Healthy Eating: 11 Tips To Guide You

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It is no secret that your health depends on the metabolism of your body. Digestion is one important factor that affects your health. What you eat and how you eat is very important for your health and proper growth and development.

Ayurveda has mentioned a few eating etiquettes, and following them religiously can contribute to improving your health. Mentioned below are 11 Ayurvedic eating tips for good health.

Eating Tips For Good Health

1. Eat Only If You Feel Hungry

If you eat only when you’re hungry, it helps in the secretion of gastric juices and digestive enzymes in the body. Wait for your body to feel hungry and then eat. You also need to make sure that you do not neglect your hunger.

2. Eat At Regular Intervals

Eating at regular intervals helps the body set its own time to release digestive enzymes. This makes digestion easier.

3. Wait For Proper Digestion Of Food

The wrong combination of foods can lead to indigestion. If you eat before the food that you had consumed earlier gets digested, it can create further complications in your body.

4. Eat A Balanced Diet

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By a balanced diet, it means that you should include all the six tastes in your food – sweet, sour, salt, pungent, bitter, and astringent. An ideal and balanced diet is a perfect combination of all these tastes.

5. Have A Pinch Of Ginger And Rock Salt Before Your Meals

It is suggested to have a small amount of rock salt along with a dash of lemon and ginger before you eat. This helps in proper secretion of digestive enzymes. Thus, it aids digestion and also stimulates the digestive fire.

A dull digestive fire (Agni) is not capable enough to absorb the nutrients from the food.

6. Avoid Cold Beverages

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Drinking cold beverages right before you eat extinguishes the digestive fire (Agni). Avoid drinking cold beverages such as iced tea, cold coffee, aerated drinks, and even chilled water before having your meals as they cause an imbalance in the digestive fire. Hence, it is best to have liquids either in the warm state or at room temperature.

7. Eat Calmly And Comfortably

The speed of consuming food also has an effect on the quantity of food that you eat. If you eat fast, you will end up eating more, whereas if you eat slowly, eventually, you will eat less. Thus, you should eat neither too fast nor too slow. Maintain an average speed. However, if you’re on a weight loss program, you should eat slowly.

Whenever you eat, make sure that your stomach and mind are relaxed. Your focus must be on the smell and taste of the food.

8. The Quantity Of Food Matters Too

The quantity of the food should vary according to what you eat. For example, if you eat oily food, which is heavy to digest, eat only half the capacity of your digestive strength. But, if you’re eating light food, you can eat till you feel full. Do not overeat.

9. Eat At The Right Time

Make sure that you maintain proper meal timings. Try to finish your lunch at noon as during that time of the day, the digestive fire is at its peak, which will enhance digestion. Similarly, finish your dinner before sunset as late night dinners lead to indigestion and build-up of toxins in the body.

10. Drink Water In Between

Ayurveda strongly recommends that you should never eat food while you’re feeling thirsty. At the same time, you should never drink water if you’re feeling hungry. Similarly, you must not drink water immediately before or after the meal. However, you can sip a small amount of water while having food, but make sure the water is warm.

11. Give A Finishing Touch

Ayurveda says that you must finish your meal with a dairy product as it helps in reducing pitta. Thus, you can have a cup of yogurt or a glass of warm milk.

Try to incorporate these habits in your daily lifestyle and stay healthy!

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