Tina Munim Anil Ambani Marriage: No Less A Bollywood Story!

Tina Munim Anil Ambani Marriage; Did you know what was Anil Ambani’s first reaction when he met Tina Munim? Did you know that she refused to go out with him when he first asked her out? Well, the Tina Munim Anil Ambani marriage story is full of twists and turns. Theirs is no normal story for sure. Rejection, denial, parental pressure and one funny marriage proposal – this one has it all! Guess we have you interested enough, so let’s take a closer look.

That Lady In Black!

Tina Munim Anil Ambani Marriage - Tina Munim

Tina Munim was at the peak of her career in the early 1980s. Although her movie career was launched by the legendary Dev Anand, she went on to work with numerous directors, producers and actors. For this reason, it did not take much time for her to become an instantly recognisable face in Bollywood. It was somewhere around that era that one day she happened to attend a Gujarati wedding where the young Anil Ambani was also invited.

Since she was a popular face, she immediately caught the attention of Anil who later shared in an interview that he found her very pretty, and it was her choice of the saree colour that intrigued him. She was the only woman there who had worn a black saree, a colour usually not worn in weddings. Tina’s image that day stuck in Anil’s mind, and he could not forget her. As for Tina, the popular actress hardly noticed him. In spite of Anil’s fascination towards Tina, it was nowhere close to a Tina Munim Anil Ambani marriage yet, not until they met the next time.

Pyaar In Philadelphia

It was a few months later after that Gujarati wedding that Anil was visiting Philadelphia for business related work. Coincidentally, even Tina was there attending a function. Their paths crossed again and this time Anil realised that there was something about her that left him transfixed. It didn’t take much time for it dawn upon him that he has fallen in love with that lady in black saree. He decided not to waste much time and decided to approach her. He was a little hesitant though and sought the help of a common acquaintance to introduce him to her. Anil later shared that Tina looked at him with contempt and ignored him. But it is said that Tina was used to being approached by random men who would ask her out, and thus thought of Anil as yet another man trying to impress her. Another reason for her disinterest could have been her ongoing live-in relationship with the much older Rajesh Khanna. Eventually, at the end of their meeting, Anil asked her out to which Tina replied with a firm ‘No!’. While Anil was a bit disheartened, that wouldn’t be their last meeting.

Love Finally!

Tina Munim Anil Ambani Marriage - Anil Ambani And Tina Munim

In 1986, Tina had separated from Rajesh Khanna and was fancying the idea of quitting films and heading to America to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an interior designer. It was one of the most distressing moments of Tina’s life and she was in no mood of having any more relationships. But one day, one of her nephews told her about a certain Anil Ambani and his interest in meeting her. Tina’s nephew added that he is a Gujarati, just like they were, and insisted that she meet him once. It is not known as to how Tina’s nephew knew Anil but he managed to convince the emotionally broken Tina to give love a second chance. Which would lead to the Tina Munim Anil Ambani marriage, but not before a lot of other interesting controversies.

Anil and Tina had a brief interaction and Tina told him that she was interested in meeting him again. But Tina never did so and kept postponing the meeting. After postponing the dates four to five times, Tina decided to give it a shot, and went on a legit date with Anil for the first time. It was here that she put some genuine effort in observing and understanding Anil. Tina later shared that Anil’s simplicity struck her. She had never met any man before who just walked up to her and said ‘You are pretty’, in a simple manner without putting up a show. Since both were Gujaratis, it did not take much time for them to realise they had a lot in common. The Gujarati connection clicked and the two soon started dating each other. But the path of true love is never easy, and the young Anil and Tina would come to realise it soon.

The Difficult Road

Anil knew that he had found his soul-mate while Tina realised that this was the kind of guy she was actually looking for all her life. Since Anil was the son of one of India’s leading industrialist (the late Dhirubhai Ambani) and Tina was a popular actress, their affiliation did not go unnoticed by media. Soon the news reached the ears of Anil’s parents and they were quick to question him about it. Although they had certain trust in their son’s decisions and choices, they shared their concerns about Tina’s background (her affair with Rajesh Khanna). They were also not keen on having a daughter-in-law from film industry as their bahu, even if she was Gujarati.

It did not take much time for Anil to cave-in to the parental pressure, and on their next date, he told Tina about it. Tina respected Anil and his parents’ decision, and the two decided to call-off their relationship privately, leaving the media to speculate on the possible causes a Tina Munim Anil Ambani marriage would not be happening. Anil went back to his business, while Tina left for US, and the two did not see each other for four full years! Anil later shared that it was phase of pain and mental turmoil for him but despite that they never called each other since they had decided to split.

Love Prevails

Tina Munim Anil Ambani Marriage - Anil Ambani And Tina Munim At The Opening ceremony of 14th Mumbai Film Festival

In spite of being an obedient son, Anil could never forget Tina. He would routinely try to convince his parents, and would tell them that they can take their time to accept her. On Tina’s front, things were going fine, since she had put her short relationship with Anil behind her, and was focusing on her work. But things changed one day in 1989. A major earthquake hit Los Angeles and Anil came to know about it via news. Since he was aware that Tina was in Los Angeles, he got a bit concerned about her. Although they had decided to never talk to each other, he could not hold himself back from calling her to inquire about her well-being. Coincidence played its part again, and when Anil called Tina on her Los Angeles number, it was answered by Tina herself. She immediately realised that is was Anil and greeted him warmly. Anil wanted the conversation to be terse, so her asked her whether she was fine. When Tina replied with an affirmative answer, Anil immediately disconnected the call without completing the conversation. Tina was stunned. It was an emotional blow for her. For the first time, she realised that this man really cared for her, and that he had started to mean something to her now. That moment of realisation stayed with Tina and would culminate two years later, when Anil would call her one more time.

Parents Agree!

Tina Munim Anil Ambani Marriage- Tina and Anil Ambani at Parmeshwar Godrej's party for Hollywood talk show host Oprah Winfrey in Mumbai

Anil’s profound commitment and loyalty definitely did not go unnoticed by his parents. They realised that it was best to let him marry Tina. So one fine day they accepted Anil and Tina’s relationship. Anil was definitely overjoyed but also a bit nervous. It had been four years since they last interacted (except that abrupt phone call), he was not sure whether Tina would still be interested in him. Despite his doubts, he gave her a call, and asked her when she would be back. Tina, who took offence to the way he ended the previous call, brushed aside his query and casually replied ‘Next week’. It is said that she continued evading Anil’s questions about her return to Mumbai, who in turn would lie to his parents. Soon Anil had enough, and in one such phone call he made it clear to Tina that he would be asking her about her decision the last time. Tina realised something was on and so decided to return to Mumbai the next week.

Just a day after her return to Mumbai, Anil took Tina to his place to meet his parents and family. Anil had not yet shared with Tina about his parents’ consent, and in fact, had all the planning for the wedding done. Even the date and venue for a Tina Munim Anil Ambani marriage was all set and the bride-to-be was unaware of it. Anil left Tina at his place with his parents, brother and sister-in-law, and told her he will back to pick her up after couple of hours. During the course of Tina’s interaction, Anil’s brother casually asked her how she feels about being back to India and getting married the next month. That query surprised Tina. She was not expecting a wedding so soon, and although she hoped for it, she was not expecting to learn about it that way. She put the pieces together and realised that Anil’s parents had given their consent and the purpose of the meeting was to know each other before marriage. Anil and Tina’s bond was official now. All that was left to be done was to take the marriage proposal to Tina’s parents.

‘You love your daughter? I love her too.’

It was all clear to Tina that she was soon going to tie the knot with the son of the richest Indian. Deep in her heart, she was delighted that she has found a simple and frank human being as a life partner. While there was bountiful of happiness in her heart, her family was unaware about rekindling of her relationship with Anil. One day, Tina’s brother spotted Anil getting out his premium car and walking towards their house. He accompanied him in and went to inform Tina’s mother about Anil’s visit. She didn’t believe it at first but when she saw Anil sitting in their living room, she realised something was up and joined Anil. What ensued could easily be one of the most hilarious marriage proposals laid out by a guy to the girl’s parents. Let us put it down in a dialogue format to make it more impactful. It goes like this:

Anil: You love your daughter Tina very much?
Tina’s Mother: Yes… Absolutely. (surprised)
Anil: No wonder, you have decided that she should not leave this house.
Tina’s Mother: (confused)
Anil: Well, if that is the case, there is nothing much for me to say, you can keep her here…. Otherwise, I very much want to get married to her.
Tina’s Mother: (still confused + what just happened)

It took Tina’s mother a few seconds to realise what exactly Anil was trying to communicate to her. When she finally got the point, she extended her hand out to Anil and Anil tapped on it with his hand. End of proposal! It was definitely one amusing wedding overture and finally, the much-awaited Tina Munim Anil Ambani marriage happened plan ke mutabik a month later in February 1991.

The Lavish Wedding And Life Thereafter

Tina Munim Anil Ambani Marriage- Tina and Anil Ambani Wedding Pics

The Tina Munim Anil Ambani marriage was a splendid and ostentatious one. It was after all the wedding of the richest Indian’s second son. The wedding was a traditional Gujarati style one with Tina dressed in a lovely red Gujarati bridal saree. Anil was seen wearing a wonderful cream coloured sherwani with heavy embroidery. Overall, it was a gala event and the couple definitely looked very happy. The couple were eventually blessed with sons Anmol and Anshul.

The Tina Munim Anil Ambani marriage story is quite an adorable one. It even proves that patience and perseverance pay off in the long run, and no matter how many hurdles one meets, one must have faith in true love. We wish the couple the very best.

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